February 24th, 2013 | 181 Entries

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181 Entries for “embellish”

  1. While trying to embellish the necklace he wanted for his girlfriend I couldn’t help but think of all the stories he would make up in his mind to tell her, so that she would fall for him, and especially in his bed. Oh, how men love to twirl with out minds and embellish their lies, just like jewelry.

    By diana-m URL on 02.24.2013

  2. Embellish your clothing with jewels and rhinestones. Embellish your mind with thoughts and creativity. Embellish your life with wonderful people who enrich your mind and outlooks.

    By Summer Broome on 02.24.2013

  3. I tend to embellish a little in my head. I hear your voice, and it sounds meaner, quicker, more honest. I see your smile, and it blinds me. I feel your touch, and it’s everywhere, hotter and more electric than I remember it.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.24.2013

  4. A letter. Crafted by a girl who spent hours dreading this moment. Hands drifting past each other and eyes meeting eyes. Cheers numb her thoughts, as she pushes through the crowd. A letter, embellished with heartfelt drawing and decorated with painfully honest thoughts.

    By MBat on 02.24.2013

  5. She was elegant; there was nothing else which could be said about her. She walked through the crowd and it was clear that everyone was looking at her. She had on the most beautiful gown of any woman in the room, her hair was a golden colour and it shone in the light.

    By Rosie Moore on 02.24.2013

  6. The dress sat in the corner, dusty and graying. Long ago it seemed someone had tried to embellish the sleeves, but now it looked mangled, forgotten…

    By Jessica G on 02.24.2013

  7. To make something more elaborate and add more things to it. Make it shine! Make it more special! Bigger/Better! Put more stuff on it! Whatever it is!

    By Hannah on 02.24.2013

  8. I love embellish. Its a way to express yourself. Its a way to show who you are. You can use embellishments and not be afraid of what others think. embellish. embellish.

    By Anna on 02.24.2013

  9. adorn. she stood. blankly. like a lily. in the summer breeze. neat. dandelion. with her lovely white dress. dancing in the wind. her eyes glazing. what is she thinking about? what does she see that I don’t?

    By Molly on 02.24.2013

  10. Seriously.. I don’t know what embellish means. Maybe I’ll look it up after this. In the meantime.. umm.. I’ll write about something that I think it means? No, I’ll write about how it makes me feel. It makes me think about food.. sorta.. or punishment. Punishment by food? I don’t know.

    By Christopher Greenland on 02.24.2013

  11. Embellish. I walked to the front of the class to hand in my report on the word Embellish. I stayed up all night but the doesn’t mean that i looked up the word. it means that i procrastinated. I looked at my teachers disappointed face as he saw the blank page that i passed in. “Miss. Megan, would you please stay after class?” “Yes Sir.” I said quietly as i shuffled to my desk.

    By Brookie Cookie on 02.24.2013

  12. It’s so easy to embellish drama, but that almost always leads to complications.

    By Jason on 02.24.2013

  13. haha, I see where you’re going with this
    you say you don’t mean to embellish
    your arrogance? please seize to exist.

    By Dinah B =] on 02.24.2013

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  16. embellish your spirit, your mind your heart and do something satisfying for others….pay it forward. Be nice with all.

    By Monique on 02.24.2013

  17. all the details in her head
    grew into something more as she lay in bed
    until it was a different monster altogether
    and she lay there, eye to eye with the beast

    By kapanga on 02.24.2013

  18. Samantha liked to embellish the truth, and the stories were told were woven in fine gold gauze from the moment each thread danced their light choreography against her teeth. Each molar clacked out an adventure exaggerated from a time she wandered into the grocery store and couldn’t remember if she had come to buy milk and eggs. The new tale was all about how she met an egg sorcerer who bestowed her dairy powers.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.24.2013

  19. It was a world where nothing was how it was meant to be. Nothing was its original. Everything had been changed or transformed, added onto in one way or another. The government couldn’t accept anything as it was, the citizens, the buildings, the technology. It all had to be “improved” upon.

    By Scout on 02.24.2013

  20. Embellish situations, not things. Find the silver lining. Life is what you make it and only you have the power to change it. Live for today.

    By Maria on 02.24.2013

  21. Bring it to life, bring it forth with even more life than it had when it was first born. Make it wild, give it zest, throw wide the doors, let in the light of a thousand suns. Traverse the deserts that span the worlds, smell the flowers that grow by starlight on the far side of the moon, make it rain tears for every lost chance.

    By Cherise on 02.24.2013

  22. Jake likes to embellish his stories about his car and his ability to fix anything.

    By Chelsea on 02.24.2013

  23. i want to paint you in gold. and make you features beam like the sun. and lie to you you lied to me. i am not exaggerating this is happening right now i can’t find my fingers or my toes, now my hands and feet are gone and i am losing it. times up.

    By matt on 02.24.2013

  24. Slowly dragging a blade across supple skin I pierce and carve, red flowing freely down the curves of her bones. A twirl and subtle flick finish the masterpiece set deep within her flesh and I grab a damp cloth from the bucket at my feet and wipe away the blood. Slowly a delicate rose is revealed upon her shoulder blade.

    By Aaliyah on 02.24.2013

  25. was there really a reason to go on and on like that?
    to make it the best and funniest story ever
    with no respect for reality or fact?
    story of our relationship

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 02.24.2013

  26. Whole truth, half truth, nothing but the truth…..or….embellish the truth? What makes the better story?

    By Tamara on 02.24.2013

  27. embellish

    By has on 02.24.2013

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  29. Embellish means to make something beautiful. Love embellishes life!

    By Lerina Nena on 02.24.2013

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  31. On the box there was a rather large embellishment. It was beautiful and protruded just the right amount so that it wasn’t ugly and offensive to the eye but not so much that it wasn’t unoticable. It was sweet and shaped like a flower.

    By Charlie on 02.24.2013

  32. The embellished shine
    shone above
    and below
    like a never-ending cyclone
    of colour and waves

    By Harriet on 02.24.2013

  33. allow me to embellish on what it means to be great. –i laugh at the audacity of me to entertain mention of greatness as though i know—or think—-or am. guess it takes none of those things to recognize and acknowledge what is. known. thought. and realized.

    By Safon on 02.24.2013

  34. the truth embellished is still the truth only a little statelier, finer, perhaps more worthy of royalty. don’t lie, ever, they say. but they don’t know that lying is how people get close to one another, how people fabricate communal experiences, to pretend like we all know the meaning of love.

    By theganges URL on 02.24.2013

  35. The scars embellished her skin
    some beautiful artworks
    others crude scratches of hatred
    for herself
    for me
    for something left to feel

    By Harriet on 02.24.2013

  36. So it is so hard to belive that ghe little skirt could be so embelleshed but when i went to pick it up from the store i was proven wrong if there was fabric left un touched then something wasnt right it was way to

    By MiaParker on 02.24.2013

  37. Everyone embellishes,
    so it’s fine if I do…
    innocent as the acid
    I swear I’ll never pour in your eyes
    who said darkness is bad,
    when white is the color of the snow
    that kills the grass
    that’s a lie

    By cosmic on 02.24.2013

  38. He ran his fingertips over the small tea cozy, embellished with little jewels and small lace ruffles.
    It was her favorite, stained and wrinkled.
    It was beautiful.
    He pocketed it and returned to the black-suited fish in the living room who were calling, bubbles clinging to their fishy lips.
    He hated funerals.

    By Molly on 02.24.2013

  39. The sound of a sewing machine fills the room
    Snip snip go the scissors
    as an old pair of holey jeans meet there doom
    A nip and a tuck
    Maybe add a little sparkle and shine
    One’s something old and worn
    Now embellished into something new

    By hellohaleyxo on 02.24.2013

  40. There were more than four hundred thousand opportunities to embellish this story, but I overcame the temptation.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.24.2013