April 25th, 2008 | 311 Entries

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311 Entries for “event”

  1. The event is now. It is your life. This very moment and everything in it. Go. Live. Love. You are the event. You are one with all. The event never started and it will never end.

    By Nassif Tabaja on 04.25.2008

  2. It was an outstanding event that she had been invited in, but she was not sure if she was in the right frame of mind for socialising. What with the recent events, that may have been a bit exaggerated by the papers, but still had some sort of an emotional impact on her, and the fact that she was not in the proper position to engage in politics on a Friday night, she thought she’d rather stay in instead.

    By A M on 04.25.2008

  3. a party, an occurance

    By c on 04.25.2008

  4. happy fun I’m going to a party. I better get dressed up. I wonder who will be there?
    My friend Allison is coming for sure. Will there be entertainment. I wonder if the food will be good. I bet it will be.

    By Brett Craig on 04.25.2008

  5. I have an event to go to this evening. i’m going bowling and have a date with a cat that is twice my age. i am going to have fun tonite and play the game with gutters. the event i was supposed to go to tonite was to be shanty town. we were going to be homeless and sleep in a cardboard box. who knows why. but i’m not sure why i didn’t agree to do this???

    By alicia on 04.25.2008

  6. let’s do it. C’mon let’s go. Who’s coming? When will the next one be. Big, big, big. We need something big.

    By Paul Nugent on 04.25.2008

  7. A time where one can be in the moment.

    By john on 04.25.2008

  8. Life changing events, wow, moving, dating, death, marriage, love, illness, sex, etc. There is so much more.

    By adam on 04.25.2008

  9. I like the circus because it is a very exciting thi9ng ti dont get to see very often anymore so… yeah. Like in batman when robin’s family dies that scene was awesome, also big fish has a really fun circus scene. THE CIRCUS.

    By NATH CHANDLER DRYSPELL on 04.25.2008

  10. Event, happening, an occurence. event is a word that has a few meanings. it is most commonly used as a word to promote concerts, sporting occasions or meeting of importance. it also does not rhyme with goat or kite!

    By benny the ball on 04.25.2008

  11. a time to do something different, exciting, new, or to pass time with friends. Something to look forward to, could be nice could be tragic. Circus coming in to town.

    By Matthew on 04.25.2008

  12. many events in my life
    am steered by events whre is the direction?
    why am i lobbed from one door as he said, to another?
    why am i so passive
    so reactionary
    why do i need rescue from others
    why do i forget what i learn
    why am i an object of pity for my family
    why do i not learn w
    and follow events
    brother brother brother

    By xen on 04.25.2008

  13. an event is what we do in science olympiad
    multiple events happen in a day
    I wish I could go to horse event
    event is difficult to write about-I want to just define it

    By Jen on 04.25.2008

  14. all the events i’ve been to with my husband. those are the most memorable time of my life. I love all the events from my culture. I’m very happy that i’m a bangladeshi. and its really surprizing that i actually enjoy other events too.

    By meaa on 04.25.2008

  15. i went to the aerosmith event last night and was stoked to be there. when i got there in my hot little tube top, i slipped on a pile of some drunk dumb ass’s puke. i ran into the bathroom to clean up and ran into joe perry. he asked what i was doing there and all i could do was stand there with my mouth open.

    By tina on 04.25.2008

  16. This word makes me think of elementary school, a time of simplicity in my life. The first thing I thought of when I saw this word was “current events.” As a young child, I remember that every friday in my first grade class, we all had to bring in a snippet from the newspaper that was considered a “current event” in our city.

    By Liz Steiniger on 04.25.2008

  17. a thing happening at a given place and time.. or not.
    a special time when an occurrence makes you sit up and take notice.
    a time in one’s life that one will remember until they no longer have a mind to do so.

    By Mean on 04.25.2008

  18. a thing you attend or want to. something defining in a life.

    By Jeff on 04.25.2008

  19. an event is something you go to. Something im not gonna go to actually. BJ Novak is coming today to do a comedy special thing, but im gonna be too busy to go. I guess I should concentrate on this whole aviation business. What if this is my big break somehow…I should go to this event. Maybe comedy is what im supposed to do

    By Carlos on 04.25.2008

  20. It was the event of the year. It’s always the event of the year. Every event is. Who really cares? How can they say of the year when the year isn’t over yet. There might be a better event the next day. Or one to take the other events by storm.

    By Lin on 04.25.2008

  21. evnts are evryday happenings that just occur. an event canbe an outcome of your actions or just a random freak occurance. to those who believe in karma, events are results of your fast actions and for those who believe in fate its like a movie scripted or a linear video game.

    By Akshay on 04.25.2008

  22. well, that’ something to be excited about. A little old break from the grind. Frontside crooked grind. Wow. leave me alone man i just want to celebrate this event. look at all the hats being thrown in the air. it’s something joyous.

    By Derek Knox on 04.25.2008

  23. something that you go to. It could be a sporting event or a formal dinner dance. Event can be theatre or something that just happened. When you go to an event, there could be a prize fight along with a good wrestling match. Event is when something happens. When you have an event, you are holding something.

    By ken on 04.25.2008

  24. events keep happenin n life still goes on irrestpective of the consequences of course the things that happen later on do depend on the event itself.we dont think bout wats happenin n keep thinkin bout y it happened n that it happened… we shud think bout how things will b coz somethin happened.

    By divi on 04.25.2008

  25. To do, to be, to love the game
    Cannot escape its grasp, must forever remain
    Long to win, cannot fail to lose, what to do

    By Faith on 04.25.2008

  26. An event is soomething that happens, someething with meaning to you and your life? Something important to you at least. Possibly it should be celebrated? Possibly the celebration IS the event?

    By Ian Winterbottom on 04.25.2008

  27. Event, event…Hm. I’m planning on going to an event tonight. A party. First one I’ve ever been to, really. Been to sleepovers, birthdays, and even a wedding or two, but this is the first “party” I’ve ever been to.

    In college, they say this is what all the cool kids do. I don’t like being cool, though.

    By Matthew Cabrera on 04.25.2008

  28. not too sure why i would like to attend, but obviously someone thought enough about to to have one, so the least I can do is go

    By Rosanne on 04.25.2008

  29. i like events. they make me feel like i have something to look forward to. i like feeling like i have places to go, because then i’m important. otherwise, i’m alone.

    By veronica on 04.25.2008

  30. eventually something will become of me huh. i suppose. the events leading up to this point in my life have lead me to believe that i have absolutely no fucking clue what the hell it’s all about. but i want to believe, i want to learn, i want to feel, i want to know the truth!!

    By Claire on 04.25.2008

  31. Now I’ve made several friends through events, but certain events have proved a turning point in my life. The birth of my niece and so many little moments which wouldn’t themselves be called events, but are noticeable by their absence should one take the memories away. We should treasure every moment and treasure it like a dream we’ll never get back should we open our eyes.

    By Paul P on 04.25.2008

  32. caymans islands. eventful. it was an incredible time with my family. our first big trip away from home. ran into a sign, went to bars, stepped on snails, saw paradise in all it’s wonders, swam with sting rays (the most memorable event of my life) traveleling in general was an event to remember, to thailand, and malaysia with my friends. getting a tatoo.

    By Lindsay on 04.25.2008

  33. stage place names group level gig good fantastic great

    By A on 04.25.2008

  34. There aren’t any. Nothing matters.

    By Leon on 04.25.2008

  35. so the other night my boyfriend and i went to a fancy event. I had to dress up and go to a salon to get my hair done and everything. we danced all night and it was great but he got drunk and wouldn’t let me drive home. when we got home we was very mean and kept yelling at me, then we had very rough sex and the next day he apologized. I don’t want to go to another event ever again.

    By Rose on 04.25.2008

  36. What kind of event? I guess it brings to mind the main sort of thing one does with friends – a game, a movie, whatever. As a gamer, this is a sidequest of some kind. Usually one might think of a sporting event, but I do not at all think like the norm. Games and friends come to mind when this hits me.

    By Phillip on 04.25.2008

  37. Events are places and things that require a bit of planning. Social events are the most popular to attend, seeing that it is a great way to meet people. Private events are are things that are not allowed of the public.

    By Eric on 04.25.2008

  38. My favorite events have been the ones with people I love. That is what life is about anyway, right? Being with the people who make you laugh. All other kinds of events are not worth going to. They don’t matter.

    By kate on 04.25.2008

  39. RA, lots of people, something happening, a big thing that changes a lot of people, planning something, business, planned, surprise, unexpected, causes

    By flo on 04.25.2008

  40. an event is when something happens sometimes planned sometimes not….holding an event can uplift or cause stress depending on what you are promoting or causing to happen I have attended many events in my life and must say I see good and bad ones

    By brad on 04.25.2008