October 10th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “easygoing”

  1. I wonder if i am as easygoing as i believe i am. I think as i get older i becomes less tolerant of things…I love easygoing people, they are the best. Except when they’re not.

    By Milica on 10.10.2013

  2. It was just one of those easy going days…..at least that’s what she thought when she started out. But that was before the phone rang. Then everything changed–and it wasn’t for the best.

    By Chana on 10.10.2013

  3. I am not an easygoing person. I must have control. I must have you. I won’t casual about this or anything else. I’m upfront about everything and if you don’t like me, tell me, don’t just cheat on me with my best friend.You fucking man-whore

    By Iris URL on 10.10.2013

  4. He was an easygoing lad, unlike the others, he was independent, with a bit of a rebel streak. It would show in his songs, and his performance of them.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.10.2013

  5. We would talk for hours. Just telling each other the stories of our lives. It was easy and fun and completely bland. I hated myself for the complacency but could tear myself away. She was my muse and my chain.

    By Guess on 10.10.2013

  6. Listen to me go on about myself. Whats going on with you? You were always the easygoing one. The one to lie back and enjoy the scenery even when we were all screaming down with the ship. I don’t remember a singe time you looked concerned.

    By CoconutPeaches on 10.10.2013

  7. She breathed like there was nothing on her mind.
    She radiated energy with every single move she made.
    She spoke life wit her sweet voice.
    She was an easy going and free spirited soul.
    But her eyes welcomed death, as if she knew there wouldn’t be a tomorrow.

    By Erica on 10.10.2013

  8. He laughed as though he hadn’t a care in the world. He leaned back onto the hood of the car like he had no burdens. He smiled like he always was happy like nothing could ever be sad. His eyes crinkled, his toes curled. And I envied him.

    By Tsughi on 10.10.2013

  9. She laughed and it was contagious to me. It pulled at a small ache in my heart. I envied her happiness and her smile and her easy ways. The way she was able to pull a grin and bare through even the toughest of ventures.

    By Tsughi on 10.10.2013

  10. How funny, she thought, that she could be so easygoing when it came to writing. Write, whatever. Words, whatever. They were her home and they couldn’t hurt her. But out there, where the words were no longer her own and she had no control over how they were used, she remained in constant anxiety and fear.

    By musicrazi on 10.10.2013

  11. Easygoing isn’t so easy. Sometimes you can’t help but be anything but easygoing. This is a very negative way to be but sometimes its just inevitable. Especially on rainy and gloomy days that never end and dont matter. Id love to be easygoing right now that sounds about right

    By beth on 10.10.2013

  12. im more easygoing now that i was with him, maybe because, you know, i dont have to blame myself for everything anymore.
    but he messages me again out of the blue and im so tense it hurts and im not EASYGOING anymore.
    dammit im making this word about a past relationship. sorry to be one of those guys. i needed it.

    By Anna on 10.10.2013

  13. She breezes right by
    as per usual
    sunshine hair
    blue sky eyes
    not that she doesn’t have cares
    she just doesn’t dwell on them

    By Chelsea on 10.10.2013

  14. he walks to and fro about the earth bringing people with him whoever wants to join. Everyone enjoys his company. How could they not. He does what he pleases without a care in the world. He seems to know everything,about everything. Except for authority;hat is one word he does not understand.

    By sturmzie on 10.10.2013

  15. moves like a gentle hill,
    never bites,
    presses against my side affectionately.
    this horse will be remembered.

    By Kairn on 10.10.2013

  16. A smile, a laugh. Not worrying at night, staring into the cracked wall, tired but unable to sleep. Not worrying about where you were going, and that was when the car crashed into your bike. After that, how could I smile, how could I laugh, how could I not stare into the cracked wall, tired but unable to sleep?

    By Holden URL on 10.10.2013

  17. He’s lying back in his worn armchair, its hairs prickling and curling like an unshaven face. Fire’s out, condensation’s on his fingers, eardrums screeching, and eye bags bloating. And he’s just lying there in a crumpled, deranged conglomerate. I thought he was dead.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 10.10.2013

  18. I watched as he relaxed back into his chair, totally ignoring the exam in front of him and the clock ticking down insistently.

    By Athena on 10.11.2013

  19. he flips the top of his hat. crosses his legs and reclines. today is e e easy. today is just fine. today is to enough to do nothing at all.

    By genahtastic on 10.11.2013

  20. The best way that I can describe myself is that I am an easygoing person. Nothing, will I allow to get in my way, when live is all about living and doing so abundantly.

    By victor URL on 10.11.2013

  21. She had always been easygoing. Always eager to please, always happy and satisfied, no matter what was thrown her way. I smirked. I was definitely going to use that to my advantage. Since she was always eager to please, I had no doubt she would help me; do my dirty work for me.

    By Emma on 10.11.2013

  22. She was an easygoing girl, which made her easy to like. She was one of those people who just magically seemed to be friends with everyone. It was hard to say if she was really friends with them, though, or if they were just attracted to her like moths were to a flame. She seemed not to worry about it too much, though. Alicia didn’t worry about what people thought of her. That always struck me. She was one of the rare people I’ve ever met who truly found no pleasure in speculating about the thoughts and actions of others.

    By hannah URL on 10.11.2013

  23. easygoing
    easy going
    going easy
    ease of going
    go to ease

    By Kristy on 10.11.2013

  24. Well, I think that I am pretty easygoing. I mean I go with the flow right? That’s what it means doesn’t it? Easygoing to me means that you just live your life and don’t really care to much about drama and unimportant things.

    By Natalie Anderson on 10.11.2013

  25. He was such an easygoing character. He always had time for everyone and nothing was too much trouble for him. Such a good heart.

    By Alexandra on 10.11.2013

  26. I think I am a pretty easygoing lady until you make me angry. Then I tend to cry, which most take as a sign of weakness, but really that is just me trying not to explode.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.11.2013

  27. Severely obvious
    In no scent
    That hat is true to rue as rouge

    By Volodymyr Bilyk on 10.11.2013

  28. Michael
    Is able to play

    is able to play
    Only by looking at

    is monk-monkey
    with the key on his neck
    to his
    Miss-Tary Tapu Tar Err

    By Volodymyr Bilyk on 10.11.2013

  29. Everyone should be easygoing. Why isn’t everyone easygoing? Easygoing is the easy way to go.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 10.11.2013

  30. He had an easygoing walk, the sort of amble you can only get when you’ve had years of asphalt under your boots, when you convince yourself that every step does indeed take you away from your troubles and all the things that got you rolling and rambling in the first place. There was the light laughter in his voice, he kept that as his step glided, but when you looked in his eyes, you saw it: the hard, dark part, the part he didn’t like to talk about, the part that turned walking into running.

    By Anthony StClair on 10.11.2013

  31. I walked down the street and seen an old house. It looked abandoned but there was a light on inside. I knocked on the door and heard a knock back. I walked inside to see a devilish figure just standing there. He asks me, “How is life?” I reply, “It’s not as easygoing thanks to you.”

    By Amber on 10.11.2013

  32. I’m easygoing in nature, let whatever comes happen, but I also worry about everything, often things I can’t control, the future, money, my family. I have a hard time letting go, saying the things I want, understanding the thoughts that cross my mind & the feelings I often can’t explain but experience so intensely. You will in time come to find I’m as complicated as they come.

    By Jennie Viera URL on 10.11.2013

  33. he rolled with the punches. he got along. at least that is what we all thought. we didn’t realize, i guess, that beneath that calm exterior lay a troubled man.

    By Lee on 10.11.2013

  34. The easygoing feeling of the night caused her to toe her shoes off and thread her hands through the thick grass. The night air stirred her hem as she stared up at the sky. The stars had no cares, no fears — why should she?

    By Kristin URL on 10.11.2013

  35. OK. EASYGOING. the fact that i started this entry in all caps is probably the least “easygoing” sort of introduction i could have concocted, had i actually concocted it- indeed, it was a complete accident. oh, the spontaneous and trivial ways in which life foils you…..

    By samantha on 10.11.2013

  36. Sometimes i consider myself as easygoing person. Cause i tend to be calm even in a situation wherein everybody in stressed and problematic.

    By Kristelle Jusay on 10.11.2013

  37. Sometimes i consider myself as easygoing person. Cause i tend to be calm even in a situation wherein everybody is stressed.

    By Kristelle Jusay on 10.11.2013

  38. I saw him run in the golden field as if though, he had no care in the world. I saw him. And it is only I who could because I look through my heart. We are connected. We are one. And I run free with him … to eternity … to a place where everything’s too easy.

    By Alyssa Marie Ysabel Y.A. on 10.11.2013

  39. shit, didn’t anybody tell you not to look over your shoulder
    (the devil makes you do it)
    so you took the side mirrors off your sedan
    and drove til the cops pulled you over;
    tugged down your blouse and cried,
    you’d be born again in hollywood
    if we could find the highway signs

    wearing a july skirt to a september date,
    sweetheart david holds your hand under the table
    until he slides it onto your inner thigh
    and you choose your stage-name then
    and you don’t look back
    (some days will be easier than this)

    By robyn URL on 10.11.2013

  40. what is it about being easy going? sometimes i don’t understand the nature of this word.

    By Laila on 10.11.2013