January 31st, 2015 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “essential”

  1. Essential. What is essential? Is anything really that essential where we need to focus our life around it? I can only think of one thing that is essential: God. God gave and continues to give us life. Without God there is no life, there is no love, there is absolutely nothing. What is essential? Time to figure that out.

    By Shelby on 02.01.2015

  2. Essential? What is essential? Is anything REALLY essential? God is essential. He is all we need, all I need. Anything put above that is trivial. It should, in fact, not be put above but below. Essentialness is weird. I don’t like having anything essential, because there is no such thing as essential.

    By shel URL on 02.01.2015

  3. She doesn’t love you, so it is essential that you give up now. Don’t hold out that her mind will change because you’ve determined she “owes” you a chance. You are owed nothing. Your infatuation with an “idea” is not her problem as she is a real person with a will of her own. However, the inevitable restraining order will be a problem given she works in your office.

    By Wrong Wrong Wrong URL on 02.01.2015

  4. “Pack only the essentials”
    And it boils down to this: what is absolutely necessary for me to have in order to carry out my human existence on Earth?
    If there was to be some sort of hypothetical apocalypse, what is essential to my survival?
    I do not want to build my existence upon this essence of life.
    Existing is not living.

    By Cafune URL on 02.01.2015

  5. The keys dug into her hand, and she savored their metal bite as she held even harder. “No.”

    “Jessie. Give it here.”

    Her eyes flickered like volcanic spume so quick you could almost mistake it for something else, something like courage or anger, and then she spun and ran.

    By Yona URL on 02.01.2015

  6. It’s essential to breath.

    By s on 02.01.2015

  7. Imperative they make it in.
    Essential they succeed.
    Life or death.
    Every moment culminating to this point.
    Nothing else overshadows this, the catalyst, the climax.

    By Kumquat URL on 02.01.2015

  8. She was no longer sure what essential meant to her. She use to think that her hobbies her essential, but she was beginning to realize that life offered many paths and no single path was more essential to follow than another. She used to think that friends were essential, and although she still believed friendship to be necessary, she also realized that there were many people out there that she was bound to meet in life and no single person was essential to her happiness.

    By Calli URL on 02.01.2015

  9. Of course I drown
    in vodka because
    it tempts your tongue
    to trace “apologies”
    onto mine,

    and before you ask:
    no, I don’t mind
    at all.

    I inhale the ice
    because it’s what I give,
    and what sort of
    temptress would I be
    if I could not seduce
    that of which I sow?

    By Pandatry URL on 02.01.2015

  10. Me, I am someone who truly brings new light to the world. My friends, my dog, people I care about. Birds and the bees and sex for thee. I can’t believe how easy this is. I need to focus more on my school work. I am essential, flowering into a rose, for the world to see.

    By John Thacker on 02.01.2015

  11. He is not essential.
    What is essential is food and water and clothing and shelter and love from others who wont desert your and leave you gagging on your own words saying”come back!” because he wont.
    He is not essential.
    You are all you will ever need.

    By Avery on 02.01.2015

  12. .

    By Sappho on 02.01.2015

  13. I think I very need (essential) Thunderstone, I wanna to be Raichu, Pika-pika!

    By Pikachu URL on 02.02.2015

  14. I essential to have Thunderstone

    By Pikachu URL on 02.02.2015

  15. It’s essential to find love. Humans thrive on the affections and connections we find with other human beings. We weren’t designed to live alone. There is a Greek mythology story that we were born as two, and split into one at birth – Destined to find out other half.

    By Christin on 02.02.2015

  16. It was essential that I got to my destination on time. Everything that I make preparations to leave some problem would pop up to stall me from leaving my home.

    By victor walkes URL on 02.02.2015

  17. The blank walls continued endlessly as she ran, skidding slightly with every turn of a corner. It was essential she escaped from the grey labyrinth soon, or she would face the worst.

    By Windsinger URL on 02.02.2015

  18. There are essential things in life, such as water and food. Humans needs these two things to keep alive.

    By Deca URL on 02.02.2015

  19. things you need
    maybe things you need to feel stable, level-headed. not necessarily just the immediate things you need to survive, or the things you need to be happy, no, just the things that keep you emotionally and mentally stable. an essentials kit could be created to keep you from losing your shit.

    By Rita Volkova on 02.02.2015

  20. The essential item on my list today is to write something. Anything. I futz around and suddenly the sun has slipped across the sky and time is in short supply and I haven’t written anything yet. It’s annoying. And yet when I sit down to write all those wonderful images and storylines I had in my head last night as I was falling asleep have evaporated and I am left with a blinking cursor. Frustrating.

    By RebeccaZuvedru URL on 02.02.2015

  21. Have to move fast. They’ll be here any minute to deal with this mess. If I’m still here then I’ll be dealt with, too. After all, I’m not essential to their plans. Just a pawn to be moved and discarded.

    By Lewis URL on 02.02.2015

  22. When we’re born, we’re thrust into the world with nothing on our backs (and every other part of our body) but the blood from our mother’s uterus, and our parents are told that they have the duty of giving us the ‘essentials’ as human beings. Well, the ‘essentials’ that they were tasked to give are too vague an assignment, since each human has a different set, not the typical list of food, drinks, shelter and love. But the one thing essential in our lives? Understanding. Without understanding, we wouldn’t very well be alive right now. We would never be able to live in a world full of chaotic unknowns because of the nonexistence of understanding. To understand oneself is the first step to knowing what we need, and what we want, so it is basically an essential for the essentials. We might need a lot of things, but we never take note of what make us need these things and convey these as thoughts in our minds.

    By M on 02.02.2015

  23. The essential bath oils are needed before we can begin the bathing procedure. There you, hop in there an get ready. The werepig hopped into the tub and began to spash around, getting water everywhere.

    By Rover URL on 02.02.2015

  24. Life is essential, doges are essential. I love doges.

    By Jarrett on 02.02.2015

  25. Some things were negotiable. For instance, her furniture. He’d hated the couch and the bust by the coffee table. Said it was too saditty for his tastes. So she’d put them in storage with her ‘pretentious’ book collection that he hated so much. When he asked her to drop her ‘snooty’ friends, she realized the only thing that really needed replacing was him.

    By Soft URL on 02.02.2015

  26. The essential for me, it’s simply him. I don’t really need much of him really, only his presence. We can be nice to each other, we can make love or barely kiss, we can be mad at the other, yell to each other, throw things, say things we don’t mean, I just need him here with me, anytime at any moment. He’s my everything, I rather be with him and fight that not seing him.

    By the e18 URL on 02.02.2015

  27. As essential as it may seem, what seems to be essential is also what seems to be important and necessary. There are so many essential things in our life which form a part of what is know of list of essential and everyday required things.

    By aniketnikhade URL on 02.02.2015

  28. It is essential that I do this. I have to do this. The path towards it has been long, windy and bumpy;but this is the end point. However, now I am here, I just can’t take the leap. It is a daunting leap, yes, but one that must happen. Now.

    By Emma on 02.02.2015

  29. A ferocious autodidact : an essential quality.

    By Intuition URL on 02.02.2015

  30. He’s sitting in the window of the little highway-side diner in the middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan. I can’t remember how long we’ve been together. Something about seeing him framed like that, through the window, looking away from me. It makes me think, how could I ever do this without him?

    By Benjie URL on 02.02.2015

  31. “It is essential that you tell me what in the hell is going on,” he screams at her.
    “But I don’t even know!” She squeaks, her voice shot from last night.
    “But you must know something!”
    “I know the name of what’s going one?”
    “Oh and what is that?”
    “Yes, it is essential that you tell me what is going on!”
    “No,” she murmurs, her eyes closed, “No that’s the name. It is essential to our continent that we communicate through Essential.”

    By Zoe on 02.02.2015

  32. some things are essential, the things we can’t live without. No, that’s vital. Essential are the the things we are not truly ourselves without. The things that make us what we are. The things that define our essence

    By Oracular Pig on 02.02.2015

  33. Life is an amalgamation of responsibilities, duties, emotions and almost everything else that exists. they are all essential, inter and intra. its not possible to feel happiness when you’ve never been happy. same goes for everything else.

    By Vaibhav Manchanda URL on 02.02.2015

  34. What really is essential in life? We are all going to return to dust, anyway. Of course, the desire for love and human companionship is undeniable; but then again, our loved ones are definitely going down too, and there is no guarantee that our offsprings will continue on for very long. And if even love is that useless a thing, then even more worthless is money. Material things. Why are certain combinations of particles be more valued than any other? It’s all a human construct, because to nature – to the universe – we mean nothing.

    By andyprue URL on 02.02.2015

  35. The box. His only remembrance of his mother. He would not let anyone see it, let alone talk about it. I though that he kept it to himself too much. Nobody knows what’s in the box, hence the secrecy. He does not like sharing, and he keeps to himself except for school.

    By Trace on 02.02.2015

  36. what is essential for beeing loved? beauty or money? pah! maybe the people won´t see you on a party because you are not “The Beauty” but if a guy sees a good character and how shy and cute you can be you´ll be the only one.

    By Andrejka URL on 02.02.2015

  37. Essentials are important. Essentials help unlike other instructions. essentials help us get extra then instead of just getting to the bare minimum.

    By AsHaMeD URL on 02.02.2015

  38. essential is something you can’t live without . for example you can’t live without food or water.

    By princess URL on 02.02.2015

  39. essential means things you will need for anything in life like feet are essential for walking

    By mustachlover URL on 02.02.2015

  40. Do not throw me away. I want to be essential in your everyday existence. You’re gonna need my presence to even feel like you. I want to be the one that makes you ok.

    By Kris on 02.02.2015