February 24th, 2013 | 181 Entries

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181 Entries for “embellish”

  1. There was a plain lady who was lonely and sad. She decided to change and that made her glad. She stopped at a store and bought items galore. No longer plain the lady got her wish. Her new favorite word is now embellish.

    By Sheri URL on 02.25.2013

  2. I almost can’t remember what this word means. I never use it.
    Funny how that works.
    Especially since I actually embellish a lot of things when I talk.
    I just never say that I “embellish”
    I say I blew it out of proportion, or exaggerated. But it’s all the same thing. It’s just embellishing. The definition is the same.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.25.2013

  3. homo homini lupus

    I stood in a burning building
    you walked in
    and held me

    is it because you don’t see
    the havoc I wreak?
    or that you do?

    I’m here
    or I’m gone
    I’m off
    or I’m on

    you beckon beautiful and alien —
    diviner of
    my whitest, my blackest

    yet we cleave
    as if love
    is petite-mort
    and hunger
    pre-empts comfort

    By minimalist on 02.25.2013

  4. God I am never enough and I just want to draw stars and metaphors across my face and tie pretty things around my neck and embellish the lights in my eyes that oh so many claim to see. God I am never enough and I want to sparkle like a Christmas tree on a Monday night in January in the home of a woman who just really loves Christmas and I want to shine that brightly until I am enough for someone. Myself. I just want to be at home in this body and this place and God, is that too much to ask?

    By Zoe on 02.25.2013

  5. I like to think that I don’t embellish when it comes to stories, but the truth of the matter is that just isn’t true. Embellishing is not really lying so much as adding “icing on the cake” to a story which otherwise would have been pretty boring.

    By vera on 02.25.2013

  6. I embellish the truth to create the ending I wish reality gave me.

    By Janessa on 02.25.2013

  7. ornate baroque moulding on the ceiling, the walls… the gold leaf on the spoons did nothing to calm my nerves or my growing sense of inferiority

    By gia.mfgon on 02.25.2013

  8. I neither have to diminish nor embellish His love for me. I often drift from the understanding that he promised me life, not death. He gave His Son for me that I would not be condemned, but saved. So that rock I tend to hide UNDER? Well, I’m going to start my climb to the top so that I can stretch out my arms, open my hands and allow God’s grace to shower upon my life. After all, that’s why I was created: to be unconditionally loved.

    By Sarah-Grace URL on 02.25.2013

  9. Is this really necessary, when life already carries intractable complexity, beauty and horror all in one, excess and paucity, why embellish reality? Temperature, days, expressions, acts and facts. All enough, I promise.

    By Taddy URL on 02.25.2013

  10. i can embellish nothing in my stomach because i like green chicken and bob saget and the sageteers because it is a great band that i can embellish bye bye embellish this activity is stupid but still pretty cool because i can type embellish alot.

    By Frank on 02.25.2013

  11. I tried doing this assignment last night, but unfortunately I couldn’t find good enough words or thought provoking sentences to embellish and properly convey this word.

    By Pip URL on 02.25.2013

  12. to make better in a way that excites the senses. I can takea flat idea, water, and embellish upon it to make you feel thirsty or dry and want to soak or feel moist, damp and seek dryness i love to embellish upon my stories to make my audience giggle at the absurdities of it all and i love to embellish with enthusiasm when teaching in

    By Nanett on 02.25.2013

  13. The shell lay delicately on the sand. It was a piece of art unto itself, having undergone the weathering of the ocean, and the tread of small children. It was covered in mathematical patterns and pastel colors, enough to remind it’s possesor of childhood memories of teh beach.

    By Victoria URL on 02.25.2013

  14. your splotchy blushing
    and frequent blinking

    makes a better sight

    than honest eyes
    and a sad mouth

    that comes with
    telling the truth.

    (lie more often,

    By h. b. URL on 02.25.2013

  15. She put sequins on everything, her purse, her shoes, coat and curtains. She covered her lightbulb in them so her room was full of sparkles. She covered the walls, painted patterns and rainbows with the plastic jewels. She braided her hair, and filled in her skin.

    By michaela URL on 02.25.2013

  16. The president would embellish a speech when he gives it in Washington D.C.

    By Christian G on 02.25.2013

  17. my house is embellish by my own charms and desires.I love the jovial nature which adds embellish to my house. Embellishes cannot be bought.

    By Prerna URL on 02.25.2013

  18. To embellish is to capture attention. You can embellish a story verbally, you can embellish an item visually. Embellishment is not necessarily an exaggeration, but rather a way to enhance or change the way others perceive something.

    By Melissa on 02.25.2013

  19. to give you everything of myself without the silly glitter. How I wish you wouldn’t drown me with your shit, the sticky mold that you think will help it all come together… to really make it come to life. I don’t wish to exaggerate anymore

    By Cloud URL on 02.25.2013

  20. embelish
    is this something right or wrong
    for the good of the story – for the good of yourself?
    Who really knows
    But at some point you do – you know
    you see
    and suddenly you see who you are
    if you know
    if you see

    By dan_dan URL on 02.25.2013

  21. To Embellish
    Is this something that is right or wrong
    for the good of the story?
    – for the good of yourself?
    At some point you know
    you see
    and suddenly you see who you are
    How you are
    if you know
    if you see

    By dan_dan URL on 02.25.2013