December 30th, 2013 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “elevator”

  1. //Train.
    Sometimes I need to break a train of thought that’s just been burning coal on coal, with no sense of ending. The track keeps winding, but the night only grows longer. I cant see the difference between shooting stars and snowflakes, and coupled together they reach terminal velocity as starflakes.
    But I can hear the engine roaring, the conductor mad with a lust for travel. He laughs his mania into my heart, though I am merely at the caboose of the train, watching, watching the track grow infinitely longer. I take out my notepad and disposable pen and begin ticking away, as madly as I can, taking tally of each ballast.
    I miscount and lose count but I keep tick tick ticking. The number grows larger. Eventually I end up with a notepage filled from the upperleft corner to the bottom right in vertical strikes. A literary massacre quickly forgotten on this cataclysmic ride. For this is my dream. And therefore, escape is not possible.

    The starboard rail wheels slam into a misaligned subgrade, each in sequence, sparking twelve jolts through the soft as thunder engine, spewing would-be embers back up towards space. As these red reverse comets fill the air, and while the starflakes polarize the atmosphere, the two’s symphony? Ice become fire.

    two as in two individuals would imply a possessive form of “twos'”
    two as in one would imply a possessive form of “two’s”

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 12.31.2013

  2. Why hasn’t the word changed yetttttttttttttttt
    Disappointed, I thought I could go out with a final bang on oneword for the last day of 2013
    Hoping it’s changed soon.

    By anonymity on 12.31.2013

  3. let’s take the stairs, she said. No, I am too tired. You are too tired because you don’t exercise, its a vicious circle. I am vicious when I am tired, I said, and she said ok, let’s just take the…

    By Lee URL on 12.31.2013

  4. crawling up seven floors seven long floors “is everything alright” yes – no everything is quite alright thank you love “are you sure” yes and no thank you love up down three levels up seven more where are we going “are you sure” “is everything alright” “you don’t seem very well” yes no love everything is very well

    By Robert Stinner on 12.31.2013

  5. The elevator, go up and down. It’s silver. It’s square. They get stuck sometimes.

    By Ayanda Mhlanga on 12.31.2013

  6. There were no buttons.

    “Where does this elevator go?” Harold asked the guy besides him, who was wearing a pinstripe suit, bowler hat, and monocle.

    “Why, it goes forward in time,” the man said. He bent down to examine Harold, taking his monocle off and then putting it back again.

    “When are we going to get there?”

    “When indeed. Your guess is as good as mine. We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we? Say,” he fumbled with his pants pocket and drew out a brochure. “Would you give me a minute to talk about the grace of Christ?”

    Harold looked back at the door, which showed no signs of opening. The walls were bare, except for a sign featuring a stopwatch: Are you using every second of your time? Follow self-optimization on twitter. He’d forgotten why he’d gotten in the elevator in the first place.

    “Sure,” Harold said.

    By Holden URL on 12.31.2013