June 4th, 2012 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “emptying”

  1. The train station was emptying fast. I didn’t know where to go. Soon, I’d be alone, all alone, and the comfort of the crashing crowds would be gone. The mall was closed, the streets empty, and i couldn’t bear the emptiness of the world.

    By Ceeb on 06.04.2012

  2. im emptying myself. for you. i let it all out. but im still full. it’s not gone yet. in fact im bursting. here i am. i stand before you and im overflowing with these thoughts and these feelings and you let me drown. so all i can do it sink to the bottom. and go to sleep.

    By Matt on 06.04.2012

  3. He emptied his soul, right in front of everyone. They stared at him with horrified looks on their faces, as if he had just revealed himself to be a necrophiliac cannibal. They didn’t understand, they couldn’t get it. He had showed all that he was, emptied out his trash bin of secrets and they saw him and nothing more than a monster.

    By Ty URL on 06.04.2012

  4. emptying myself of all my inhibitions and all the stress and negativity inside me is very important for me. I seek an aim where i empty my life of all the nonsense and unproductive things my day is filled with and focus and spend all my time doing what i ought to be doing. what’s important.

    By faheem on 06.04.2012

  5. Emptying the trash from the bin, Mary stood as she pondered what was in it. “How on earth did it get here,” she thought as she stared into its eyes. it contained her whole entire life, this bin, and she saw her whole life in it. The plastics pictures, the plastic swords, all of it at her fingertips. she screamed and dove into it head first, yelling and chanting on the way down the twisting hole. she found a black rabit waiting for her at the bottom for her.

    By Katie on 06.04.2012

  6. He was emptying the case when I arrived. We just stared at each other. He smiled. On the floor I saw all the chopped fingers that I was missing.

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.04.2012

  7. Everything passes my lips, the physical life of lies told earlier. “I’m not hungry,” says my stomach as I pass up the remains of dinner, “I’m tired,” says my eyes as they slowly cut closed, as I rest my head against the bowl of my toilet.

    By Alisha on 06.04.2012

  8. The little girl wrote her heart out on the pieces of paper scattered around her, the pen on her trembling hand already betraying her as it gradually lost ink.
    The clock chimed twelve. But the girl continued on, pouring her soul into words, the paper as a vessel for her thoughts, her feelings.
    It’s time, she thought desperately. It’s time.
    She finished the last few sentences of her letter, left them on her desk and labelled them: Everything You Need to Know.

    By Tee URL on 06.04.2012

  9. Hollow
    Easter egg
    Something that empties you of hope
    Unwanted pollution In your mind, an object whic is empty. And an empty mind or clueless.

    By Rosa URL on 06.04.2012

  10. Em

    By kristen on 06.04.2012

  11. Your locker is empty. The ropes are gone.

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.04.2012

  12. Wow, all gone! Good job Billy! Your father would be so proud if he were still here. He loved you, so do I.

    By BoBwire Fouts on 06.04.2012

  13. empty empty disx worlkd seeks empty.!!
    everywhere we see, every1 we see, what we feel and see is emptinesss !!
    lives have nothiong but a big black hole of emptiness

    By kanika sharma URL on 06.04.2012

  14. I was sitting in my room all alone throwing my every emotion into my journal, literally spilling my thoughts down on the page. I hated everything he had done to me, everything that I wanted him to do to me. I felt disgusting, but at the same time, I couldn’t bring myself to stop.

    By Theo Budd on 06.04.2012

  15. As I bow my head down, I lift my spirit up to the Lord, emptying the days worth of sin and chaos into His ever-open arms. The Lord is my shepherd and He will lead me home.

    By Lauren URL on 06.04.2012

  16. love the emptiness of this world as it contitutes us !! it defined us,our universe,god, our soul and everything around us !!!!
    hope 1 day it defines me also !

    By kanika sharma URL on 06.04.2012

  17. so the word is emptying. what a negative word. I guess it is interesting though because I am emptying my thoughts and words onto this page on the internet. A website called stumble upon. This is fun. I realize I am not very good at writing. Not as good as I would like to be.

    By Raymond Lee on 06.04.2012

  18. listen silly porcelain buckets emptying i was a white sink i was a mouth hold the buckets of my eyes pour out the sink of my penis a big under lip grin a big jaw pulled down by the cheeks

    By Aviv Cohn on 06.04.2012

  19. emptying the load from my mind… the load that’s been bogging me down for years now… yes, it happened, and it happens to one in four children in this country… i was a mere child… and now i need to empty my mind…

    By shikha on 06.04.2012

  20. My mind is emptying on this page in a ritual unlike that of my intestines over my toilet. It’s in me to write and this is why I’ve chosen writing as my path in life. Though it will be hard, amongst the thousands of authors, millions of established ideas and amongst the billions of consumers, I have made an internal promise that I will achieve something in my life. Something grand. I owe so many people that, and to me, to God, to the world, I owe them all that.

    Were continuing on a downward spiral when so many things beautiful in life are being overlooked when more – equally beautiful – synthetic creations are being made. I have to make people aware to the things of that we owe our current existence to.

    By Eric Harrell on 06.04.2012

  21. Desire. Draining. Being emotional drained and completely emptying yourself of all thoughts whether it be negative or positive. It has a negative connotation, but I can see how people can think otherwise. Letting go of people, pushing them away from you. Emptying yourself of others.

    By Chloe on 06.04.2012

  22. You empty me out, then fill me up again, then empty again.

    By meliora URL on 06.04.2012

  23. the pot runs dry. the vase is waterless. the flowers cannot grow. flowers need water just as much as we need love. Love is empty just like the waterless pot.

    By chris turner on 06.04.2012

  24. world at crysis……… nothing you will find after the action is done……… by satan and humans.

    By susanth on 06.04.2012

  25. The day I met you , my mind started getting empty. Even you tried your best for emptying it at your best

    By navpreet arora on 06.04.2012

  26. Having to get rid of something. To throw it away. To gather items you no longer need and putting it away for new things.

    By Scarlett on 06.04.2012

  27. garbage disposal recycling plastic environment cleansing making room for new things. becoming lighter. getting rid off junk and old rubbish that doesn’t serve one any good. Its a good way to stay new.

    By naghmehmf on 06.05.2012

  28. It’s funny the way pain leaves you hanging. Drawing out of your pores and your eyes and your mouth while you scream and squeal and cling to it. What’s worse, to hang yourself from the rope and immerse yourself in that pain forever or to unwrap yourself like a gift of stripped skin and hand yourself over to a future?

    By Meredith URL on 06.05.2012

  29. You’re emptying yourself in more ways than one. Giving me some pieces, some parts, wires and bolts and old bones. You’re newer every time I see you, glossy and clean, sparkling with innovation.

    By Cassie URL on 06.05.2012

  30. I want to go on the cross-roads; on a countryside road trip where the possibilities are endless and the highways can take us anywhere and everywhere. I want to feel the wind as we breeze by the open road, emptying our wanderlust with adventures and stories and people half a world across from our homes.

    I want to see the world with my curious eyes, and I want to take you with me.

    By circinus URL on 06.05.2012

  31. i gradually felt the emptying, more and more after you left. Im sorry i took our friendship and ruined it by loving you oh so much. god i cant help it knowing you

    By ryan on 06.05.2012

  32. A feeling of becoming hollow. Emptying; to displace all things. Filled with a void. Emptying; a purging of my soul. I have few times to commit to memory much, so my mind is emptied often.lol Emptying what my heart did every mile i was taken away from you..

    By raiz on 06.05.2012

  33. I feel like emptying my heart out to a complete stranger. Someone who who knows nothing about me. Someone who will just listen to everything I have holding deep in my heart.

    By Cynthia on 06.05.2012

  34. Emptying is the perfect word to describe human life, the human soul. It encompasses all the horrors of life but they will always be slowly removed from your brain until there is a blockage. When that blockage comes you must seek help and if you do you will continue emptying. If you don’t you will be very ill. So always seek help!!

    By Lorna on 06.05.2012

  35. I looked at the glass in front of me, and that old age question of, “Is the glass half empty or half full?” and suddenly, I didn’t know the answer. I took the cup, and I emptied whatever it was that was in it, and suddenly knew that I didn’t have to ever answer that question if I didn’t want to.

    By Elle Maze on 06.05.2012

  36. I looked at the glass that was placed front of me, and that old age question of “is the glass half empty or half full?” was asked. Without thought, I took the glass, and emptied the content on the ground. I don’t have to ever answer that question.

    By Elle Maze URL on 06.05.2012

  37. The human mind, the human soul is always slowly emptying. We forget life before us, we forget life with us, we have only life now. Sometimes this emptying is halted for whatever reason- this is the time when we must seek help from anyone we can, because the horrible feeling of filling back up will come and when it does our sanity will leave. Seek help!!

    By Lorna URL on 06.05.2012

  38. Emptying the trash outside on the pavement
    the bun stanching up my nostrils making this pit even bigger than before what kind of soul wants to be like this trash can only to be pick up by a smelly old state worker and thrown back to the earth for more human waste to litter its green plaster under belly. emptying the contents the sun beats down on the trash and causes the stench to worsen in the 90 degree heat.

    By renee lafleur on 06.05.2012

  39. A sad depressing thing in your mind loosing all your memory’s and you cat replace anything but the fact it’s forever gone

    By Chelsey on 06.05.2012

  40. emptying things is a part of life. whether it be emptying trash cans, emptying your mind of something, or emptying your stomach in preparation for a man vs food-esque meal, emptying things is essential in life. you just don’t know it.

    By Blargh blargh on 06.05.2012