October 15th, 2018 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “gesture”

  1. I reach towards you and you flinch away. I drop my hand and let you, you look towards me sadly and I know that what we once had was lost. It feels almost bittersweet, knowing what we had is gone, because it’s finally over. And now we can move on, start anew even if it isn’t with each other. Become whole again on our own.

    By anted on 10.15.2018

  2. His gesture made me feel like I was three again. Did he not see I was a grown woman. It had been over ten years since we had come face to face with one another. I believe he feared my mother’s wrath. Yet, I had not heard the story of why he left one day and never came back. If it had not been for social media and a sister I did not know I had, he and I would not have met face to face. Maybe he would not have ever agreed to meet with me if it had not been for her. How could I have a sister and not even know it? Of course, I knew intellectually but I guess there was still a three-year-old deep inside who was confused. This woman, or teenager who called the same man I called father, father was the one who found me and sent a private message. With a few questions, she was able to connect the dots and confirm that we were related. We shared the same last name, the same blood ran through our veins. Growing up I had always dreamed of having someone to call a sibling. Little did I know that dream would come true so many years later. Now I had questions for him, for Hank. I could not call him father or dad since he decided the day he left never to look back. It was a few years after the door shut that a new one opened along with a new chapter in my mothers and my life. She met a man at her office and they started dating and after a few short months she had a new husband and I had a new dad. A simple I do was all it took, or that is how it felt as a young child. Not really understanding how a mom and dad became parents. I thought it was more about a ceremony than an act between two people. Though I vaguely remember Hank, seeing him after all the years that had gone by, I remembered how he smelt the moment we made eye contact. He did not bring my sister with him, that might have been a little more awkward, though I wanted to meet her more than see him. Hank looked like an old man, or maybe he just didn’t age well. Mom never brought him up, and I never asked. It was here today gone tomorrow and that was all I remembered of the man I use to call my dad.

    By GmaCis on 10.15.2018

  3. She gestured to me to come but I did not see. So I stood there until she came up to me and told me to follow. So I followed her and she showed me the beauty of the world and I was inspired by it and it helped me to dream and I shall never forget that!

    By Someone Unknown to you but you will know at some point. Sorry for the really long name. on 10.15.2018

  4. that was a very sweet gesture my darling keep being nice to others so they will be nice to you

    By Amanda Schriml on 10.15.2018

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    By Amanda Schriml on 10.15.2018

  6. show me something I can feel. let it be sweet. let it be mean. let it be gracious. let it be rough. let it be known. show me how you feel without even saying one word to me. FUCK YOU, give me a middle finger, give me a helping hand. help me do the things that I wanted to but couldn’t do without you. Don’t say it. Show it. Gesture.

    By Olivia Symone on 10.15.2018

  7. A gesture is a motion that can attract people’s attention.
    ‘The King gestured to his servants to bring him his dinner.’
    ‘The little girl gestured for her sister to come over to her.’

    By Emma Reed on 10.15.2018

  8. A gesture is just that – an acknowledgement in the direction of someone or something that the person making the effort wants to show that they care about – sort of. If they gesture towards any kind of appeasement or real change, then it ceases to be a gesture and starts to be meaningful – this is terribly shitty.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 10.15.2018

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  12. A gesture is a form of body language, like holding up your hand to tell someone to stop, or to hold your hands on your hips to show sarcasm or disapproval, even crossing you arms shows anger.

    By Nate on 10.15.2018

  13. She widely gestured to the room. “This? This is what you’ve got?”
    He was confused, his eyes scanning over the surfaces, “Um… yes?”
    “Oh, darling, love of my life, bane of my existence,” she sighed.
    He laughed. She said things of this ilk often.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.15.2018

  14. You never know what a single kind gesture can start in someone.

    By okayfine on 10.15.2018

  15. “What did you think of the roses?”

    “Uh…the roses?”

    “Yeah, the white roses. The ones Jerry got you.”

    “Oh.” Henry took a deep breath. “They were…they were a nice gesture, I guess. But…”


    His exhalations were louder now. “I just don’t like him that way, you know? And I mean, he knows that, too. But he keeps trying. And now that Arnold’s gone, I just don’t wanna be with anyone right now.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.15.2018

  16. He gestured wildly to her, yet didn’t say a word. His lips were pursed – partly surprised – and partly disgusted by what he saw: A severed hand emerging from leaf-covered mounds of dirt. Traces of blood splattered across the digits.

    It was her first day as a police officer, and she froze. The training manual was much more clinical than the emotions that roiled her senses.

    By chantemcb on 10.15.2018

  17. He kept gesturing frantically, what could be so urgent? She thought finally looking in the direction he was pointing. ‘Oh the dragon is flying away’ she saw.

    By seashellwriter on 10.15.2018

  18. Annabelle didn’t take long in the window’s reflection before turning away. Her scar was as prominent as ever, but today, it itched, which only meant one thing. A woman bumped into her as she spun around and obscenely gestured in her direction, causing what little levity remained in her stride to vanish.

    By India Carmon on 10.15.2018

  19. New gloves! How every flick of her slender wrist, or curl of one dainty finger, looked just so much more ELEGANT.

    By and& on 10.16.2018

  20. Hghi five! A slap on the hand. A simple gesture. One from our childhood yet it brought great memories as our hands slept into one another as we stopped back/ It was like a time machine. As our fingers touched I was taken back to the summer of 1986.

    By GmaCis on 10.16.2018

  21. Hi, Why is the word still gesture? I did that yesterday like come on I don’t like the gesture!

    By Someone Unknown to you on 10.16.2018

  22. It was a simple gesture, meant to convey consolation, friendship, camaraderie. But it cut. It gouged my heart and made me imagine returning the favor — with a dagger.

    By Laura Gray on 10.16.2018

  23. A single hand gesture is a kind one too. What single hand gestures can I do.

    By jessica0578 on 10.16.2018

  24. It was a subtle gesture and I struggled to interpret his meaning. With his head tilted slightly to the side and a closing of his book, he brushed his hand through his hair and turned to leave.

    By tmurnane on 10.16.2018

  25. He gestured for her to walk to the dance floor. They danced all night and once it hit midnight she had to go home.

    By Abby URL on 10.16.2018

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  28. It is a simple gesture and residual affection lingers like smoke until it clears from his eyes and he remembers who he’s talking to when looking into those dark, dark eyes.

    By Holographic URL on 10.16.2018

  29. A gesture is a form of body language that uses motion to signal people in different ways, for example holding your hand out to signal someone to stop.

    By Nate on 10.16.2018

  30. I need to give nice gestures to expect the same in return. a nice gesture can make someone’s day.

    By Summer Wilson URL on 10.16.2018

  31. What a big gesture .. all those drag queens so beautiful and special and also hurt and hurting still . Gestures are so big and none can look behind. They seem so strong and fierce and full of shit and lovable. The gestures are huge. All the way. I wish they weren’t hurting so much. But who knows what would happen to those gestures .. .

    By sam URL on 10.16.2018

  32. The ‘Shaka” gesture here in Hawaii means thank you, it means that’s terrific, it means victory, it means the Aloha Spirit. It is three fingers down against one’s palm and the pinky and thumb out in opposite directions, and the hand shaking the delight of the hand’s owner.
    So what can I do when a car passes me on the right, and a well-muscled male arm comes out of the window, flips me a double bird, locks one elbow into the other, and mouths “Fuck you, bitch?”
    His face and those gestures are so threatening and hostile that I recoil in horror.
    Then the moment is over. Fortunately his car is taking the exit ramp.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.16.2018

  33. specially when we are disappointed and we are so weak! all the tears and weakness kill us inside
    could just a gesture open for us the door of the hope!
    could be a story, or any thing done for you, or even a word, a hug a view…
    just remember that any thing good could turn on a light of hope in the hearts

    By Roumaissaa FERHI on 10.16.2018

  34. ah gesture. how you respond to how you feel, without oftentimes knowing how you feel. your gestures articulate you, sometimes betray you. your thinking mode becomes a gesture. some gestures are hardwired in you, you gesticulate them, but your inside screams at you to do otherwise

    By paternalvoices on 10.16.2018

  35. It didn’t go un-noticed, as he previously thought. That one text was enough to show that she not only recognized, but appreciated this gesture he made for her. That one text was enough to fill him with hope that one day he could make her his wife. All it said was, “You are too much.”

    By Macey Schieffer on 10.16.2018

  36. If it is a gesture you want of me, then ask and you shall receive. All you have to do is look me in the eyes ever so soulfully. That’s the secret key for this heavy lock.

    By Melt URL on 10.16.2018

  37. He flicked his finger as if to shoo away
    a fly of just a speck of the world
    that landed on his arm at rest. It was
    a small gesture make in a packed room.

    To the people on the otherside with ink
    stained fingers, it meant something
    we will never know, they ran off to call
    and to write. The next day the papers

    all printed something about the end
    or just an apocalypse, but we walked
    on not bothering to take a paper with us.

    By Flyderkov URL on 10.16.2018

  38. gesture

    By flure on 10.16.2018