January 30th, 2015 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “clearance”

  1. The ran through the doors of the shopping mart like they were being chased by bulls. Karen grabbed any item that she felt would make the list – – skirts, shirts, vibrators, bean bags. Hell, it was a 69% clearance and she had to do what she could.

    By MsLanaK URL on 01.30.2015

  2. In a sign next to window. Says clearance. running out of space. they need nore space. i need more space. i need more air. Breathe. Breathe . Like a bird. Like a

    By sara on 01.30.2015

  3. I found my way to the clearance section of the department store, ignoring the stink eye that the employees were giving me. I knew how I looked wasn’t ideal for them – after all, I more relied on thrift stores for my clothing than actual boutiques and large mall outlets. I grabbed what appeared to be some nice discounted jeans and jackets in my size and started heading to the fitting room. When the clerk there glowered at me, I couldn’t help sticking my tongue out at him.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.30.2015

  4. Roaming the Earth to be free. Cleanse my soul with purity and grace.

    By Sara URL on 01.30.2015

  5. She went through her phone, looking at old pictures and text messages. There were reminders of him she hadn’t remembered keeping. Why did she still have them? Was she afraid that letting go would mean she would forget? She wasn’t sure. But she knew one thing; the only way she would ever feel worth loving was if she stopped worrying about validating a mere memory. She hit the trashcan button, and took the satisfying risk of welcoming clearance into her life.

    By Calli URL on 01.30.2015

  6. a boy ran through the clearance, he was without a mother and father. They had died in a terrible fire. Now, his grandfather watched him. His grandfather took care of him, took him to school, played with him, everything. The grandfather was Todd’s new father, and new mother. He would forever be raised by him.

    By Kenzie URL on 01.30.2015

  7. She could see it now, a clearance in the middle of the forest. She ran, grass parting at her feet as she pummeled the ground at an extreme pace, and then- it was gone.

    By Hanna URL on 01.30.2015

  8. I see clear skies and my headache gone. Birds fly in the sky with grace and freedom. My true intensions in life are all very clear now, and everything is so much simpler. Real life has now begun. I am clear of worry.

    By Unkown on 01.30.2015

  9. We must exceed our expectations.
    Going higher in the clearance of life.
    Up Up Up we ar going higher.
    Never going to stop.
    Advice for the young.
    Advie for the old.

    By Kat on 01.30.2015

  10. Desolate and torn from within, my heart broke into a million pieces each time I saw him. Each time I thought about him, and wondered what we could’ve been, if he had stayed. I wanted clearance and closure, a happy memory that reminds me of the good times we spent together.

    By Ice URL on 01.30.2015

  11. “We’ll guide him in to runway twenty three, but then you’re going to have to give us immediate clearance to land on sixteen. We’re flying on fumes up here.” Gary darted a look over at Tony. They had been burning a lot of fuel keeping up with the Jumbo, but they both had been too busy to notice until now. What had started out as a routine delivery of a private jet to London, had turned into a unique rescue mission for a disabled 747, and a great story to tell the boys in the bar; – if they ever made it back there!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.30.2015

  12. you wanna know my name?
    here it is,
    check the tag.
    i keep your old things
    (hair, hug, kiss, etc. blah blah)
    locked up in the closet with them,
    i hope your clearance is nice
    and clean
    lemon scented
    so i can never
    have my eyes
    prying into you

    By DesertPromQueen URL on 01.31.2015

  13. “I’m sorry sir, you can not go in, you don’t have clearance.” The man in the doorway nodded. He walked back into the waiting room. 10 seconds later the bomb went off.

    By Lady Hobbit URL on 01.31.2015

  14. Security. Hope. Wishes. Love. I sense of safety, and right and wrong. The clearance to be secure. The clearance to be right. The clearance to be loved. The opportunity to be, to continue, to do.

    By Daphne URL on 01.31.2015

  15. moving out, a time which makes people feel nostalgic, really evocative, moving home or a familiar place, everything is gone and you’re different life will change

    By Roberts on 01.31.2015

  16. Clearance is associated with a sale at a store. We have to get rid of this stuff, so we’re having a clearance. I don’t think I’ve ever associated that word with anything else. It’s time to go shopping. There’s a clearance at the mall. Let’s go!

    By michaelbuzz URL on 01.31.2015

  17. Clearance is important. You have to clear yourself before you start something new, before you feel like you’re ready for new project. Clear yourself of bad feelings before going out to have fun. Clear yourself of bad people before you start living a happy life.

    By melbalerina on 01.31.2015

  18. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have the Universe behind me!!! The clearance of bad karma, if I had any, to guide me in the way of greatness and abundance is so powerful!!!

    By trkstr67 URL on 01.31.2015

  19. Amelia held up the shirt to her chest and grinned as hard as she dared. It was covered in tiny blue, green, and yellow stars and had a hood–stretchy cotton. It reminded her of something she would’ve worn in middle school. She was positive she’d seen it on the clearance rack at WalMart.

    And then there was her grandma’s hopeful smile looming over her. She twisted her ahnds in her lap, the same way Amelia imagined she twisted her hands in the checkout line, counting and recounting bills.

    Her stomach twisted. “Thanks, Granna.”

    By Yona URL on 01.31.2015

  20. “there’s a clearance sale at charles and keith!” stacey grins beatifically at vix and hale. excitedly, she grabs both their forearms and all but drags the pair of them to the store, her bracelets jangling rather ominously. hailey and vix exchange a wry glance behind her, both resigned to their fate.

    By L on 01.31.2015

  21. By korrasamis URL on 01.31.2015

  22. there is a clearance sale at sears today. The sale was a really big one, included everything I buy. They must have known what i was looking for. Do you think they will have another clearance sale next month? I hope so.

    By lisa on 01.31.2015

  23. Clearance. ..thats what she asks for…clearance of her mind, clearance of anxiety, clearance of mental clutter. The stimulation currently happening is only paralyzing her efforts to be the best she can be

    By I@u-I@u URL on 01.31.2015

  24. Mom came home with bags under here eyes and three hefty shopping bags in her hands. She threw them on the couch. “Freebies from work,” she said. At least I think she said that. Mom always had trouble speaking after long days at work, and today had been an especially long one. A clearance sale at a grocery store. Apparently, there were a lot of people who wanted dollar hot dogs–Mom included.

    By tentwelvefourteen URL on 01.31.2015

  25. Clear to see

    By Lilly URL on 01.31.2015

  26. I thought that I was going to hand her the file in person.She just looked at me coldly before saying:”what the hell are you doing here” I lowered my head and looked at her shining shoes.i loved her fee’s white skin and the blue veines underneath it.

    By Doxy on 01.31.2015

  27. empty the closet. its full of reminders. It clears your head.
    It clears your heart. Every item in there is cheap and worthless. Empty it all.

    By sam on 01.31.2015

  28. The clearance aisle is full of cheap things and cheap people who feel they are worth nothing better than cheap.

    By sam on 01.31.2015

  29. permission – in a legal sense, the thing that keeps pedophiles out of schools, stuff on the job application that I had to check, I might get clearances if I end up getting that job…

    By Line URL on 01.31.2015

  30. I hear the word clearance and it makes me think of shit nobody wants. This can even go as far as literal shit like, clearing your bowels. Or maybe being too tall, or maybe being so tall you can’t fit it the washroom to shit.

    By reallyupsetting URL on 01.31.2015

  31. Clearance is new beginnings. It is everything proper. Nice, neat. But thoughtless – rigid.

    By Samsara on 01.31.2015

  32. She walked sheepishly into the store, the judgmental and condescending countenances of the other shoppers a constant reminder of her struggles. She looked down in shame and examined her outfit: a dim white shirt with various stains so old she didn’t even remember where they came from; a dark green jacket with a small tear in the left shoulder; faded jeans with holes all over them; falling-apart, imitation brand Converse sneakers. She made her way toward the back corner, where they kept the clothes she could afford – the clearance section.

    By Anna on 01.31.2015