March 31st, 2017 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “element”

  1. Every place I go
    For a little while
    I feel like I belong
    I feel like its for me
    But after some time passes
    And I finally think it’s safe to relax
    And delve in
    It turns out
    I’m out of my element
    And I must go somewhere else

    By fluxandflow on 03.31.2017

  2. There’s a new element as of today, Lucas told Ben. The Large Haldryon Collider made it, and scientists are celebrating it as a breakthrough. It’s the first element made that turned out to be a liquid at room temperature. They don’t know anything else about it because it collapsed as soon as they turned the thing off.

    By Zhelana on 03.31.2017

  3. Is one substance that a material composition have. One element can be quimical or fisical.

    By Thiago Guimarães on 03.31.2017

  4. Every person has a secret element in his/her personality. The discovery of it is left to our creativity and imagination. Some find it, some don’t.

    By Priyanka Chauhan on 03.31.2017

  5. “You didn’t look good up there.”

    “I know.” She ran a damp hand across her mouth. Her tongue felt swollen. “I was out of my element. I’m sorry.”

    Her agent clapped her on the shoulder. “Don’t be. You tried. Maybe you should just stick to podcasts and radio interviews for now.”

    She agreed, though not with words. Beneath her, the red carpet seemed to churn like lava. The dispersing crowd was like a cluster of insects come to witness a perfect storm.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.31.2017

  6. You fell out of an element,
    with glares from the sun;
    life had seen no former precedent
    still i liked how the bullets shot from my gun.

    By Marissa on 03.31.2017

  7. Depletion of natures elements will result in human extinction yet somehow this simple idea is ignored by an alarming sector of the masses.

    By Jeanette on 04.01.2017

  8. I remember studying the Periodic Table of elements. I loved the fact that all things in the world could be distilled into two letter explanations laid out on a placemat as it were, the whole world before me on a table with my hands holding it at either end.

    By Robin on 04.01.2017

  9. She squinted at the periodic table, trying to remember how it all fit together. Mrs. Doss would be so upset that she retained nothing of AP Chem. She remembered the short woman, climbing up on a stool to reach the blackboard to write in the bonds of a carbon atom.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.01.2017

  10. The natural elements of life = TCM fire, water, earth, metal, wood.
    Fire burns and leaves ashes for the earth, in the earth there is metal, metal buckets can hold water, water gives life to wood and wood burns for fire. The circle of the elements.
    The periodic table.
    The elements of friendship.
    Zodiac signs fire earth wind water.

    By 1perspective on 04.01.2017

  11. A thing that just exists because well, it does, commonly used in the periodic table for I don’t know what reason. Mmm, probably abstract.

    By Irene on 04.01.2017

  12. social media marketing

    By Miss jain URL on 04.01.2017

  13. There is a legend going around the cities alleys. It talks about a young girl, by the name of Le Serco. Some have confused her with the television personality of Korra but they were as distinctive as water and earth. She was a master chef, brought the elements to her wok with molecular gastronomy ahead of her own cities technology.

    By Eric Harrell on 04.01.2017

  14. What makes you, you,
    What makes me, me
    Combine us like magic symmetry
    into everything that equals one


    By smattc URL on 04.01.2017

  15. Element of surprise, you light the heart of my eyes. Fill me with your grace and wash away the pain of knowing this life is but a dream. Enter into the mystery of your own being, and see the truth that all is one, and yet none. Emptiness at the core of your soul, eternal elemental throne. Die to be reborn. Thou art that!

    By Jesse Miller on 04.01.2017

  16. it forms us, there are lots of different types of them

    By s on 04.01.2017

  17. THE ELEMENTS ARE WATER EAUTH AND FIRE. iAM FIRE ARE YOU FIRE0— I WANTED TO BE WATER TO YOUR FIRE it is the most beatuful thing to be fire. I am warm and dangerous. you are soothing and what we need in life. I need yoou in life.

    By Stina on 04.01.2017

  18. He was finally in it. Good lord it had taken long enough, but finally, with enough grease, he had managed to squeeze into the crevice. Of course people might find it strange, but that’s why he had doctored the security footage of the museum, so none would be the wiser. He looked across the hut, smiling at the native american staring at a spot behind him, its mouth frozen in a plastic smile. Before smashing his watch, he looked at its face. 9:15- opening time. Soon, he would have all the audience he would ever need.

    By dapplegrim on 04.01.2017

  19. Most found, more yet to be discovered. What does the world have yet to show us? What is it hiding from us? How long will it take before we discover everything about the world? Is it even possible to to that?

    By SadieTheDreamer on 04.01.2017

  20. Element.

    You and I

    Love is the element.
    Love is the cure

    I love you
    You’re my element.

    By Diandra C URL on 04.01.2017