March 30th, 2017 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “brighter”

  1. “I just want every day to get a bit brighter,” said Sherman with a twinkle in his eye. “You know what I mean? Just a little bit brighter.”

    “You don’t want that,” grumbled Ivan from his nest of beanbag chairs. His curly hair poked out from between the cushions like spring.

    “Don’t take me literally again,” Sherman snapped. “I mean emotionally. I know that if every day gets brighter, it’ll be too literally bright. C’mon.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.30.2017

  2. It is brighter on Earth than Hyperion. Despite the two suns in the sky on the latter, the one sun on Earth shines brighter. It is a yellow star, which I guess helps. We were stuck in the stinger in the oceans of hyperion for a week. We had nothing to eat but what we could fish out of the ocean. Dagwood was a good fisherman, though.

    By Zhelana on 03.30.2017

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    By Catheryn Cordonnier URL on 03.30.2017

  4. It’s brighter than I remember. The sun shines in through the trees, backdropped by pearly clouds. The house shakes as my tummy grumbles. I haven’t eaten all day. Somehow home seems more distant today. I wish we had not broken up this morning. It would be nice to have cuddles now. Alas, such are the choices of life.

    By Vili on 03.30.2017

  5. Brighter. Bright eyes. There i no light I see or hope. Everyday gets longer and harder. Sometimes there is a glimmer but only to be suffocated. Is this what is really or merely an attitude?

    By MYOOHUANMEESD URL on 03.30.2017

  6. “Leave luck to the heavens,” or so they say, but this Goddess is merciless and to be frank, I’m beginning to think the heavens are a little biased. It happens the same way, every time: I get a solid start by lassoing the full moon in with a plain pampas, then by luck of the draw I manage to pull in the crane doting about the center of the table with a lucky red ribbon from the same suit. Yet the true nature of the beaming smile they’ve seemingly bestowed upon me is revealed in the next few turns: she throws the sakura ribbon onto the field to steal its bright – and of course, on the draw, a ribbon in a willow to steal the rain man.

    Yeah, well, if only it ended there.

    I skip the next turn as the Gods have returned to me a hand with nothing to pull from the field, and I yield to their emissary, who successfully pulls the Phoenix from its nest on the field and quickly ends the round with just a few points. I let out a sigh and roll my eyes at the clouds, parting only a bit for a sun, like a laugh leaking from a grin. The second round ends before it even begins – I take the Boar, a solid start, but the next round lands my opponent the moon, the crane, then the rooster, and by an almost impossible stream of events the rain man…a downpour or points, a pompous continuation of this divine slaughter, and then the season ends in cherry blossoms.

    I let the Gods have their laugh. It even pulls a chuckle from me. Their emissary might take the light from a hand they dealt, but it is MY days that grow longer, MY days that grow warmer, with every game.

    “Leave luck to the heavens,” as they say, or find a way to make your own.

    By mistyfizz on 03.30.2017

  7. The light was brighter. The world outside was darker than the night usually was. People huddled inside, clutching each other close as the world only grew darker, and the light brighter. Bright enough to burn.

    By just on 03.30.2017

  8. 1brighter= Below Recursively Glistening Holding Together Enough Response

    By garz on 03.30.2017

  9. 1Brighter=Below Recursively Initiating Glistening Holding Together Enough Response.

    By garz on 03.30.2017

  10. Brigther than the sun she shined
    She was afraid of remaining in the dark
    She had been alone for so long, she was now coming into her own
    She danced in the sunlight
    The beams dancing on her skin
    She embraced her whole self

    By Precious Porras on 03.30.2017

  11. it has been a crummy day. the fact is …i just don’t know what to do with the news of today in my own

    By a false terl on 03.30.2017

  12. The day looked brighter, or so it seemed. She spent all day yesterday with tears streaming down her face. When she would pass by a mirror puffy red eyes would stare back at her. She wasn’t sure if she would get through her mother’s death. Her mother was the only person she had left.

    By Tani on 03.30.2017

  13. She stepped outside, her hair shining in the sun.
    Trees swayed in the breeze, shadows moving away to make her face brighter.

    By fluxandflow on 03.30.2017

  14. Darkness surrounds me.
    Slowly creeping up,
    Reminding me of my fate.
    It cringes when I smile,
    Brightening my soul.
    It smiles when I cringe,
    Bringing me back to darkness.
    It feeds off of my unhappiness.

    By Mabel Robson on 03.30.2017

  15. the day gets brighter as the sun shines through the trees that once held the darkness of night and swayed in the ice of the wind, but the ice is melted now as the brightness cascades down on the little forest making everything brighter

    By zoe on 03.30.2017

  16. Today is brighter than yesterday. This isn’t surprising; the summer solstice is nearly upon us, and the days will get brighter still. Sunglasses will get darker, as will skin tones. If you’re in India, you’re also going to die of dehydration and/or heat stroke.

    By Isodope on 03.30.2017

  17. The sun seemed brighter as she walked to the library. Maybe it wouldn’t rain after all. She hoped to have better luck finding something new to read this time.

    By Cher on 03.30.2017

  18. life can be a little more brighter for all if they see the greatness in others and most importantly , themselves. A broader mindset paves way to a brighter life! Enjoy

    By Purple Fries on 03.31.2017

  19. Janie was a brighter star than me. All my life I felt blinded by her. She walked first, talked first, made better grades, got better boys. I often found myself hiding alone in the room I shared with her, as she ran around outside being the center of the neighbors, lost in a sea of jealousy. I didn’t regret that. I didn’t realize that it is often the brightest stars that are dying the fastest. The brighter they shine the closer they are to their finically explosion, and boy, at the end, Janie sure did shine.

    By Trista URL on 03.31.2017

  20. I look forward to brighter days. I am so tired sometimes that I just feel like I can’t break out of the fog. I know that I have a good and blessed life, but I really hope that I can find something when I go to my Dr. appt. next week that will improve my lethargy and thus my quality of life.

    By becky on 03.31.2017

  21. The lights increased in intensity and she squinted against it. It was too bright and it was only getting worse.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.31.2017

  22. The sun was brighter today than normal. I stepped outside and my eyes were immediately assualted. Everybody ignored global warming back then. But now? There is no ignoring it.

    By tammy on 03.31.2017

  23. Were the sunbeams brighter as a child? It seemed so. The sun hasn’t gotten cooler, so it must be me..I must find my sunshine again..

    By T.rose on 03.31.2017

  24. It was brighter.

    Much more than she had expected since a few minutes ago the sky had been darkened by clouds. She hadn’t expected for all of this to happen. She hadn’t wanted any of this to happen. But some how..

    She clenched her fist tight enough so that her knuckles whitened. She groaned, a drip of blood escaped her enclosed fist and fell to the most wet grass beneath. She had forgotten about the cut on the palm of her hand.


    She turned toward but didn’t look in the direction of the male voice.

    “Dahila! Come here now!”

    It was louder now, closer than before it also held a rough edge but she didn’t even flinch, instead of obeying his words though she turned facing away from his approaching form.

    By Tibby on 03.31.2017

  25. The twinkle of the waves shine like the glint of a beautiful smile, brushing against the fine sand of the early morning shore and out emerges a single unknown entity, illuminated with a burning passion, stretching its radiance from the ground in which it stood to the heavens above.
    And there’s no way to glow but brighter.

    By clayang on 03.31.2017

  26. As they say, grass is always brighter on the other side. People should try and see positive in things because there is always something bright in every situation.

    By Priyanka Chauhan on 03.31.2017

  27. Something That is Lighter than another.

    By Breasia M. on 03.31.2017

  28. Slowly, shades grew pale and paler until the only shadows left were cast starkly behind prominent objects. The light brought definition, but also shadows.

    By ml on 03.31.2017

  29. Tom stumbled toward the slit of light visible along the far wall. He hoped, no, he prayed that this door would be unlocked, that this door would let him out of this hell hole. Tom grew closer and closer to the light, and just when it couldn’t get any brighter, the light vanished, plunging the hallway into blackness. A ways further down the hallway another strip of light appeared. Tom sighed and stumbled toward it. A light in the darkness is far brighter than no light at all.

    By Connor on 03.31.2017

  30. The sun was brighter today. Or, it seemed that way, at least. The freshly fallen was an huge reflection. She continued walking along the street even as she couldn’t see very well.

    By Westleigh on 03.31.2017

  31. It’s brighter. His eyes were brighter when he smiled. Everything about him was brighter than I had expected it to be. Even his darkness was eclipsed by the light of hope in his eyes. I loved him. I still love him. My love for him is brighter than hers.

    By Kate Wysse on 03.31.2017

  32. Something That is Lighter than another object or whatever.

    By Breasia M. on 03.31.2017

  33. The sun was so much brighter on this day rather than before. The humidity filled the air as we made our way to the beach, my hair blowing out the window as we approached our destination, I smiled at my friends as we pulled into the beach.

    By Lillian on 03.31.2017

  34. I wish my day was brighter. I wish my everything was brighter.
    The demons in my stomach are brighter. Their day is getting brighter every day.

    By Anonymous on 03.31.2017

  35. The stage looked different this time, now that he was gone. Their faces were brighter, I could see everything. I could see too much.

    By Rachel on 03.31.2017

  36. The light shines into my eyes and I squint to see the road ahead. The steering wheel gripped between my clammy palms stays steady, and the car remains centered in its lane. Suddenly, and this is the last thing I will remember, it gets brighter.

    By Lexy on 03.31.2017

  37. His eyes shone brighter and brighter until his entire body glistened with light. I fell in love with this sublimity I witnessed. It was beautiful.

    By m.j on 03.31.2017