June 4th, 2012 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “emptying”

  1. i was emptying the trash one day when i saw a group of baby raccoons without their mothers. i was heartbroken. I immediately wanted to to take them in to nurse them myself, but i know that i couldn’t withstand to let them go. It was tragic, I was torn between leaving them to fend for themselves and having to let them go. I’m a lover of animals, so of course I couldn’t stand to just leave them there.

    By abbey on 06.05.2012

  2. Emptying. The feel you get once you’re heartbroken. You empty out your feelings for that special someone and everything seems wrong. You don’t feel right. You just feel empty. That’s what I think.

    By Trisya Firdaus URL on 06.05.2012

  3. emptying the trash. emptying your heart out. emptying. emptying. emptying. such an empty word. not a fan of it, makes me feel alone, or “empty.”

    By abbey on 06.05.2012

  4. threw out things of “sentimental value” today, emptying my memories now so that it won’t hurt as much when you all do the same.

    By olive URL on 06.05.2012

  5. im about to say something but my mind doesn’t have anything to write about this peace of box.. sorry im exhausted so much about thinking any story right now

    By jaymee jaranilla URL on 06.05.2012

  6. The world is mysterious. what is this shit. Nobody knows, or what? so let’s go find it out, together. no maps

    By Katrine on 06.05.2012

  7. emptying yourself from time to time. i think it’s important. not dangerous. it’s not a bad word, even if people think so

    By Katrine on 06.05.2012

  8. when your emptying the bin you really need to remember to tie the knot on tight if not BOOM it goes everywhere, and when it goes everywhere you need another shower, which takes time, which means your losing valuable hours of the day on meaningless things which could have been avoided.

    By Jay on 06.05.2012

  9. Emptying your heart onto another person can be the most enlightening experience. For some of us it is more than just enlightening. For those of us who hold back and treasure our secrets, the much built up experience of emptying can be almost addictive

    By Sara on 06.05.2012

  10. I was emptying my mind of all the cluttered thoughts of us, when a tiny, frightened voice whispered, “I’m not ready to let him go yet.” I sat back and tried to figure out why? Why would one want to hold onto all the thoughts that would bring nothing but tears? Why would you want a constant reminder of what you cant have? “Because I love him,” the voice shakily replied.

    By Kristin Johns on 06.05.2012

  11. The rivers eddies and swirls were mezmerizing. New life seemed to hover in each flash of light and life. And then the river vanished …. just fifty yards from the whirlpool.

    Some said that the river flowed into a hidden cavern, others that it went to a different world. The one thing that everyone agreed on was that no one who had chased the river down towards wherever it went had ever come back.

    By terradi on 06.05.2012

  12. When something really, really bad or really, really good happens, it has the power to empty out all other feelings, thoughts, memories and worries. It’s as if nothing else exists. Nothing else matters anymore.

    By Eadaoin on 06.05.2012

  13. I empty the trash even when it’s my roommates turn, not because I don’t think he should empty the trash, but because I hate the smell of it. I never empty out my closet enough, there is always something I hold on to.

    By branden rittmon URL on 06.05.2012

  14. emtying of heart is the worst thing amoung all bad feeling i have ever felt.

    By kiruthika on 06.05.2012

  15. Nothing and better than nothing! Feeling light, like I could fly!

    By Claire on 06.05.2012

  16. Every stressful thing just feels emptying. You are emptied, and emptied, and emptied, until there’s nothing left. You’re just left with nothing inside of you. Nothing to give you hope.

    We need hope.

    By Damaris on 06.05.2012

  17. A glass. Your heart late at night. The feeling after crying. A bucket. Your purse. A wallet into a toy bank. Your mind. Your words on this page. Emptying. Empty. Verb. A draining of emotions.

    By Maggie on 06.05.2012

  18. a jar of sunshine into the sky to brighten a summer day.
    your heart into the pages of a diary destined to be found hundreds of years from now and becomes a world famous novel.
    water from a glass.
    the trash.

    By Maggie on 06.05.2012

  19. Why is the world so lazy today? When a trash can is full, people just keep throwing stuff on top of the mess. There could be a five half empty cups but people just keep getting new cups and not cleaning the old ones.

    By Kate on 06.05.2012

  20. My soul was emptying the day I had to take my daughter to kindergarten. I’m excited for the changes to come, but hated the time apart this would bring. My days will be that much more empty without her beautiful giggle punctuating my every move.

    By Bec URL on 06.05.2012

  21. It’s my sould beng poured onto a page. It’s my thoughts being blurted out into words without thinking about it. Emptying is the release of everything- good and bad. It is life, emptying until you have nothing left

    By Emma on 06.05.2012

  22. so negative. so sad. this empty feeling inside. why can’t it be a happy feeling?

    By Kaitlyn14 on 06.05.2012

  23. emptying my heart is empty. it’s not overfilling with the joy and love i thought i would be getting, but it’s emptying out. nothing is left. to the brim i thought i was able to give you all but in the end you just broke my heart and took everything out

    By cherri3pie on 06.05.2012

  24. I sat in the dark, clawing at the the walls, screams escaped my lips. I was emptying, they stole it… my soul. They killed them, my parents. I shall never forgive them…

    By Callie on 06.05.2012

  25. i look at the notebook in my lap.
    songs fill the pages.
    grasp the thin paper
    struggle with it for a moment
    then begin to tear.

    in the place where they had been
    goes my feelings
    goes my thoughts
    goes my secrets
    goes my sanity.

    By molly on 06.05.2012

  26. cleansing out the soul to make way for all that is good new and fresh. fresh perspectives, relationships and great ideas. making new way for the life. screaming the loudest and not even worried about the existence of another as this is your time to clean out your soul and BE.

    By Asanda on 06.05.2012

    emptying your messed up drawer is a good habit.

    By sagun on 06.05.2012

  28. is a need. an urge. when you start scrambling your inside thoughts, emptying is what you need not to lose your senses. To keep your mind.

    By BLittleCross on 06.05.2012

  29. What is emptying mean to you? How about emptying a glass of water? Or emptying your thoughts onto an EMPTY piece of paper? Perhaps emptying anything is a stress lifted off of your shoulders. Whatever it means to you, it is the beginning of something new; or an end to a beginning. You’re starting over, from scratch.

    By Ryan on 06.05.2012

  30. Emptying the day of things to do, I have to let go of what I have and make room to start something new. Get rid of the people in my life I try so hard to hold on to, holding on is just pushing them away anyway.

    By Kim on 06.05.2012

  31. Take away my toys. Take away my cars. Take away my grandparents. Take away my siblings. Take away my friends. Take away my parents. take away everything. Start emptying my life.

    By Luke URL on 06.05.2012

  32. Emptying the trash of the things that I am trying to hide from all who will judge and see. It is like emptying my secrets and supporting the facade of my life.

    By Rachel on 06.05.2012

  33. Emptying the garbage… because this bitch is on her period.

    By Bloody Mollay on 06.05.2012

  34. emptying your soul until there is nothing left but the spirit, the light, the golden sphere that is the universe. get rid of the sadness, the fear, the doubt, the pain, until all you feel is your love. and all you see is how we are all one. we are not empty but full.

    By norie Knipp on 06.05.2012

  35. What is this,Vacant.It is a verb which starts with a vowel.It is a nonsense word which does not have any literate meaning in English.And what else?
    Eg. she was emptying a jug of water.

    By Sakshi URL on 06.05.2012

  36. Referenced to emptying one’s mind. I do this when I run and only think about the music playing and how relaxing nature is. It’s an important thing to do every once in awhile.

    By Jaime on 06.05.2012

  37. Emptying her, he pulled back. She whimpered and felt skin on skin. He emptied the glass of water into the sink and refilled it with brandy. Serious drinking problem, that man had.

    By April on 06.05.2012

  38. My mind feels calm as I push out every thought I’ve ever had. Maybe what the therapist said will work this time. Maybe I just need to relax. But that’s hard to do when the only image that keeps popping into my mind is of her body covered in blood. See, this is why I don’t need time to my memories. Meditation brings them back…

    By Marley on 06.05.2012

  39. I see the glass emptying in to the shattered frame, full of blood and mucus, I can not believe what has just happened, crazy as it may seem I have now given and taken blood!

    By s on 06.05.2012

  40. My soul. With everything I love leaving me everything i’m all about is emptying from me. But with that comes the new filling. New definitions. New life. New beginning.

    By Allyseia Watson on 06.05.2012