January 20th, 2011 | 634 Entries

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634 Entries for “endless”

  1. I was walking down the street, people everywhere. It was endless. I didn’t know how to feel. I felt so alone and vulnerable. I wanted someone with me, but I couldn’t. I wish this street would end. I want to go home. Please take me home.

    By Emily URL on 01.22.2011

  2. I am sitting in an endless sea of choices. I only see one in front of me, though. It is this choice which defines me. The gyres of an endless and fathomless void reaching out. The arms, screaming at me. It is over. But it is not.

    By Bobby on 01.22.2011

  3. She awoke to the endless ringing of an unfamiliar alarm cock. not knowing where she was or where the infernal noisemaker was, she stumbled up, off of the floor.

    By Arbutus Tinkersmith on 01.22.2011

  4. endless life stream flows through the corridors of the past . i wake up in the morning in this endlessy continious life and see mysellf nowhere i wonder what the life is about what is endless and why is it without end? endless sea, endless miracles and endless hopes in the hearts of people i love to the endless

    By Ilze on 01.22.2011

  5. God’s love. His glorious unfailing, unhindered love. He is beginning and the end. The Alpha and Omega. He is without time limits and in a class all of his own. He is the reason I live. He is endless.

    By Macy URL on 01.22.2011

  6. Endless skies of Greece, startling blue water, hot sun on the back of your neck, dry lips from the salt. Thirsty – but too lazy to get off your backside and get a drink out your stripy beach bag. In the distance a radio, a couple of voices arguing heatedly in Greek but actually they’re probably just chatting – funny how angry people sound when you don’t understand the language. The beginning of hunger pangs – even in this heat you still get hungry surprisingly. It’s all that swimming you did earlier. The water was so delicious, so clear and fresh, you felt like you could stay in for hours. So you did. But eventually your legs grew tired and your throat raw from swallowing too much salt water, so you got out and flopped down on your towel, after gulping down half a bottle of water. It tasted so sweet after the sea water – if you could bottle that taste, you’d make a fortune surely?

    By Tiffany on 01.22.2011

  7. All the time spend with you, everything I see in your eyes, all the wishes I make…none of it seems to matter, I just want to be endless with you, you, you, you!

    By Arre on 01.22.2011

  8. I have the endless longing feeling to be beside you. To kiss, caress and feel your skin on mine. If we weren’t so far apart, you’d be in my arms, forever. I would never harm you. Only love. Endless love and meaningful. I swear.

    By Ellen on 01.22.2011

  9. Infinity exploded before his eyes as he saw the endless possibilities that lay before him. He chose none. He decided to waste himself. He became a rotting apple he let himself rot and became endlessly unfulfilled.

    By Pseudonym on 01.22.2011

  10. Enless love, I dont know if it matters
    Simply because… There are many questions unanswered
    Who loves?
    What loves?
    I feel like im writing endlessly
    Endless words
    endless thoughts.

    By Elaine on 01.22.2011

  11. an endless moment. what was i supposed to do with it, run, hide, laugh, cry. the moment dragged on and on without fail….all the pain was left there on parade. The whole world was watching. what do i do with this moment, endless like the ocean filled with life, filled with death.

    By Nthabiseng Mosia on 01.22.2011

  12. endless means not having an end to something. it is not like life, that doed end, it is timeless. it always exists and you can’t messure its lengh. like numbers.

    By yael on 01.22.2011

  13. Life is an endless journey to find out who you are, who you love, where you’re meant to go. It’s endlessly changing, endlessly exciting, and endlessly scary. Here’s to hoping you find endless happiness and love for yourself.

    By Danni on 01.22.2011

  14. Life is endless as long as you live it to the best of your ability. Love is endless as long as you surround yourself by amazing people. Laughter is endless as long as you learn to laugh at the small things in life.

    By Elizabeth on 01.22.2011

  15. a relationship that never really terminates. it lasts forever and while some think that its possible to end things in a situation, others honestly have the hope and faith that it wont. It is possible to have something like this because of people with hopes and dreams.

    By Sarah Edelman on 01.22.2011

  16. life seems to be endless but it is not. it’s only our imagination, our dreams and our spirit. my thought though has an end now.. :( that’s it!

    By Raluca on 01.22.2011

  17. there’s an infinity beyond what can be perceived by eyes, minds, and hands. such a thing can only be felt at, perceived by another part that is not one with the mortal flesh. as the grains of sand spread across a beach can be counted, eventually there is an ending to it. even the time that it would take to count all these things would surely, eventually come to its resting place. but there is a time beyond that, where the parallel time comes full circle. and like pioneers that don’t fall off the flat planet but continue to glide towards the heavens, there is a part of us that will go on.

    By TheReckoner on 01.22.2011

  18. Endless is infinite. Endless is beautiful like love that has no limits and torturous like immeasurable pain. Endless is extreme, and requires intense emotion to acheive its boundless status.

    By Victoria Cooper on 01.22.2011

  19. i have endless possibilities. but i don’t really know how to make the happen or which ones i want to make happen rather. somethings just don’t work out as planned. and i end up sitting here. alone. afraid. alone. in the dark. without you. i wanted a friend. that’s all. but the endless path lead me elsewhere. don’t you understand?

    By kiah brem-frame on 01.22.2011

  20. Endless. What’s that word? What does it mean? Endless isn’t endless, or else it wouldn’t be endless, wouldn’t it? What a crap. Jack cursed without a word and looked up for a few seconds. This lesson took endless lot of time.

    By Elina on 01.22.2011


    By AMY on 01.22.2011

  22. “I will wait for you, she said, endlessly.”

    A quote from one of my favorite AFI songs. I feel like to truly be in love, you will feel this about a certain person. What is endless? Does such a thing exist? Is it for forever, or for an “eternity”? I don’t know. But I hope one day to feel as if I can make such a claim for someone some day.

    By Samantha on 01.22.2011

  23. Time. Comfort. Thought.
    Love. Power. Wind.
    Sun. Mother. Kind.
    Hug. Passion. Drought.

    By Aviva on 01.22.2011

  24. Endless. What i can i say about it. Its something that can go on forever. Infinite. A lot of things seem like they are endless. But sadly everything comes to an end at one point.

    By Alex on 01.22.2011

  25. there was no way to stop it. it seemed that there was no way to change anything. i stared, at the circle that was in the sky. it was glowing. it was sparking, and there was no way at all to avoid it. it was one of the hardest things, but it was one of the prettiest sites i’d ever seen . and i loved it.

    By Devon on 01.22.2011

  26. opportunity

    By Reanna URL on 01.22.2011

  27. endless is forever.infinity.when does it all end?it never ends.or,does it?what is endless? nothing is endless.

    By huzaimi on 01.22.2011

  28. The possibilities are endless. Love is endless. It abounds the reaches of our soul and allows us to perpetuate ourselves into the endless sanctity of both life and death.

    By B on 01.22.2011

  29. I have endless thoughts running through my head. There is endless time to get everything done that needs done. Eternity is forever. If I had a million bucks I’d get an endless supply of candy!! Endless endless endless thoughts running through my head.

    By grace on 01.22.2011

  30. If I had one chance for endless love, I’d take it. Embracing until death – heavenly and scary emotion rolled into one tight knit ball of twine. Untangled It can stretch forever. It’s true love.

    By Anonymous on 01.22.2011

  31. There is endless ways to better your life. You just have to want it to be better. Its all in the way you think and look at life. what you give to your life thats what youll get in return. I can think of endless ways to enjoy life. You can dance, you can eat, you can make love and laugh. You can travel you can exercise you can bake you can do a puzzle you can do endless things in order to stay happy and live a better life.

    By Jackie on 01.22.2011

  32. annoying stupid river of squirrels jumping on trees. Endless flood of rage and of anger and of anything fro last night. Endless passion, that ends when you cannot obtain it. Endless. Nothing is endless.

    By Joana on 01.22.2011

  33. The endless week just ended.

    By Lee Whitney on 01.22.2011

  34. endless love
    endless hate
    endless green
    endless peace
    endless endless endless endless

    By carley on 01.22.2011