October 13th, 2018 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “enable”

  1. “Do not talk to her.”

    “I won’t.”

    “Do NOT enable her.”

    “I WON’T.”

    “You promise?”

    “Yes. I PROMISE.”

    My mother seemed satisfied by this. She returned to her knitting, while I focused on my silly baking show, checking to see if Archie’s three-tiered wedding cake would taste better than Rachel’s or Marley’s. My cat, Chuckles, slept beside me. I hadn’t named him; my brother has when he was five.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.13.2018

  2. She didn’t enable ANYTHING to happen and she was sick and tired of people of accusing her of enabling what he did to her that night. You asked for it, they told her. You let him do that. It’s not his fault.

    By Sapphire URL on 10.13.2018

  3. enable me to be strong and fearless and capable to conquer whatever happens to me or my body or my soul . soulless what so ever. But still living. enable to live. live to enable and still stand

    By Sam on 10.13.2018

  4. I am delicate to circumstance, and I allow it— I feed it, this well from somewhere just on the surface, I feed myself rocks instead of small white balloons

    By olivia netsrik on 10.13.2018

  5. Sue sure wanted to be enabled. No one around to drink with, so they could say to her, “No, no, go on, have another, you deserve it.” No one to cheer for her as she stole her best friend’s boyfriend, “No, no, don’t stop! Keep badmouthing her. She doesn’t deserve him. You do.” No one to help her plagiarize her senior thesis in college, “They won’t find out and you deserve a free ride. You’ve done so much to help others.” There were plenty of people around to enable her to get to the funeral home after a victim of hers ran her over.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.13.2018

  6. Start again and write something without thinking about it before the bell chimes for one minute , no mistakes with the word enable in it . i do not know what it is that I write.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.14.2018

  7. These tools enable people to write better. They are very useful when you are learning a new language. Although they are not difficult to find sometimes it not easy to

    By Naiara López Trujillo on 10.14.2018

  8. Like a grayed-out box.
    Where are the instructions?
    Looking for a friend
    to restore my functionality.

    By Holden URL on 10.14.2018

  9. I need to remember to enable myself more often. Lost in thoughts and daydreams is fun but it’s not profitable. I need to enable my bank account to be there for me someday. But every single day costs money. Even when I’m lost in thought.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 10.14.2018

  10. who is your enabler. Is it you, your mother,you father, you lover. More than likely it is yourself. You can enable your child from learning tacit knowledge by doing everything for them. You have to let people learn on their own

    By lisa URL on 10.14.2018

  11. she’s not doing anything!! why isn’t she doing anything?
    she watched from behind the steel bars as the prison guard started kicking the inmate that was already on the floor. the others were watching too, in silent despair that would get them killed if they spoke up. but the woman, the woman on the other side, the other guard who knew that she could do something, why didn’t she?
    why was she enabling him?

    By ghost URL on 10.14.2018

  12. You are able t o do something. given the chance or able to try it. giving permission. I will allow you to do or give or try something, iphone settings, etc.

    By Aoiffe Carberry on 10.14.2018

  13. enable someone or something or just do not do anything and so many people are left with no chances, just because no one feels the need to enable them . Chances are so important. Get a chance. Feel worthy

    By sam URL on 10.14.2018

  14. I can’t imagine I’m someone you’d want to be around with my ways of disappearing. Dark glimpses into my shadow being. I’m a restless one: it’s true. Fan the fire of lost desire, hardly, the truth of which I hide for the choir in my brain sings your name in rounds on repeat, daily, when I look at you I lie, hold back and do my duty to deny. Fear, I’m tired of the game, long stretches with no reprieve. Without connection I am detached, distracted, lost in some imagined reverie. Still I circle back all the same. Why can’t I let you go? Heaven knows I try and try. Dirt, encrusted pennies are offerings, wishes to the well where I drown your memory. Or drown in it like the pools of your eyes. Whisper that it’s done. Tell me I’ve changed too much or not enough. Snuff the last of these embers so when our gazes glance again I don’t feel myself soften and surrender. Move my feet and find I never want to leave.

    By Dreams URL on 10.14.2018

  15. in one moment me or him or us or the world or something like that gave individuals permission to continue harmful behaviors, creating attitudes that may hurt someone, flowing forever

    By theo on 10.14.2018

  16. don’t enable me! god, don’t allow me to enable others, especially myself. ghosts do not have permission to haunt me; gods to not have permission to control me; humans do not have permission to help me. I will learn and grow. I can not give myself crutches – I can not give you crutches.

    By jupiter on 10.14.2018

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