December 30th, 2013 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “elevator”

  1. On the way to floor 15. In the elevator a man is standing next to me wearing a tweed jacket and one of those cab hats. He has an unlit cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, and every time he breathes, it quivers. Moves up and down like on a wave. We stop at each floor and other people get on but I can’t stop staring at this man. He catches me, tips his hat. Sparkling green eyes and freckled lips.

    By gingersnaps on 12.30.2013

  2. She quickly flicked her eyes away from the person she had to share the elevator with. He was humming a tuneless but jovial melody. His lips quirked in the corners – a semblance of a smile -, he had seen her staring.

    By nekofic on 12.30.2013

  3. Elevator rides are a few short seconds. In those seconds no one can see us. We can show our feelings for each other. If we get lucky, it will stop. We will have more time.

    By Marina URL on 12.30.2013

  4. she stood on the edge waiting for the lift to start again. And he was mumbling some unconscious words under his breath, decked out like an office, radio emitting sounds of metallic trash cans and grinding rips, on the side, pictures of dead celebrities.

    By ET on 12.30.2013

  5. I had never seen one of these work before. I had read about them in books about the great Westernized world, but I had never imagined meeting one in person. I walked through the opened doorway, and like the book I read had said, a person pushed a numbered button and the doors started to close.

    By Emily URL on 12.30.2013

  6. The first man to land on the planet mars was E L Evator. Mr Evator landed there on July 2 2014. Sadly he was unable to return to Earth. In commemoration of his feat the government has decreed that any mechanical machine designed to lift someone to new heights is to be known as an E L Evator,

    By drsamfox on 12.30.2013

  7. We took the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building. The view was beautiful so early in the morning. A bright sunny summer day. Not too muggy yet.

    By just a girl on 12.30.2013

  8. The dings that marked the arrival of the elevator sounded, the mechanical doors screeching as they opened. She looked remorseful if only for a second before stepping in.
    “This is it.” Her words left a terrible taste on my tongue. I would never see her again and that tore my heart in two, and even if I were to ever see her it would not be the same. She would be with some one else, someone who would make her happier then I ever could, and while it hurt, I knew it was for the best.

    By Gray on 12.30.2013

  9. To increase wisdom,
    There is no elevator,
    Only rough mountains.

    We Brits call it lift
    the Yanks say elevator
    why complicate things?

    Few planes have canards
    some have a stabilator
    most elevators


    By Haikuman URL on 12.30.2013

  10. How you elevate me isn’t what’s in question. I don’t care about the mechanics. The lift is enough on its own. I am satisfied.

    By Kim on 12.30.2013

  11. She stepped off the elevator with purpose, her confident stride eating up the short distance between the lift and her fathers’ office. Taking a deep breath, she pushed her way inside, not allowing the chirpy tones of his assistant distract her from her goal.
    Grasping the doorknob to his office and twisting it open, she stepped through, only to close it firmly behind her.
    “Hi, daddy,” she said, hating the way her voice turned meek the moment she entered his presence.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.30.2013

  12. The doors closed,
    and we’re lifting;
    ups and downs.
    As usual.
    Don’t talk.
    Do not dare to say anything.

    The doors opened,
    and we look at each other;
    shivers and regrets.
    Nothing has changed.
    I ran away from my haunting memories,
    I ran away from you.

    (Has never crossed your mind
    to follow me?)

    By gargouillis on 12.31.2013

  13. It was a short journey. One of 18 floors. but somehow, somewhere between the 10th and 15th floor we became friends and our friendship thrived as the doors opened, and we kissed.

    By Stuti on 12.31.2013

  14. Sauron and Galadriel were an elevator. They started yelling at each other, and Hurin and Smaug blasted the door open suddenly, and the elevator magically burst into a million little stars from rainbow road!

    By Senya20 on 12.31.2013

  15. shit. stop playing that stupid game for a second. look at me. i’m here, a carbon based life form, with boobs and everything. you’re not looking at me. jesus. stop telling me about how fast your elevators are in your stupid tiny tower. i don’t care.

    By Cafune on 12.31.2013

  16. The door of the elevator opened. I stared into it as if something precious is about to emerge. But no he was not ther. So after all she was right-he did’nt come…

    By Maria on 12.31.2013

  17. I never had any desire to be seen in an elevator. It promise of quick delivery from one point to another, have been over weighed by my fear of being trapped in its blossom.

    By victor URL on 12.31.2013

  18. up and down up and down remember the guy at Dalton in the elevator, such as nice guy sometimes wish we had an elevator here tho mostly can magage fine. reminds me of Paris where elevators are tiny and slow. elevator to the sky what a thought waht happens

    By valerie on 12.31.2013

  19. There were four of them in the elevator. Within the fifteen seconds it took the to travel to the ground floor one of them had revealed that he was once an Archbishop. Another man, the tall one with grey eyes and his arm in a cast stared him down and calmly declared that he had been raped five times by the Archbishop of Boston when he was nine years old.

    By pip333 on 12.31.2013

  20. He decided that morning he was going to take a chance. Live a little. Humming a bob Marley song he can never remember the name of, he stepped into the Elevator. Ten floors to choose from, he took two dice out of his pocket, shook them in his hands and peaked in a the result. His mystery tour began.

    By Ian on 12.31.2013

  21. The sky was bright. John looed up through the glass top elevator and the sun shone in his eyes. What would be waiting for him at when he reached the end of his travel upward? He was confident it would be what he dreamed. Heaven on Earth in a trite phrase. She would be his and he couldn’t wait to see her again. That is love and he could feel it.

    By Scott Parish URL on 12.31.2013

  22. Oh, such a drag being an elevator. Always up an down, up and down. Never to the side, never just barely. I’d like to stop once and see how these people cope without.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 12.31.2013

  23. There are two choices in an elevator. We can either go up or we can go down. Much the same as life itself.

    By Amara on 12.31.2013

  24. All of a sudden I didn’t know what to say, my thoughts were stuck as if the elevator had jammed in my throat on its way down from the brain.

    By carrotfries on 12.31.2013

  25. Elevators in tall buildings aren’t my favourites. They seem to go on forever. Always pleased when the doors open!

    By Alexandra on 12.31.2013

  26. in the elvator things go up and down just like life does when youre alive that is, oh its only 30 seconds already then I cant seem to think of anything else…. or perhaps something…

    By will lee on 12.31.2013

  27. It’s wrong to take the elevator instead of the stairs in case of a fire because that’s where the fire demons hide during the fire. If you go into the elevator during a fire they will burn your eyes out, take over your frail human body, and leave your soul in the elevator; forever left to haunt people until the next fire and you’re able to steal another’s soul.

    By Rover on 12.31.2013

  28. you taught me how to fly
    please don’t take it back

    By stargirl on 12.31.2013

  29. this is where awkard things always happen. the thing that gives me astomach ache. the thing with terrible music other than chirstmas time. there was a scary movie about it.

    By deja on 12.31.2013

  30. I hit the down button and waited for the elevator, hoping that by some off chance she was on it. the bell rang, the door started to open, and how happy I was when the door opened onto her beautiful face, but my high would be immediately torn away as the door continued to open and showed the man standing next to her.

    By Jeff Jones on 12.31.2013

  31. The elevator squealed, shuddered and jerked to a halt. The six passengers looked toward the floor indicator above the door, as if its readout would somehow explain what was happening.

    By mrsmig on 12.31.2013

  32. Take me to a better place, a place I’d rather be.

    By Grace on 12.31.2013

  33. It goes up and down. My stomach feels a little funny. My head gets dizzy. I’m going to throw up or am I? As i child I loved riding in an elevator but as an adult it seems my feelings about it have changed. I don’t have the tolerance for the up and down like I used to. My kids think it’s a blast. I dread it. I don’t like how it makes me feel. Fear creeps in…what if we get stuck. What will I do. Will help come fast? Or will we have to wait for hours. What if we get stuck with a psycho inside…what if what if what if. Needless worries, the chances are slim, right?!? Am I being unreasonable? Or am I right on? Some people would laugh at me. You’re overreacting they will say but when it happens that will be the day they say I was right.

    By Jackie Harrison URL on 12.31.2013

  34. an elevator can lift you up or take you down dependent on the number you push

    By Trent on 12.31.2013

  35. i can’t breathe. There are way too many people in here. The world is spinning and I can’t think. The air is as thick as wet velvet. It invades my throat and chokes me from the inside.

    By Caitlin Fisher on 12.31.2013

  36. The door won’t open. I am locked in a small dark cube alone. I want to be let out. I want air. I want to be anywhere else but here. I can hear the people gathering outside the elevator. This is undoubtedly making them late for some important meeting. It makes me feel worse.

    By Ancient-Greeklet on 12.31.2013

  37. I got on the elevator that was in the hidden area of the building. No one could find the elevator, even if they knew about it. Few knew it existed. But I did. I knew about the elevator, and I found it.

    By Rachel on 12.31.2013

  38. going up, but I’m stuck

    You have me so confused. I wish upon a star,girl.
    You say you’re ready to create an invisible world with me
    but tell me that you can’t think of me first?
    ..that you want to be away from everyone else, just you and me
    but, distantly and with a far-off gaze, then remind me of the amazing hometown
    party you’ll be missing out on.. I wish I could deliver. I wish I could show us off.
    Fuck you in front of your three hundred friends, make them all realize “Fuck. Off.”

    going up, I’m not stuck

    And just as we slick the elevator and save ourselves from peril,
    you indifferently smash on every button, sending us to 40 levels, and un-jammed ..
    meant emotions open and stop at ever floor. Enjambment
    content Meant, getting out, floor by floor, as one.

    going up, top floor, not paradise, but the universe.

    post script
    read my entry on Mechelle’s wall and you’ll see I was calling us starchildren all along

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 12.31.2013

  39. Up goes the elevator, yet another year, yet another journey. 2014 is here.

    If there are no year, would there be another means of measurement?

    Imagine a world not bounded by time.

    Just imagine an elevator, traveling to chapters like a game. Not bounded by time, not at all.

    By looiirene on 12.31.2013

  40. I waited inside as the woman in the burka hesitated outside of the elevator threshold. I’ve never been in this situation before – is a small metal box too intimate of a setting for her to be with another man, let alone a queer American?

    By asavas on 12.31.2013