February 24th, 2013 | 181 Entries

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181 Entries for “embellish”

  1. I decided to embellish the plain black dress with an array of luxurious beads and sequins. The boring ‘LBD’ turned into a over-the-top piece of artwork of a dress that I was going to stun the whole party with when I walked in. Ostentatious but beautiful.

    By Nancy on 02.24.2013

  2. “Do you really think so?”
    “Oh, certainly.” She smiled at her best friend, tracing her hand gently over the satiny fabric. “The emeralds bring out your eyes. He won’t be able to look away.”
    “But it’s not, oh, gaudy? Gauche?”
    “No–it’s perfect.”
    “Really?” Amelie smiled hesitantly.

    By Shannon Kao on 02.24.2013

  3. Why would I want to take the time to embellish my story by making up things that are not true. When your story is true you don’t have to keep changing things. I prefer sticking with the truth.

    By Iron Chariot on 02.24.2013

  4. A round dark spot embellished the curve in her cheek, the part that bunched up when she smiled. It drew your eyes in the first time she laughed, you jerked your head like you had a photographer’s knack of noticing something odd from the corner of your eye. Was that a fly on her face? No, just her own personal dust bunny, a personal sticker on a apple.

    By Holden URL on 02.24.2013

  5. She embellish her lies until they became truth. It was the only way she knew how to survive from the gossip that she knew would start up. She wanted that fame, that success, and that joy that came from having it all. She would get there however she could.

    By Mihoriel on 02.24.2013

  6. That’s really all this is, right? An embellishment?
    I mean, the chances of saying something meaningful here, in this scant minute, are slim, so all we’re really doing are taking the word and trying to work a bunch of other words around it. An embellishment, if you will.

    By Strophios on 02.24.2013

  7. I’ll follow you, and you’ll follow me, until there’s nothing left of this town but broken hearts and cold, cold dreams; ’till the end I’ll stay.

    By Mousy on 02.24.2013

  8. I think of my childhood when I felt embellished. I can’t honestly say that I can justify the word, but it’s one of those things that feels right, you know. Maybe it’s the guilt of being privileged that makes me think that way.

    By alex mccoy on 02.24.2013

  9. as Michael tried to study for his english test, words became his worst foes. “embellish”, he thought to himself. What does that even mean.

    By Manuel Orozco on 02.25.2013

  10. Adding to and adding details. Are my stories the truth or did I add something to make them brighter? Or do I just collect bright stories and bright people with stories because I love the details. But at the heart of all my stories is the truth. The embellishments are few and far between and rare. Or have I just re-written the past to fit the bright picture in my head. I gotta write that book.

    By Rory on 02.25.2013

  11. i want to get a bedazzler and bedazzle all of my jeans and make them sparkle and I will feel like I am in the 80s on degrassi jumior high and i will feel cool. that makes no sense i really don’t want a bedazzler, so i will think of quilts now, i don’t know why i , you can embellish quilts too, my mom makes quilts. she does a good job.

    By b on 02.25.2013

  12. Overly exaggerated falsehood. Pretentious motives. Embellished lies. You once claimed truth. You honored honesty. You promised positivity. All I feel is a heaviness on my shoulder. I share a burden of brotherhood, whilst I carry a world of untruthful tales. A world you created just for me. It grows heavy. But as I grow stronger as I turn to stone.

    By Sophie M Alvarado on 02.25.2013

  13. People have tried to embellish stories about me. They have assumed that they know details about me or my life and thus tried to use it to contain or box me in. No one can use their lies to define my life. It is my life, my rules, my choices.

    By S P on 02.25.2013

  14. I dont know aqnything about embellish.. what is the meaning, origin.. Nothing i know about it.. Wat do i do?? what is this crap?? migosh.. help me..

    By Joe brislin on 02.25.2013

  15. He looked from the parchment and up to me, his fingers tracing one of the artistic embellishments that covered the margins of the page. “Does any of this mean anything to you? Maybe it reminds you of something?” I studied each of the illustrations in turn, letting my eyes trace the lines of their accord. “No,” I said finally. “There’s nothing,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 02.25.2013

  16. Embellish yourself
    stand up straight
    pull in desire
    without a sinful taste
    dress up
    never down
    said the woman
    wiping her hands on the

    By Katelin Woods on 02.25.2013

  17. test by nilesh

    By nilesh on 02.25.2013

  18. Beautiful days in spring. She wandered along the street, looking for new thoughts. A piece of something glittery on the pavement caught her eye. She picked it up, it was an old-fashioned medallion-like necklace, embellished with small, green stones.

    By C on 02.25.2013

  19. Ricardo was clearly trying to impress me. He’d brought me to his home which was decorated from wall to wall with expensive looking ornaments. I couldn’t decide whether his behaviour was that of a bower bird showing off to attract a mate, or just a lonely hoarder, surrounding himself with things rather than people.

    By A. Hay URL on 02.25.2013

  20. I was concern with the results that appeared on my bank statement which claimed that I had emellish an undisclosed amount of money. Not only were I furious with what I concern was not a true statement, but the potential that it might have on my credit rating.

    By victor URL on 02.25.2013

  21. Let me embellish on my point a little here.
    We’re not really made for this.

    But my fingers type and some how my drink
    gets refilled and sometimes you’ve got

    to pay for what’s yours.
    Sometimes you’ve got to fight for it.

    By HoldenLyric on 02.25.2013

  22. How can you embellish the truth with so much rubbish just to entertain people??????

    By Shaftronic on 02.25.2013

  23. “No, go rewrite it again.”

    It was the fourth time that Mr. Clark had sent me away with my story in my hand, riddled with red. Don’t embellish, he said. Keep it simple. But how? How can I have a story stripped of flavour? How can less be more?

    By Lantern on 02.25.2013

  24. Simplicity to me is everything, I hate people who like to embellish. Those who embellish, to me are looking and trying to create something in their mind which will never exist. They take it too seriously, the most beautiful words, paintings and books are simple and direct, just like us,

    By purpleyrain on 02.25.2013

  25. She would always describe an event very differently to how I had remembered. Stories were embellished and people exaggerated. I often sat and listened to what she would say as if I hadn’t been a part of the original event. But I had. She was lying.

    By Andy Mort on 02.25.2013

  26. “Why do you do this? You embroider and embellish even the most trivial situations. This is not an experience, it is life and after the fun there is the tedium of washing up and putting the cat out.”
    “Don’t be such a stick in the mud,” she said. “You can fall in love next time.”
    “That is not love,” I replied. “This one sees you as someone who needs to be entertained between free meals. And I end up doing the cooking and washing up.”
    “Don’t try and put me out like the cat; I am not one of your chores. I will dream. I thinks he likes that.”

    By Meredyth URL on 02.25.2013

  27. The way I see the world is that it needs that extra something added. That pizazz, that flare that jazz. Some can see the sparkle in the eyes of the faces around them, others need more to feel the glow.

    By Rachel on 02.25.2013

  28. “I try not to embellish too much, but I thought it was the only way to get through to you”

    “So you lie about something like that? You’re a really sick fuck, you know that?”

    *twitches* “Please don’t talk like that, I really don’t want to have to hurt you”

    By Amber Marolyn on 02.25.2013

  29. since i am writing a descriptive piece, I must mention that it shouldn’t sound like an embellishment on the subject. Ironically I find myself doing it for embellishment itself.

    By bee9 on 02.25.2013

  30. many a times, simplicity is the best embellishment. Like the human body. The nuances and the details are in them self the most ornate form of nature that exists. The intricacy of its features, textures, color and the curves is the perfect embellishment.

    By bee9 on 02.25.2013

  31. Coat with a layer of gold foil, make details bigger and better to look better, add a little white lie and a smirk and see what happens.

    By Ara on 02.25.2013

  32. To look at the outside of the building you would say it was rather plain and ordinary. Yet to me it was full of desire and grace it was everything I wanted and everything I felt I should run from as a result I’m left here today thinking, why onearth would anyone live in or leave this house. In here I was 10 I had what I want . But I’m closer to 10 decades than I am to 10 years. Here in this house I’m the mom I’m the wife I’m some version of me that I’ve never seen before, it’s not a better or more successful me nor is it a worse or different me. I guess it is something I hadn’t acknowledged about me. A tiny cottage like house completely run down slates slipping ever so slightly from the roof, made you think that if I had the money I would find time to make it my own to put her right. Sit at the back door with a cup of tea in my hand staring out at my 10 foot plot of land.
    Embellished with the catalyst of what someday I might want.

    – so, you were saying ?
    – … yes, ahh sorry day dreming
    And i

    By margret on 02.25.2013

  33. The dress was embellished like an 18th century ball gown. She hated it. She plastered on a fake smile and beamed at her grandmother. “It’s beautiful,” she said, trying not to look into one of the many mirrors that surrounded her. She didn’t care what she looked like.

    By Caitlin URL on 02.25.2013

  34. relish expand more add dress

    By sandra on 02.25.2013

  35. to make everything pretty, to make everything so much more than it is. So, when the novelty as passed, everyone ends up disappointed.

    By Cath on 02.25.2013

  36. create, add, dress, fancy, relish, more, fun, expand

    By sandra on 02.25.2013

  37. Embellish means to elaborate. It can apply to a variety of situations and can be used in many different contexts. For myself it is usually used musically.

    By Matt Zorzi URL on 02.25.2013

  38. Each time he told the story, something would inevitably change. I never tried to correct him for the simple fact that I didn’t know if he was adding details to show off or because he was compensating for details his mind lost as the years passed.

    By Elise URL on 02.25.2013

  39. She laughed silently at the wordplay. “Embellish,” it went; the decoration and essential fancification, pardon the fake word, of something, to make it grander and more impressive. But this was emBELLishing, literally. Every time she took a step or moved her head, the little silver bells braided into her hair trilled, and the ones sewn to the hem of her dress uttered a tinkling cacophony.

    By Nikki URL on 02.25.2013

  40. The truth is that it’s hard to write because I’m feeling blank. I’ve taken out all the jewels, all the fine trimmings and delights in my reality. Heading back to basics. Redesigning the whole interior. It’s wonderful.

    You you you. Maybe you should stop placing blame for once and look at how you decorate your own mind. I’m not selfish at all.

    By genahtastic on 02.25.2013