July 13th, 2011 | 395 Entries

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395 Entries for “etiquette”

  1. i have no manners…i guess you want me to write about how everyone should be prim and proper…im currently thinking about the princess diaries and mia learning how to be a princess…princesses know etiquette…but there really arent any princesses left in this world so i guess we are all just fat slobs now…oh america! today is national french fry day, we are all so fat. and we lack etiquette…how does this site work? when will my time stop? no ones stopping me from continuing to right…this site doesnt work…this is a flawed system…kind of like america…ugh.

    By teri on 07.13.2011

  2. It’s always good to have proper etiquette. It’s all about manners. Always have them. No matter where you are or who you are with, never leave them behind. It does you good in the long run.

    By Cecilia on 07.13.2011

  3. i am just practicing..i don’t have to submit..etiquette…that is a chic word…i have etiquette writing … i always want to correct myself … should have said … do i have the courage to submit? I guess I do!!

    By mitra URL on 07.13.2011

  4. is the knolege of being neat in classy company or something. alway start eating with the fork on the outside and work inwards. same with the knife and spoon

    By marieke on 07.13.2011

  5. What’s the proper etiquette when you see a friend that’s too far to talk to, but close enough to look in the eye? Do you look at the ground, or keep staring at them? Look at them on and off? It’s extremely awkward, but a common awkwardness shared by most people I’m sure.

    By oxy URL on 07.13.2011

  6. It’s very good. To have such manners means your are defined and regal. It’s a very appropriating thing and many people appreciate those with it. It’s not a bad thing at all, and it’s worth learning and developing. It’ll save you many relationships.

    By Amanda on 07.13.2011

  7. When I first looked at this word i had no idea on its meaning it looked alien. Soon after I looked at it again and realized what it was, I now feel silly. Anyways its quite important to have proper etiquette :]

    By Yuki URL on 07.13.2011

  8. Emily Post. Sometimes a necessary evil. Its always good to have it, but as with everything its super easy to go overboard with it.

    By Shelli on 07.13.2011

  9. some people believe etiquette is very important while others disagree completely. It is important to realize what is good etequette and what is not, applying it to your life.

    By self on 07.13.2011

  10. Etiquette is that thing that separates the true humans from those that only call themselves so. Important to the world? That is a choice.

    By Neil Reinke on 07.13.2011

  11. Etiquette is what we think are “manners” when really it is just what is socially accepted. It’s mainstreaming.

    By Nikki on 07.13.2011

  12. Etiquette, I’ve heard the word before but I’m really not positive on what it even means. I’m curious maybe to understand what the word actually means but who knows if I’ll ever even find out. I think it has to do with being fancy though

    By Samantha on 07.13.2011

  13. She touches me.

    She touches me down there where no one else dares to even look at.

    I can smell her sweet perfume. It reminds me of those pink and sticky candybars I used to eat as a child.

    By Minna URL on 07.13.2011

  14. People today aren’t well into proper etiquette. Many households don’t use the same manners that the past has had, such as table manners. Or simple etiquette as how to treat house guests.

    By Jenny on 07.13.2011

  15. proper, in line, nice, sweet, princess, coath,

    By Janis on 07.13.2011

  16. I have no etiquette. well, had no, now. my gramma taught me manners so she could take me out for my birthday. hahaha. she didn’t want me to embarrass her. i didn’t think it was wrong to lick my plate clean.

    By Liz on 07.13.2011

  17. She tortured me
    every birthday, holiday
    and Friday with
    her phone calls asking,

    inviting, thanking
    She never gave
    me a chance

    I eventually overdosed
    on her practice of

    By dinamspice URL on 07.13.2011

  18. nothing remembered. never used. out dated.
    we need to bring this back.
    hashtag. trend.

    By Samma on 07.13.2011

  19. The first thing that comes to mind she said. Well, the first thing that came to mind was mind your own effing business! Just because my mother said that my etiquette was lacking does mean that I need to see a shrink. And besides. the gold fish was dead. It’s not like I flushed toe poor thing while it was still alive and went screaming down the toilet with the flush.

    By Seansj URL on 07.13.2011

  20. what is etiquette really? i sit and cross my legs and put my elbows on the table and nothing bad happens. however i don’t talk with my mouth full cause thats gross. i remember as a kid my parents would always tell me to sit correctly at the table. i still don’t. not even at thanksgiving or at restaurants.

    By meepmeep on 07.13.2011

  21. All The people looked at only me, and it made me all the more nervous. I fumbled with the chopsticks, it wasn’t my best motor-skills day. The fact that I wore jeans while everyone else wore a phanek didn’t help. But the food was really tasty, the spicy sijnu made me disregard their looks and gobble it down.

    By suriti on 07.13.2011

  22. Etiquette is when you are polite. Never rude and judgmental. You know how to respect people in a decent manner. You were raised with common courtesy of using manners.

    By Katrina H on 07.13.2011

  23. Etiquette is an important component to civilized life. It doesn’t always mean manors, but the way one presents themselves in a polite fashion.

    By Daniela on 07.13.2011

  24. Etiquette is something I can’t have when I’m loving, maybe if I had it I wasn’t be suffering like I’m now.

    By MiltonRGVentura URL on 07.13.2011

  25. What exactly is the etiquette for when that indelible hatred that wells up in your stomach as you’re looking at a person you have loved once, but no longer? You obviously can’t show it to them, but what on earth do you do with it?

    By Hyperbole URL on 07.13.2011

  26. the fork lay next to the spoon. they didn’t say a single word to one another. all evening long, they silently waited for the right moment. the plate got filled and refilled. still, silence between fork and spoon. neither would ever know the other’s love.

    By oliver danni on 07.13.2011

  27. “since we were aboard the last transport able to leave the confines of earth,the pirates considered it bad etiquette to treat us pirates,of course i mean church pirates. “

    By The Fake Dann URL on 07.13.2011

  28. He couldn’t hold it in any longer. But he couldn’t remember how one was supposed to excuse themselves from the table. He began by lamely flopping his napkin, giving out incoherent sounds as he attempted to speak the proper words so that he may be excused. ‘Um… Er… If you please… I must–must go… Duty is calling me, madame… For queen and country, you know… I-i-if you’ll pardon me… rather an unexpected s-surprise… I really must, I-Oh God.’ With the sound of a bullfrog croaking a wet gust of flatulence fluttered his coattails, flapping them in the face of the young lady to his left as he was struggling to flee.

    By torin URL on 07.13.2011

  29. Not everyone knows how to be proper and have good manners. Some think it is all part of a social construct that holds us back. If this is true, does that mean there are no rules? Following that logic, chaos rules. We must fight to maintain control

    By JOn on 07.13.2011

  30. I followed him as he meandered down each unrecognizable street, hampered only by his evidently bum right knee and advanced age, and wrote in my small notebook each misstep and blunder. There seemed to be no distinct pattern to his wanderings, each day a different location, and each day different meals and rests. If he was going to do what I had been warned of so critically, he gave no outward signs, as if, maybe, he knew I was following him, and maybe, this was an altogether useless errand. But I kept at it diligently, as was the purported etiquette of a private detective.

    By zachmichelini URL on 07.13.2011

  31. Etiquette

    I know to use the outermost utensils first and work my way in.

    I know the fork goes on the left, because my friend once told me “It looks better on the right side doesn’t it?” and I said “Ah ha! So it does go on the right!” and she said “No, I meant on the CORRECT side.” – Frankly it looks the same to me on either side.

    I know my napkin is supposed to go on my lap, but I’ve never understood that. I don’t use a napkin on my lap unless I’ve been given two.

    I need my napkin for my hands, or face, or the table if something drips or spills there. How could I spill something on my lap? It’s under the table!

    If I must cover my clothes, it makes more sense to me to wear a bib. Or a large tarp. Because what are the odds that something would spill on my lap without getting anywhere else on the way down?

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.13.2011

  32. The little teacup clattered against the tiny plate. “No no NO!” Alyssa snapped. “This place setting just won’t do!” The boy across the table rolled his eyes. “You are your mother’s daughter, Alyss.”

    By Kaesta URL on 07.13.2011

  33. Etiquette. Could be the ‘right’ way to present yourself. Some people have none. Others do. I really don’t care. I am who I am. Etiquette or no etiquette. You are who you are. Etiquette or no etiquette. Accept yourself, and others.

    By JesusFreak URL on 07.13.2011

  34. Hmm….etiquette? What can say about this word? Well, I don’t have any etiquette of patience. Sometimes I do, but mostly I don’t. Depends on how someone plays my strings. I can be easily annoyed at times. But who isn’t?

    By beeryehen URL on 07.13.2011

  35. Etiquette is a funny thing really: we need to eat with four forks, each with a different amount of prongs…some small, some huge. And that giant soup spoon! What do you make of that? Nobody’s mouth could possibly fit such a large spoon! And those teeny tiny little forks, for crabs and whatnot! How queer they are!

    By Mandycakes URL on 07.13.2011

  36. Why the hell do I have to take this fucking etiquette class? I know how to have manners, I just don’t fucking use them. Please and thank you. Knives and spoons on one side of the plate. Forks on the other. I GET IT. God damn.

    By Meg Barrett URL on 07.13.2011

  37. I don’t even know how to freaking spell this god forsaken word. It makes me angry. My fiance is coming today, so I really can’t be mad. Mmm, life is so good.

    By Laura on 07.13.2011

  38. Classy. Timeless. A 1950’s inspired dress. Holding an evening garden party. Inviting all of the neighborhood’s elite. Smiling. Saying “thank you.” Accepting compliments. Giving compliments. Always being polite. Living your life as if your journeys were going to be featured in Vogue.

    By Natalie URL on 07.13.2011

  39. She had no idea of what the etiquette for such a circumstance might be. They were all so well heeled, so full of confidence and an air of inalienable right to…to what she was not sure, but it was certainly something she had never dreamed might also just as well be her right too…..

    By georgie on 07.13.2011

  40. Mike held out is hand in mock etiquette. “Sorry, sir.” he spat. “I almost forget my manners.’ Julius laughed. “So I see.” Julius held onto his knife as if it were and old piece of parchment. “You always were an idiot, son, but I never thought you would as far as trying to save Guinevere.”

    By Emily Woods on 07.13.2011