January 31st, 2015 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “essential”

  1. It is essential that I write this in less than 60 seconds or I feel like a fool.

    By reallyupsetting on 02.02.2015

  2. Darkness. It was more then important, it was essential. We thieves thrived in the darkness, it made it easier to kill.

    By Summer on 02.02.2015

  3. Taking care of one’s self is essential. It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind of work, pleasing others, trying to make deadlines and commitments, but the true person we need to commit ourselves to is our self, first. If we do not do that, if we don’t take care of ourselves physically, mentally, or spiritually, we cannot assist anyone else. This is a big lesson I am learning. We need to stay true to ourselves first, at the cost of our health in all ways. Happy Monday, everyone! :)

    By PomPalms on 02.02.2015

  4. essential like Christmas and meaningfull things

    By ava on 02.02.2015

  5. when something is essential you are unable to live or breath without it, to live without it would cause mental and physical distress essentially. the air you breath is essential to your well being.

    By amanda on 02.02.2015

  6. It is of the most importance that you remember to talk to her. She is essential to the team. Do not call her name too loudly. Do not call her name too softly. Say it just right. She is of bad hearing and also of good hearing. Do not say hello. Only nod when she looks at you. Saying hi makes her nervous. Overall, just be nice to her. She’ll like that.

    By Kammiedee on 02.02.2015

  7. “Do you have everything you need?”
    “Yeah, Mom…”
    “Your textbooks, your cellphone, your charger, notebooks, folders, pencils…”
    I zone out as she listed more things for a few minutes.
    I snapped back to attention. “Mom!”
    “Just making sure you were listening, sweetie.”

    By Imagining URL on 02.02.2015

  8. I always thought it was essential to think beyond the do’s and do not’s of life. What i never realized that when I will reach a situation where I must do so – It won’t be as easy, it won’t be as simple. It would be hard to close some doors yet open my eyes to all the options and possibilities.

    By Spova on 02.02.2015

  9. A backpack filled with only what she needed, food, water, a map. A knife. Even an extra sweater, for the cold nights. If she was setting out on her own, she had to be prepared for anything.

    By Kitty on 02.02.2015

  10. a word describing an aspect that is that is the most import thing in the workings or making of something. can describe things, feelings or facts. I.e. milk is essential in the making of ice cream.

    By christi on 02.02.2015

  11. love

    By tory on 02.02.2015

  12. It is basic to all of us what’s really going on here. I knew it, Callie knew it. But for some reason still, Harry wanted to fight us on what we knew would be best for the ship.
    “Come on, Harry, if we don’t go now we’re all going to be stuck here.”

    By Allis URL on 02.02.2015

  13. Time is essential to our world because with out it we would have chaos.

    By Caleb on 02.02.2015