July 14th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “bow”

  1. Theatre is the best legal way to get high. It’s where I come alive, and it’s a place to be home. Theatre in one moment:

    closing night.
    The final bow.

    We extend our hands to the director, to each other, and we bow. We earned this. We are alive. The audience is on their feet, so we bow that last time.
    That’s the moment I live for. That’s where I come alive. That’s the one place I can always guarentee that I will be fully happy.

    By julia URL on 07.15.2011

  2. Bowing at the king’s feet. Jesus,Ruler supreme. All behold his great majesty. No King of such splendor and valor can see into His eyes and find their own reflection in His eyes…unless they Believe!

    By NayibMonster URL on 07.15.2011

  3. There was a bow on the box. It’s only adornment. There were odd noises coming from it. I opened even though it didn’t have my name on it and found two kittens. My room mate, who never has any money and can’t feed himself had brought home two more mouths.

    By jasmith URL on 07.15.2011

  4. Bow tied
    to semblances of respect.
    Walking through the city streets
    unsure of who I am,
    he who hides behind
    this sanity mask
    and friendly smile.

    By Randall Weiss URL on 07.15.2011

  5. It was the last day of school. Delilah was feeling very sad, and very tired. Her bff, Jessica, “Jess” was going to a different school next year. They all were. Delilah would NEVER see any of them again. It felt horribly deppreseing, even though in tears she had said she wished she would never see the walls again, she just wanted to hold on to the walls as long as possible, and sobb. She was comfortable at Daisy Meadow Elementry. The teachers were funny, and generally nice. Her friends – well, she wasn’t going to pretend there wasn’t drama, and sometimes she wanted to spend EVERY second with Jessica and Nicole and Grace, but sometimes she wanted to strangle them. Either way, she loved the little school. She loved wondering out by the daisy meadow- the thing the school was known for. She loved laying on the soft daisies, and talking about random, hilarious things. sHE LOVED the little school. And she awlways wanted to move on to the cool middle school, and move up in every level, but thinking about it, she just wanted it all to stay the exact same…. Funny, how things never went her way.
    It was the last couple minutes of school, when Delilah started tearing up. Stupid! I’m so stupid, why am I crying? She thought. She quikly grabbed a tissue, and wiped her eyes. Close one. But why? She felt so conflicted. Part of her wanted to walk out of here, and say good ridance, and the other wanted to cry and hold the walls, and hug Jess untill they said, “Fine! You can all stay here forever and ever with no change!” But she knew it wouldn’t happen.
    She was feeling in the gutters, when Jess came up and gave her a hug. “We’ll stay in touch. Okay?” Then Grace, Nicole, and Giselle, and Ali and everyone else, even the ones who she never got along with.
    “Really?” She (Delilah) asked. “We’ll stay in touch?”
    “Deffinatly.” Grace said.
    “Of course!” Ali said.
    “Always.” Nicole said

    Delilah smiled. Graduating wouldn’t be that hard.

    By Ella on 07.15.2011