September 25th, 2011 | 490 Entries

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490 Entries for “pressed”

  1. She’s pressed, but the against the wall kind of pressed where you don’t have the time nor the energy to really come up with a way out, so you forge on ahead, pressed, as you are, flat, held up by the wall you lean against.

    By Jamie URL on 09.26.2011

  2. out like my father’s white church shirt, like the star seen backward through the binoculars, your love came to me pressed into such tight corners.

    By Deborah Schwartz on 09.26.2011

  3. It means that you push something down. It is also the suffix of depressed. It meanes that you can press a button. This is what I think Press means to me.

    By Truc Dinh on 09.26.2011

  4. I Just pressed down on the button which means I have stared writing which is exactly what I’m doing right now. And we only have 30 seconds left because they only give 30 seconds to finish whole thing and….times up!!!!

    By Katie on 09.26.2011

  5. Pressed means something is pushed together. When i think of the word press I think of someone puching two things together. For example the lasy pressed the spatula on to the pancake to the pan to help the pancake cook better.

    By Theresa on 09.26.2011

  6. the chef pressed out a tortilla. I really like tortillas becasue you can put almost anything on them. You can also press into a handstand in gymnastics. It is really fun but it is also hard to do. Back to torillas. I like tortillas a lot. I used to eat them all the time last year. That was what i would eat for lunch. Yum.

    By Michelle Wheatley on 09.26.2011

  7. I once fell on a tree it got so mad that he didn’t give me an apple, so I chopped it down.

    Can I have a sandwitch? Im hungry.

    pressed :p

    By Matthew Pires on 09.26.2011

  8. I want to give up the notion that it’s possible to be “pressed for time.” Time is a constant. We have no more or less regardless of our situation. The key is to perform actions mindfully and to the best of our ability.

    By Todd URL on 09.26.2011

  9. he pressed a button on the elevator panel. As he was waiting for the elevator to arrive he quickly stole a glance through the door of the office behind. There was the usual morning rush.

    By Neil on 09.26.2011

  10. alleged reluctance manifests in pressed repressed and ironed button-ups.

    By Selena URL on 09.26.2011