June 4th, 2012 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “emptying”

  1. I take out things from their containers and shake shake a lot to get rid of everything inside. Don’t fill it up again we are trying to keep it empty

    By Smaydog URL on 06.05.2012

  2. I keep emptying out my suitcase in hoped that I will find it. The skull I’ve been missing has plagued my very existence. After carrying it through France by way of Egypt I seemed to misplace her. Deborah, the minacle Meryl Streep doppelgänger. Deborah was like my mr. Wilson. You know that volleyball Tom Hanks kept meandering on about.

    By Nycole URL on 06.05.2012

  3. emptying

    By Elanor on 06.05.2012

  4. I was emptying out my drawer the other day. And it occured to me that life is more complicated than it has to be. It is our power and urge to control things that we lose ourselves. And sometimes in order to be happy you just have to let go. It is a rough patch that we will always as humans struggle with.

    By Sandy URL on 06.05.2012

  5. The world felt so empyting, like nothing was alive on it anymore. The smell of smoke still hung in the air.

    By kirsty booth URL on 06.05.2012

  6. What you would do for something you could add to your accusatory glare. I don’t have any room inside me for this, so I empty all the excess in buckets that I dip in to the maelstrom until they are filled with old memories, and I walk barefoot with them through these redwoods until I find a suitable place to dump them. I cover them with leaves so no one can find another reason to look at me sideways. And I walk back home, feeling guilty and a little lighter.

    By monroe2go URL on 06.05.2012

  7. John was emptying the rounds quickly in the face of the attacking hyenas. His shotgun could only manage to blast enough shots to get 3 of the 5 hyenas.

    By jaekim on 06.05.2012

  8. When the rubbish bins are too full, they need emptying so the rubbish men come on thursday mornings. when everything that was in something is getting taken away

    By jacqui on 06.05.2012

  9. wellll
    why not empty the ill feelings
    empy thw water
    the can
    the ash tray
    empty out your sorrows
    empty the waste
    empty everything not needed
    emptying out what is only causing problems

    By Aarohi on 06.05.2012

  10. emptying it’s a pain. just a pain when you have nothing inside your heart!! people should be full of life, but not of eptying…

    By Olya on 06.05.2012

  11. to empty my thoughts and all my confusion , to be a positive person without any fear or crowded thoughts .

    By maryam URL on 06.05.2012

  12. The lack of motivation was emptying, it enervated her completely, siphoning out her will to exist in any conscious form. She just wanted to fastforward to the next hour, the day or moment when it returned, when the desire to do was rekindled.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.05.2012

  13. Emptying isn’t a nice word. Hollow, cold, it doesn’t roll off the tongue the way pretty words do. Words like ‘silver’, like ‘dilapidated’. Maybe because the word ’emptying’ comes with bad feelings, bad memories. Who knows.

    By Rachel URL on 06.05.2012

  14. out my brain sometimes it just seems so full and i never have time to just get all of my thoughts out. although it seems i dont really have time todo much of anything these days although Im trying. I wish I had 4-6 more hours in everyday but maybe the real problem is time management. and maybe resources. but thats an excuse really . I want to write and better myself by being tru to myself and to be happy. and that could be easy, if i would just let it be.

    By Miranda on 06.05.2012

  15. Now here is one of life’s hard prods in the ribs, a barked hurry-up message, a get-up before it is gone warning. Emptying out into the night were the crowd, dispursing into the evening, even hurrying a little. Here was I standing on the steps of the cinema regretting that the film had ended, that I was leaving the warm fug of popcorn and the best part of my life to go back to reality.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.05.2012

  16. The world feels unfriendly today. All the light and joy that seemed infinite yesterday is flowing away much too easily, like a hole in a bucket.

    I’m tired of my mind playing these games with me.

    By genahtastic URL on 06.05.2012

  17. There is a box. I hold the box. Inside the box is a tonne of honey. Mmmmmm, I like honey. I have honey with my chai. Chai is yummy. Mmmmmmmmmm chai! That one time when peoples came over we sat in the passion-pit and drank chai whilst singing the Toffee Song.

    By Theresa on 06.05.2012

  18. I was emptying out my change, as if I had nothing left to lose. I felt so empty inside, hallow, like my bare coin purse. I knew that my life here was an empty, bleak, shallow shell of what once was. It was time for me to be emptying out my former self and crawl to a new stage.

    By Christina on 06.05.2012

  19. Empty boxes are full of nothingness. You can put your favourite belongings in it and you hide your deepest secrets in it. You can tie it closed shut with a pretty red ribbon, or you can leave it open for your younger sister to find either all of your nothingness or all of your hearts desires.

    By Femke on 06.05.2012

  20. physical, mental and emotional. emptying ones thoughts onto canvas or notation paper or even ink on a paper. Emptying life into another. Emptying your clothes into bags and boxes, preparing for new. Empty shoes that haven’t been walked in

    By Max Dickenson on 06.05.2012

  21. n

    By iffat on 06.05.2012


    By ALBERTONI URL on 06.05.2012

  23. The garbage used to be a simple matter of taking the trash can to the curb. Now it involves sorting into recycle and non-recycle, and in some cases compost as a separate thing. In the cruder versions you have to sort metal and glass too.

    By Stafford "Doc" Williamson URL on 06.05.2012

  24. emptying space
    big wind moves watering the gutters of the mind clean
    refresh refresh topical or tropical beings
    Icebergs floating with 99 % hidden from conciousness. Draw deep into the well and set free those karmic mistakes that have burdened you and yours for many lifetimes

    Clear mind like empty soul
    days flying
    as we own the emotions passing by
    letting them free
    as clouds pass us by
    born free
    into our clear mind sky

    By Virna Leslie Roy on 06.05.2012

  25. thoughts that clutter the mind like a large storm cloud that clogs everything up and creates chaos as thunder and lighting storm through but pa

    By Helen on 06.05.2012

  26. Rubbish. Mind. Clean. Dirty. Men. Women. Darkness. Void. Shell. Lonely. Secluded. Absence. Heartbreak.

    By Larissa URL on 06.05.2012

  27. Certain feelings and events can make you feel rather empty inside. Be that the loss of something you didn’t know you kept as close, or just the feeling that nobody is listening to you. It leaves people an empty shell, and it is this ’emptying’ that defines us. Humankind should not feel alone in this feeling because everyone at some point in thier lives is empty.

    By Beth URL on 06.05.2012

  28. How does one can be called empty?
    Serious powers of the unwilling
    In which the medium can not be limited
    One’s ego cannot be done

    By yudi URL on 06.05.2012

  29. Let us be willing to empty one’s medium of mind
    The creation of the inferior perspectives upon the less-skilled
    Can the lesser concious being be prefered as weak?

    By yudi URL on 06.05.2012

  30. oh what a bad word, so not what i hoped to see, whatever is emptying is bad unless it is the bad that you are emptying. If there weren’t so much emptyness we would all be better off

    By CherryMary on 06.05.2012

  31. “Empty your mind, clear your heart.” easier said than done, i sat with my mothers words running though my head, i had to empty my heart and head to learn to love again, i knew that but how could i when i already felt so empty. He didn’t love me and he never would.

    By mee123 on 06.05.2012

  32. emptying her pockets
    she comes across a single earring
    the mate lost
    long forgotten
    she stares, contemplating
    and puts it back

    By Domiknitrix URL on 06.05.2012

  33. nothing left everything pouring out endless streams of materials in formof sand deserts upon deserts flowing down through quicksand holes into the center of the molten earth…purifying the soul, cleansing, showering, being reborn.

    By n/a on 06.05.2012

  34. there is no feeling like the feeling of emptiness
    when you try and draw on emotions that aren’t there
    on images you can’t grasp
    on information that you never knew
    when you try and tell someone
    what they mean to you
    but you can’t even
    understand it yourself

    the pain of someone realising how empty you are
    its the fear of eventually succumbing to the emptiness
    that drives us

    By Ashleigh on 06.05.2012

  35. She stared down into the chasm with a sickening feeling in her stomach. “No,” she breathed, her mind blank with shock, “No, no, no…” The word repeated over and over, an echoing whisper that after a time seemed to be coming from all around and not from her own lips.
    She knew that they were down there, at the bottom of that terrible empty blackness, spread-eagled on the ground in complete dark. Their hearts stopped. Their lungs still. Their bodies empty.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 06.05.2012

  36. emptiness like an empty vessel. everything poured out of the void, and all that was back was the white nothing. it filled us with joy and nostalgia. the colours were fading as we poured nothing over each other and enjoyed the time that didn’t exist.

    By johanne URL on 06.05.2012

  37. I am emptying my mind of all the things that scare me in the night. There is nothing gained by holding these terrors as the day takes shape. Emptying is cleaning, and cleaning is good. All the crap that fills my mind at times is just dead weight. If I am to succeed, then I need to dsomething different.

    By Brent on 06.05.2012

  38. Everytime I empty out my rubbish I think to myself “are you throwing a little bit of you away… Are you throwing something away that in a week… A month… A year… You’ll remember throwing it out and realize it is now that you need that”.

    By Lain on 06.05.2012

  39. THe room was emptying out when he got there. Chris looked for Kate, but couldn’t see her. THen he heard a noise. She was bunched up under a chair crying – the hand of god on her forehead where the ash had been stamped. He ran over to her, crouched down and took her head in his hands

    By Janet on 06.05.2012

  40. emptying. emptying. the bucket was slowly emptying. why? because becky told me too, stupid fucking becky, couldn’t keep her mouth shut, always getting me into trouble. why didn’t she ever listen to me, why was I always the one who has to listen to her, do what she says. put out that water, its no place for something like that. why? no-one had ever explained it to me, I’m surrounded by so many people, doctors, nurses, strange bizzare people who come to me and want to talk about my feelings, but why? I feel so alone, no-one seems to realise that, not even her.

    By Matilda on 06.05.2012