October 12th, 2018 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “purity”

  1. purity is just like religion to me. its when you just are so good with god that he makes you pure or guaranteed to heaven. i’ve been saved but i still want to be baptized. i still need to go to church more often but im sure that i will get there some day.

    By Zach on 10.12.2018

  2. White. White walls surrounded her. It felt like she SHOULD be able to breathe, but somehow, she couldn’t.

    By and& on 10.12.2018

  3. In high school I asked my mom for a purity ring. It was something a lot of my friends were getting — I hung with the super cool “Youth Group” crowd, and I wanted to act like the lot of them. I may have just wanted the jewelry and I knew my mom would get it for me. She said, “Oh, yes, absolutely, I will find the money,” or something along those lines. I didn’t end up getting one, which is probably for the best. It would be tarnished as fuck by now.

    By Abby Jelly on 10.12.2018

  4. if you look at everything new as pure is it really life. Life has expierences, life has mistakes, life has choices….no one is perfect, so if purity really a thing? Is it even real? Or is the only pure thing we have

    By Jessica on 10.12.2018

  5. something that is untouched by man that is real and great that cannot be reproduced in a factory real true

    By Amber on 10.12.2018

  6. purtity is some thing like pretty just spelled way different some they are not the same

    By Amanda Schriml on 10.12.2018

  7. The maiden was chosen for the sacrifice for allegedly one thing: Her purity. It all seemed so cruel to me. She was led up to the hellmouth with her hands tied behind her hand. Her feet were bare, the soles already scorched from the heat. And the town elders, bless their shriveled hearts, had dressed her in white.

    I watched her raise her eyes to the heavens, her chest heaving with hidden sobs.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.12.2018

  8. She saw everything in it’s most simple terms. It was a moment of complete clarity, of boiling something down to it’s essence.
    He loved her.
    That was it. That was all there was to it.
    She wanted to make it more complicated than that. She saw brambles on the path. But she was imagining them, mistaking shadows from the past for obstacles on her current path.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.12.2018

  9. where, exactly, does it sit?

    the kind of cleanliness that runs over your shoulders, down your hips,
    and who decided, exactly,

    why it breaks when you touch it? why it


    when you kiss it?

    By Rowan Springle on 10.12.2018

  10. As you get older it becomes more and more irresponsible to fixate on your own respective level of purity. Purity is often traded for knowledge and wisdom, and as we grow in knowledge and intellect our naivety fades away and we see the world around and ourselves in a much more accurate light. That is why children are seen as pure, they have a fresh and untainted view of the world, they see the world as we wish it could be.

    However, the world is dangerous, and people are dangerous and to choose not to acknowledge those aspects of the human condition is irresponsible.

    By Fair Enough on 10.12.2018

  11. she sang with a purity that could only be described as angelic.
    crystalline notes soar into the heavens,
    causing God to raise her lips in a smile of appreciation

    By chantemcb on 10.12.2018

  12. To become pure means to keep yourself clean of all things that are impure. You have a clean sense of innocence and perfection about you, although imperfection still reaches deep within. Not all things are pure.

    By Kayla on 10.12.2018

  13. My means of purity. It is the essence of my being. To remain pure in all things Godly. He is the judgement of us all. Should we ruin our pureness for the sake of a single pleasure? NO! You are worthy. You are amazing. You are pure.

    By Kayla on 10.13.2018

  14. ´Call the assistance of the feelings and it will be rather lost on me´, said the minute.

    ´Pure purity is a filter of time´, replied the bell.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.13.2018

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  17. My vagina is not a commodity. That is what was running through her head. The purity movement of her church seemed like something from the old testament writings. Where marriage and virginity was a business deal. Saving one’s self-had nothing to do with love but everything to do with a transaction. Making sure that the groom and his family were receiving a possession that had never been touched. Now thousands of years later the purity movement has become a thing, where ceremonies happen within the walls of religious institutions. Rings are put on the fingers of those who have committed to “saving” their selves until marriage. As if the most important part of who they are lies between their legs. Really, is vagina a gift to my husband? What about all the other parts of my body as well as my intellect. And it seems like the emphasis is put more on the girls/woman than the men. It is a confusing message to think that purity is about not having sex before one is married, a tradition from the days of business deals where a woman was property, not equal to men. I have no problem with someone saying they want to wait to experience sex until they are married if done for the right reason, not out of guilt or shame. There are emotional, spiritual and physical reasons that would and could and should be great for one to experience sex for the first time with someone they plan on spending the rest of their life with. However, it does not make one less pure if they choose to experience sexuality before marriage. And what does that mean to those who have been raped, those who have been abused and that area of their body violated, are they no longer pure are they less than those who have never been touched? Is purity not something that starts in the mind? How many girls and boys are walking around feeling guilty and shameful because they made a choice whether in the moment or planned to experience sex? The human body once reaching a certain age and time was and is created to be sexual. How do we tell people to wait when they might be well in their prime. Yes discipline is important and everyone has their own convictions for why they wait or not but to make purity a movement and to place that kind of pressure on young impressionable minds can cause long-lasting damage that I do not believe is a good plan of action for helping young people prepare for that part of coming of age. It has been proven that when you tell people especially young people “do not” they naturally become curious and rebel against the “do not” what would happen if we shared the complete truth about sexuality all aspects and then said we will leave it up to you, I trust you to make the best and right decision for you and if and when you do and you feel like it was too much or too soon then leave space open for conversation around that choice. My vagina is not a commodity, my sexuality is not a gift, I am more than my body and if and when I choose to experience sex it will not be because of pressure but because of my own choice. To think that I am “saving myself” for marriage seems so backward. This kind of thinking and upbringing has been known to backfire as well. More teenage pregnancies happen to girls and boys who were told don’t do, wait, stay pure, what’s between your legs is a gift. This is bullshi.

    By GmaCis on 10.13.2018

  18. Go back to the time when the elements of life where untouched. When the creatures would roam from the darkness of the jungle to its edge, where the #purity of the day’s uncontaminated light shown. @oznolem #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 10.13.2018