October 17th, 2012 | 403 Entries

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403 Entries for “entrance”

  1. The door was unlocked. Slightly open. It practically screamed Danger. Me, being the girl I am, enter anyways.
    When I walk in, the door huts behind me. Slamming. Next thing I know, a hand is over my mouth. I hear a woman scream. All I see is darkness.

    By Sarah on 10.18.2012

  2. Entrance enchants me, it’s the beginning the open, it’s the way to enter and to start something eventful, it’s a new window and a door, I can escape and eat it

    By Itarin URL on 10.18.2012

  3. enter the villain,
    exit the hero,
    leave the girl behind….

    By all4imagination on 10.18.2012

  4. i make my entrance one foot at a time. one flip flop after the other. one glide after glide. slide after slide. run into. jump on into. walk very gracefully and aggressively into. strut oh so humbly/

    By Abra URL on 10.18.2012

  5. to walk into something that is open.. if it is closed, you simply open it and enter in peace

    By adriana on 10.18.2012

  6. As i entered the door i couldnt believe what i say

    By james on 10.18.2012

  7. When i walked through the entrance for the volleyball game that will start soon. I could tell that both teams where ready to play ball!

    By lissamc on 10.18.2012

  8. a door way to something like a house

    By dylanki on 10.18.2012

  9. i used my entrance into mr woolyes room to go to digital design class for 3rd hour
    i walked into mrs helles room tody in my second hour class today
    i typed this at 10:o5 am in the morning

    By Tim on 10.18.2012

  10. I walk through the entrance to the movie. It was a dark room. I screamed many times in the movie, it was scary. I left that movie and went in the entrance to another.

    By Ryan on 10.18.2012

  11. To walk into something that is open. Or you open the door if its closed.

    By gabrielach on 10.18.2012

  12. AsI walked through the entrance i saw a man in a trance of some sort. I ran to help him but i fell through an entrance in the floor. As i looked around i could not find another entrance.

    By fernando on 10.18.2012

  13. There is a entrance into different things. There is entrance into a classroom.

    By jose on 10.18.2012

  14. As he walked through the entrance he just starred in disbelief because he could not comprehend what he saw lying on the ground.

    By samuel on 10.18.2012

  15. An entrance is a passage way into something.

    By cedricbea on 10.18.2012

  16. As he walked through the entrance he starred because he could not believe what he say.

    By james on 10.18.2012

  17. When I made a entrance everyone looked at me and gave me a funny look because I came in stumbling because my friend tripped me before I walked in so I was still trying to get my balance again.

    By Kyla on 10.18.2012

  18. As I made an entrance in to the woods and i knocked my arrow and drew back and in my sights was a gigantic bull elk it was a butiful 9 / 10 it had to score over a 400. that very moment when all that went through my mind my arrow was released from the string and impaled through the skin and the elk ran and ran finaly after tracking it for hours iI finaly had my prize the butiful bull elk.

    By jonathonb on 10.18.2012

  19. I was ready for the biggest moment of my life. I was ready to go through the entrance ,but as I walked through there I saw something that stopped me right in my tracks and then it happened.

    By chase on 10.18.2012

  20. The way in. The entrance… You sometimes don’t really know what you’re walking into either, do you? You don’t know what might be behind that door. You can never pretend to be fully prepared because really, are we ever ready for anything completely? Even if you think you are, you might not really be. So I guess that’s a good enough reason to just go for things. Just walk through the door. Because you might never truly be completely ready.

    By Clint Barton on 10.18.2012

  21. when I made an entrance I went to sit down in my chair but my friend pulled it and i fell on the floor.

    By Brianna on 10.18.2012

  22. When I entered the room my beleve my eyes when I saw her she enteransted me.

    By josephfo on 10.18.2012

  23. Being in a trance. Being so totally enthrawled with someone or something that it hurts to deviate. To entrance someone is the greatest power of all. It means you have power over them. They are at your will. Always entrance. No matter what.

    By Angela on 10.18.2012

  24. A doorway to something new – a new beginning, a new game – stood in front of me. I was going to fight, to play towards whatever goal they gave me. I threw my shoulders back and pushed on the door. I was ready.

    By 15jcartwright on 10.18.2012

  25. I wanted entrance into a world I knew I was not a part. A world where thoughts, words, sentences all flow naturally. A world where my writing could be as strong as THEIR writing. What makes them confident proud and strong about words and me so weak and hidden.

    By hacketts on 10.18.2012

  26. He found the entrance to the studio blocked, and turned to face the demon straight-on. “OK, I’m ready,” he thought. Instantly, he jolt of the ghost slamming in to his body woke him up.

    By Pamela on 10.18.2012

  27. he raced through the entrance with a quickness of breath and fumble in his step.

    “What if i die?” he thought to himself briefly
    “but what if you live?” a voice whispered back.

    By Colbie Kent on 10.18.2012

  28. He raced through the dark entrance with a quickness of breath and a sudden falter in his step.
    “What if I die?” he thought briefly to himself.
    “But what if you live?” A voice whispered in his ear. “What if you thrive?”

    By Colbie Kent on 10.18.2012

  29. she clawed her way through
    savage and beautiful
    she painted her lips with blood
    her enemy’s and mine
    she is made of teeth and nails
    and i don’t mind a bit
    though one day i’ll end up cut
    to ribbons at her feet.

    By isa on 10.18.2012

  30. The entrance was dark, filled with the absence of light like thick gelatin cascading down an onyx wall. John looked through, curiously, but filled with a kind of fear that he had never known before. The lamp in his hand illuminated some part of the entryway, revealing weathered concrete, the relics of fifty years of speculators and waste.

    By Harrison on 10.18.2012

  31. The entrance to the club was packed so full of people that you couldn’t tell where somebody’s body ended and someone else’s begin.

    By diamond2 on 10.18.2012

  32. The entrance to my heart is larger than people think, and easier to enter . . .

    By Sheila on 10.18.2012

  33. where you enter a building or dwelling
    admittance to an area, idea, though, etc
    opposite of exit
    positive connotation
    first step to where you’re going

    By Lauren on 10.18.2012

  34. i didnt deserve it but he allowed me entrance into his apartment. i knew i had hurt him but i wanted to make things right. i needed to make things right, but i didnt expect him to forgive me. maybe he had been holding on to the same thread of hope that i was

    By Jodi on 10.18.2012

  35. The entrance of the house was an immaculate golden archway. It was beautiful beyond words. I stared in wonder, and walked through. The gates slammed shut behind me, and I was forever trapped in this beautiful world This beautiful place. Without escape.

    By Shani on 10.18.2012

  36. There was an entrance at the end of a long hallway. Leon couldn’t decide whether he should investigate or maybe tell Helena that an opening had shown itself. An internal debate raged for he couldn’t know what was behind that door.

    By Darrion on 10.18.2012

  37. As she walks into the room, all the eyes immediately land on her. A simple human being. How is it possible? She looks as if though no effort needs to be taken to take others, to consume them. But she doesn’t walk, she floats. How is she possible?

    By Jacqueline on 10.18.2012

  38. every building has an entrnce. sometimes more than one entrance. it may be big or small..simple or ornately decorated. btu every entrance leads somewhere. no one standing at the entrance knows what lies behind it. you have to take a step.

    By ahana dutt on 10.18.2012

  39. the entrance to happiness is as wide as the sea but for some people it looks as small as a rabbit hole. as im discovering people have the keys to unlock that entrance but they must find it in themselves to move forward and enter the realm where they are truly and undeniably happy.

    By ashley on 10.18.2012

  40. en – trance means to induce someone into a trance. it can be easily done by slipping a shot of lsd into an unwary persons drink. they will be thence entranced and you can have fun watching them :)

    By jpprox on 10.18.2012