September 26th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “evidence”

  1. the evidence points in a certain direction. One that you know not of until the time has come to make your move. But where do you find yourself in such a moment, such a catastrophe. It can awaken the weakness within even the bravest of us all. A moment that can push you to your outer most limits.

    By K.T. URL on 09.26.2011

  2. The cop found evidence that the suspect was guilty.

    By kaitlyn on 09.26.2011

  3. What you can prove to a mystery or a crime scene.

    By becca on 09.26.2011

  4. it means like someone did something and you found clues of what they did. also when you find evidence people reseach and find out things.

    By audriana on 09.26.2011

  5. it is when you have something that is prove of something.

    By dylan on 09.26.2011

  6. the evidence was crushal if they wher going to solve this mystery and see who murderd mrs.velovedorise.

    By emily on 09.26.2011

  7. I think evidence is like somthing you have prof of. I have evidence if someone hit me or my friend becasue i saw it.

    By Darren on 09.26.2011

  8. Evedence is proffe of something.

    By chapman on 09.26.2011

  9. sonio del carp…
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    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 09.26.2011

  10. Evidence. There is evidence in my face that I suffer from a broken heart. That I suffer from all the pain you caused me. It is clearly evident that I’m not over you. I want you to see that. I want you to miss me. I want you to see the evidence. The evidence that I love you still.

    By Danielle on 09.26.2011

  11. We all heard the prosecution say that there was ‘conclusive’ evidence that my client was guilty. This is, however, a misnomer in and of itself, as ‘conclusive’ evidence doesn’t exist; it then becomes proof.

    By zachary URL on 09.26.2011

  12. The evidence was there when i went hom, so she could not lie to me

    By me on 09.26.2011

  13. Ein hämisches Lächeln auf den Lippen, betrachtete Laurant sein Werk, sah zu, wie die Flammen alles, was er zuvor in dem Kamin gelegt hatte, unnachgiebig verschlangen und alles vernichteten. Jeder Beweis für seine frühere Existenz, ja, jeder Hinweis auf sein Leben ehe er einige Monate in einem der Weltregierungsgefänignisse verbracht hatte, war nun Geschichte, existierte nur noch in den Köpfen derer, die ihn kannten. Sein Leben, seine Vergangenheit waren nicht mehr länger ihm. Doch das war ein Preis, den er zu zahlen hatte. Ein Preis, den er für seine eigene Freiheit nur zu gerne in Kauf nahm.

    By laurant URL on 09.26.2011

  14. What evidence do I have that you still love me?

    Is it those random moments you kiss me? hug me? or tell me you love me?

    I love you

    I guess that’s my evidence.

    By JorgeRuiz URL on 09.26.2011

  15. where is the evidence, the evidence that you will change, the evidence of your min, like a clue master waiting for the key, in which is to say waiting patiently, but nonetheless he toils without assistance, the need for evidence leaves him lying listless, and through it it seems to be that the evidence was quite contrary

    By andrea on 09.26.2011

  16. evidence is weird.

    By grrrr on 09.26.2011

  17. incriminating. who ever said it was me? How can you even tell? i don’t know what you’re talking about??

    why am i al of a sudden on the defense. there is no reason to fear. why? because I hole the EVIDENCE! i hold the ANSWER! you are in the wrong because i have proof.

    By Alex on 09.26.2011

  18. i don’t need evidence. i see what i see. i know what i know. i am full of shit. but that feels good. clean. conceited. yeah, i’m full of shit.

    By elliot on 09.26.2011

  19. It was clear, that nothing was going to be found out this day. They were breathing down our necks like we were supposed to have the answer immediately. They had no idea what our job was like. No one did. I couldn’t even describe it to my wife. I would smile at her sadly and say, “Just be glad you don’t have to do this for a living, love.” to which she would frown at me and kiss me angrily. I never understood that sad anger. I wish I did.

    By ohthekings URL on 09.26.2011


    By just582 URL on 09.26.2011

  21. evidence is used by detectives is also a situation that leaves you breathless is a moment , a place in the world where everything turns one ways and answers become tangible. evidence is a solution, but also can mean a problem. is a word of glory. evidence will always mean a change.

    By lara on 09.26.2011

  22. my heart is an evidence of a lot of pain.. :( i wish i someone could change that.. i wanna be more happy and have less preocupations.. just help me change it,, make me happy<3

    By Alejandra on 09.26.2011

  23. forensic. Dexter. CSI. Forensic interviewing. What evidence? The weight of fact and of attention. Attention. No attention, no evidence. You see, my dear Watson, but you do not observe.

    By Tim Brookes URL on 09.26.2011

  24. All I needed was a little proof. Something to say ‘I love you too’. But she wouldn’t do it. I poured my heart and soul into her and she laughed and spat in my face. So now I stand outside her house, holding a breadknife and a paper bag with eye holes… Waiting…

    By Luke Vennall on 09.26.2011

  25. He cleaned the carpet in the basement. How do I know? He left evidence on the stairway. Two 4″ dots of darkness on each step … where the carpet cleaning machine left their mark!

    By CameoRoze URL on 09.26.2011

  26. There was plenty of evidence that her health was on the improving trajectory. AFter all – 6 months ago she would not talk on the phone to anyone after 7 pm, and a phone call that included their needs and interests. Unthinkable! Today she spoke with me for 25 minutes after 8 pm, and seemed genuinely concerned about how I was, too!

    By Valerahaha URL on 09.26.2011

  27. Evidence to the crime scene. Rape, murder. War and Children. Its just a kiss away. I don’t have any evidence or reason to believe that he kissed her… I just feel it. I with I had evidence that he was lying so everything could be set right. I need evidence that this world isn’t cruel.

    By Britty URL on 09.26.2011

  28. The evidence was right before her eyes, the rotten apple, the lost child, and the worn ring. Too bad she didn’t have any of the other facts. As it was, all of this was useless junk and had no bearing on what she was doing now. She tipped the things off of her desk and into the trash can. The cameras surely would pick that up and damn them if they didn’t because she wasn’t interested in this anymore! She would not be drawn into someone else’s plotting and that was that.

    By Mairead URL on 09.26.2011

  29. “What evidence do you have that everyone is connected by tubes?” asked Profligate Beadle, the town coroner and bowling instructor.

    By Jeff Goodman on 09.26.2011

  30. There is evidence all around us of happiness. There is evidence of joy to your right. There is evidence of beauty to your left. If you can not see these things, maybe your ideal of evidence is too materialistic. When I look to my right and see and empty coke can, I see happiness, because I see my thirst was quenched once.

    By Courtney McKenzie on 09.26.2011

  31. The evidence obtained lead to one place. It spoke of a struggle, a weapon, and a conflict that got out of hand too quickly. It spoke of a life that didn’t have nearly enough time to be lived.

    By allison.hertzog URL on 09.26.2011

  32. evidence evidence is somthing that you use against somthing or someone, as in court you have to use your evidence to prove someone guilty,if you do not have evidence than you cannot prove yourself.

    By joe lewis on 09.26.2011

  33. I don’t need evidence to believe my own convictions. If I believed that was dangerous, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, but my head is too far up my own ass to think otherwise. I doubt anyone is any different, and you won’t convince me otherwise.

    By dan URL on 09.26.2011

  34. the evidence found a t the crime scene was a blood stain on the carpet and a dead corpse in the closet with a knife in it’s back!

    By McHolm kids URL on 09.26.2011

  35. there is evidence that the arts help students achieve better grades and higher education. Why don’t we follow the evidence and keep arts programming in schools? I can still play Yankee Doodle on the recorder from our music class back in the day! come on now. art is schools!

    By Lisa Bianconi URL on 09.26.2011

  36. What he thought was evidence was actually his own technological ignorance. He proceeded to berate her for over an hour, while she struggled frantically to prove her innocence. In the end, they were both left feeling quite rotten.

    By Alphey on 09.26.2011

  37. something that proves you to did something no usually wrong but most of the time it is.

    By sarah k. on 09.26.2011

  38. This jewel of life
    This prize of ours
    That unfurls like a springtime bloom
    What more do we need?
    To wonder, and become bewitched?
    With every bird that sings
    And in every raindrop that falls
    That evidence is ours
    Pressed against our soul
    Like flower against page
    BUt instead we stumble,
    Closed eyed and angry
    Through the wonderment of life
    Until the end.

    By Geejay URL on 09.26.2011

  39. earlier today i was watching maury and I thought about these women on the show and how much evidence they need to leave someone that constantly tells lies

    By Karuge URL on 09.26.2011

  40. i dont really know , evidence for what? for existing in this life? and evidence for what? that u are alive? i’m not that alive, but i wanna be and i feel i cant..where is my ambition of proving myself wrong.. ?

    By Sofia on 09.26.2011