April 1st, 2017 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “tutorial”

  1. Esric didn’t understand the puzzle. Then again, he hadn’t checked the tutorial. The tutorial came automatically with every puzzle cracker’s dossier. A manual that was simple enough, built into a small handheld computer, with a voice activated program allowing those assigned to each task a chance to communicate regarding basic strategies. Esric hadn’t looked at his virtual manual; he felt it beneath him. And yet, here he was, scratching his head.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.01.2017

  2. “Please go through these three tutorials within the hour. Take the quiz and remember to submit it through the portal.”

    He nodded and scooted his chair closer to the terminal as the droid walked away. Once he finished these he was finally going to be able to actually work within the systems that he’d dreamt about since he was a child. Just one more hour.

    By just on 04.01.2017

  3. You read them in a hurry, small type as incovenient as the unheeded college manuals that get tossed along the wayside with last semsters half-written term papers. Except there’s no such written documentation for the best way to be born, no choice in the matter of death or what conspires thereafter. So we sit in chairs, backs against metal, pens clicking at hand, and dream about life from the other side of the window.

    By Stacy L. M. on 04.01.2017

  4. How to do something

    By del on 04.01.2017

  5. nobody ever cares enough to read the tutorial until after they’ve already tried to figure it out for themselves

    By del on 04.01.2017

  6. life is nothing but constant learning and teaching
    lifelong teachers and students. . .
    feed a man to fish, you feed him for a day,
    teach a man to fish, you feed him for life

    By SupernalMar on 04.01.2017

  7. Teach me your ways,
    in tutorial format.
    My heart was removed from me,
    and placed on your doormat.

    I’d taken the controller,
    and been given a key.
    Oh, how you mean
    the very world to me.

    By Marissa on 04.01.2017

  8. It was weird how they made up their minds with such finality.
    What to wear, how to talk, what they love
    Pretty much everything.
    What they needed instead,
    was a tutorial to learn how to live.

    By Anita on 04.01.2017

  9. Tutorial, usually means teaching on a particular subject by someone who knows more. However, life is the greatest tutorial of all. There is nothing that will teach us more.

    By Textist on 04.02.2017

  10. A tutorial is a fancy word for a lesson. I think. I’m now home busy preparing a tutorial on fancy words. My granddaughter does not write in cursive. Yesterday she said that she does “incorporate” cursive into her printing. I figure I shouldn’t worry about the intellectual level of a kid who incorporates the word “incorporate” into a sentence. That’s my first lesson in this tutorial. I’ve got the format now. Each tutorial will include a fancy word but will also include a life lesson about worry.

    By Joanna Bressler on 04.02.2017

  11. A way of showing you what to do, IE: cooking game. Cooking games that are difficult you wll start off with showing you a hand maybe and saying swipe and the hand will swipe! it is a way of showing thee player or whatever what to do! hehehehe so i accidently pressed back and now i can do it again but ohhh well

    By hghfh URL on 04.02.2017

  12. A tutorial is a way of showing new people / players etcetera around something. For example, a brand new game, and on your first time playing, may show you what direction you may have to swipe your finger, what to do, puzzles, etc

    By Mochailatte on 04.02.2017

  13. Wait, this again? is there seriously only one word per day? Awe, that sucks :c Well, time to write about anything!
    Uhm…. how are you? The TUTORIAL for this website wasn’t very good.. hehehehe… just in case this entry got removed, you see…. :P

    By Mochailatte on 04.02.2017

  14. A room, often slightly frightening, full of people. Most were your peers, one the Tutor. A memorable afternoon of a conversation which basically ran, what do you think? If I knew the answer I wouldn’t be asking you.

    By Kate on 04.02.2017

  15. He gently moved the mouse from under her hand, “Let me show you.”
    “I can figure it out.”
    “We don’t really have time right now for that.”
    “Will you stop taking over my attempts to teach myself?”
    “I just want to show you a shortcut.”
    “No, you just are trying to do it for me.”

    By Bridget Grace on 04.02.2017

  16. Mike racked his head looking for answers. He searched the screen hoping for some sort of help. Then, he saw it. Sitting at the corner of the screen was a button labeled tutorial.

    By Leyna Huynh on 04.02.2017

  17. Show me a tutorial for happiness. Show me a tutorial to make my life work. I need a tutorial. But I doubt I’ll ever find one. Great. Give me a tutorial.

    By SadieTheDreamer on 04.02.2017

  18. Guide me by the hand into the Promised Land…

    By Mr. Metafizix on 04.02.2017

  19. Tutorial, tutorial, will the word ever change
    It would be nice if these words had some range
    Alas, that is not the case
    New words we must still chase

    Until the words begin to change
    We are stuck with such a simple base. :(

    By Textist on 04.02.2017

  20. there are a series of deadly games coming through the line, they tell you what to do and you follow, all inhibitions are lost as you go through the ranks of life and death. Nobody is safe

    By Aspen on 04.02.2017

  21. the screen glows of wisdom.
    a start of a start.
    knowledge extends its hands.
    waiting for you to begin
    and to fall in.

    By anothershadowbox on 04.02.2017

  22. I would wake up at 6:30 every single morning to catch the 7:00 bus headed to the east side. It only took about 20 minutes, maybe 40 if traffic precipitated or bad weather shook the bridge across the Lake. From the stop on 148th, it was a 10 minute walk. On those late days I had to run not to be late. Greeting the security guard, I’d swipe my badge, race to my seat, and go grab my first cup of burnt coffee.

    Then, for 3 months, it was the same thing every single morning: I’d turn on the console, pick up the controller, and shuffle through the few minutes of hand-holding it demanded to understand the controls. That section got worse by the day: more text, more time between explanations, more targets to hit, more walls to climb, and finally, the worst change of all, the inability to skip it all in the first place. “It’s important the player understands the basic controls of the game,” the emails said with the comedic degree of politeness made typical by the business culture here, “so we’ve decided to make it mandatory.”

    Wasting my time, as it is, for others to catch up. I enjoyed the punishing difficulty of Kamiya’s generation, teaching you what to and not to do through repeated failures, returning to you a great interest gathered by your time investment in the form of a sweet moment where you discover what you have to do – and that you were pointed there by subtle mechanics. You let yourself fail, you let yourself be frustrated, hopeless, disinterested, discouraged, but return with confidence knowing it trusted you to figure it out.

    Those first few minutes were a stark reminder of the sensitivity people have toward failure, that recently it has become fashionable to think that the blow dealt from the realization that you may not be as clever as others is stronger than the vindication one receives in solving it on your own. Yet people still go on and on about the importance of failing, just in case the tutorial they make is too difficult.

    Teach a man to fish, they say, and he’ll learn to do it on his own. I think it’s more nuanced than that. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll do exactly as you say, and nothing more.

    By mistyfizz on 04.02.2017

  23. Sawyer nodded his head sternly, trying to grasp the information that he was being taught. Take the thread, push it over, watch your fingers. Keep your balance or your foot would get stuck in the belt. Be on the watch.

    By cally d. URL on 04.02.2017

  24. Take the tutorial. You will learn many things needed for life. TAKE IT!

    By Onyx on 04.02.2017

  25. Now offering tutorials:
    How to have no idea what you’re doing
    How to be really good at one thing for two years
    How to get bored with all the things you try to make careers
    How to go in the wrong directions for bad reasons

    By fluxandflow on 04.02.2017

  26. I outlined the path of life
    the way it all should be
    but when I turned around to start
    it fell apart in front of me
    I thought I knew just what I wanted
    it took so long to learn
    that we are ever speeding vessels
    to the point of no return

    By Josh Miller URL on 04.02.2017

  27. I can show you how to be an angel.. I can show you my wings. I can show you the feeling of the wind in your feathers. I can teach you how to be like me, Castiel, an angel of the lord.

    lmao random thing i was just testing this thing

    By Laura Nichols URL on 04.02.2017

  28. Teaches you
    Everything is a tutorial
    Man, I wish I had a tutorial on how to be a leader
    Maybe I could write it
    This could be my tutorial
    To future leaders
    To my girls
    To my future self
    This is a love letter, a help guide, a tutorial in life nad leading

    By Camille Graham on 04.02.2017

  29. life doesn’t come with one
    there is no “Living for Dummies”
    No tutorial on how to be born
    how to die
    or fill the spaces in between
    your life is an original
    unlike any other before
    and learning only comes
    through trial and error
    falling, failing, sorrow and tear
    we grow, we dream, we hope
    one breath at a time
    each day a new lesson
    unwritten until the setting of the sun
    when we close our eyes to say goodnight
    we turn in our homework
    did we learn?

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 04.02.2017

  30. tutorial the first 18 years of life so or so i though, maybe i should have paid more attention during that time, and now it seems like im going through an extended one

    By Anima on 04.02.2017

  31. When I think about the word tutorial, it makes me think about my time at university. I used to have to get up really early on a Monday morning to go to a history tutorial which was really difficult for me. I sometimes pinced my ear to help me keep awake! I felt really embarrassed about the fact that my eyelids would get heavy and begin to droop.

    By Jane Freeman on 04.03.2017

  32. We can be tutored with our studies and other behavioral aspects.What about life…Do we have any tutorials..here we face the exams first and then learn the lessons.
    We dont have previous years exam papers..We say we live in a progressive environment.What progress have we made..when God wishes to take away someone close to us we can’t do anything…Just puppets in his unseen hands.

    By Princess on 04.03.2017

  33. ikea instructions frustrate me every freaking time. I would rather buy real furnit

    By a false terl on 04.03.2017

  34. Tutorials are a great way to learn how to do something. Short and interactive is an efficient way to learn. Sometimes it can be a video tutorial, sometimes a set of slides. Depending on the topic, a video can be great to see a demonstration but difficult if you want to step through and do the activity yourself. Something self paced, like slides, can make it easier to take part along the way.

    By Harry on 04.03.2017

  35. It was a tutorial of how to give CPR. It took all morning just going over the instructional book with the class, and in the afternoon we practiced on dummies. Many lives were saved that day

    By charlie on 04.03.2017

  36. to teach in the basic form for the purpose of understanding. the human experience is in need of a tutorial to put an end to push for the human experience tutorial. We are too many robots. We as human beings are too emotional drained

    By Eric James West on 04.03.2017

  37. Thank goodness for tutorials on youtoube. I can learn about so many things and it’s an excuse that I cant use anymore. I can’t say I can’t do something because there are turorials available on everything. I think it would be fun to pick one thing a day and watch a tuturioal on it.

    By Mary on 04.03.2017