June 4th, 2012 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “emptying”

  1. She was emptying the trash, just as she did every Thursday morning, when she noticed it: a scrap of paper with a phone number and a name. The writing was feminine, and the name. . . Irene.

    By Margaret on 06.05.2012

  2. spilling out your emotions like water flowing out of the sink. telling everything just releasing it and not keeping anything.

    By sabrina on 06.05.2012

  3. The feeling of eating McDonalds is very emptying. It does not fill one up at all. A teasers of the tastebuds. Not recommended for hungry people.

    By Hailey on 06.05.2012

  4. sadness fills my stomach beacuse i am have no friends, i have emptiness becuause i just want to expiernce what it feels like to have one. lonely i am friendship i have emptiness

    By Rob on 06.05.2012

  5. She emptied the garbage can and grimaced at the smell. This was meant to be a temporary job, so why was she still here? What happened to her dreams of becoming a journalist, of changing the world?
    “Meg hurry up! There’s customers”
    She sighed and wiped her hands on her apron, hurrying up front.

    By Jen on 06.05.2012

  6. Emptying beer bottles is fulfilling body and soul.

    By lost in backspa on 06.05.2012

  7. I am emptying my bottle. it has been filled up to the point where it is overflowing and so it must be emptied. I see soo many nice looking bevereges that I would love to put in my bottle and I was too full…couldnt fit. No more will I feel that bad feeling. so right now this moment..I unbottle..

    By ajloopy URL on 06.05.2012

  8. loneliness, all alone,big spare room with nothing inside. Black rose, no soul, quiet house, no energy, no love, only one heart with no feelings

    By Stephanie Meyer on 06.05.2012

  9. Alice stared into the garbage can. It was disgusting; banana peels smashed and brown and delicate eggshells in broken bits were scattered through the more putrid parts that Alice did not care to name. Her nose wrinkled, but she pulled the bag closed and, trying not to vomit, dragged the garbage to the curb.

    By Josey on 06.05.2012

  10. An act of letting something out of something else, usually a container of some sort. You empty a cup of water or a jug of milk. You are emptying your mind of refuse.

    By Jack on 06.05.2012

  11. the packet of milk
    blubb blubb
    drinking, emptying it.

    whilte delicious fluid
    running down my throat.

    By BR on 06.05.2012

  12. There was a sense that she had to, at all cost find a way to get all the thoughts and sensations running through her out. There was a heaviness in her gut that made her tilt forward slightly, as if she were carrying a heavy basket of fruit. Whether she liked it or not she knew there would soon be an emptying of the collection of passions she had been trying to dismiss as impulsive first impressions. The company at the resort was fine enough. They knew how to pass the time well. They knew exactly how to pace their cocktails and draw out stories from last summer. There was never any want for conversation. But the quality of conversation was the nagging point Clare could not leave. Their conversations seemed so trite it was almost as if she were back in grade school, listening to Theresa and Jamie argue over whether the tassels on Jamie’s bicycle coordinated with her outfit.

    By teaira on 06.05.2012

  13. You can empty your life of negativity and also positivity quite easily. Whether that’s through people you know or emotions you feel. It could be a start of a new life.

    By Phoebe on 06.05.2012