October 10th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “easygoing”

  1. me easy hard friend adjective sad happy marry cheerful smile think imagine

    By zeynep on 10.10.2013

  2. The easygoing all singing son of a bitch that welcomes the world to his doorstep. Can’t help himself but gets shafted in the end. Go easy. Take it easy.

    By George URL on 10.10.2013

  3. All he could see was dead, decaying flesh. These lifeless corpses stumbled by him, eyes empty as a hole, no inkling of a soul, on their way without a goal. Why couldn’t the cubicle walls be higher?

    By Kevin on 10.10.2013

  4. It was simple, an almost boring love affair and yet it felt so naturally, flippant and carefree. I was able to smile without doubt and laugh without worry and for the first time in my life I felt something real. Real and meaningful, and I loved it.

    By nia on 10.10.2013

  5. It was so easy, so carefree and I loved it. There was no pressure weighing me down and I knew I could smile without doubt, laugh without worry. For the first time in my life I was a part of something meaningful, something real. All I said sounded cliched but I didn’t care, it was worth every bit of cliche

    By Nia on 10.10.2013

  6. He was handsome enough, a little rough around the edges though it only helped his cause. But, more than that, he was a good man; easygoing, down-to-earth in a way that few are. And maybe that’s what killed me the most. He was so…good for her. Exactly what she deserved.
    He was so much better than me.
    Just like she always was.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.10.2013

  7. who is easygoing in this world?
    the people who have gone around the world
    twice fold?
    are they the ones who understand it all?

    the drama and the breakups,
    and people beating themselves up?
    does anyone understand why the sun shines,
    and the next minute its quite dreary and dark..

    take me to someone who is easygoing..
    I could use the help.

    By fizzingSmile on 10.10.2013

  8. I’ve tried so hard not to care,
    you made me feel like I’m worthless
    please help me to forget
    to feel easy
    to go

    By Liza on 10.10.2013

  9. Is this sarcasm, irony or just a a real bad joke? Easygoing? You? Never. Words like “nice” and “gentle” are not made for you. You don’t nibble, you bite, bruise and break.

    By happyrabbit on 10.10.2013

  10. “He’s rather easygoing, isn’t he?” the professor asked about the dean as the latter leaned his shoulder against the wall, sipping from his glass of cider through one side of his mouth and smiling with the other.

    “Oh, yes,” replied the registrar. “He’s just come from another university. Known as ‘Mister Chill’ by the students. They miss him dearly, but their loss is our gain.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.10.2013

  11. This is exactly how I would describe myself. Funny how this is the word that pops up for me to write about. Ever since I was an infant, I have waited until my parents would wake. I wouldn’t fuss, nor cry, just wait. Is

    By Garrett Moyer on 10.10.2013

  12. when you sit in the sand and you can’t breathe because you’ve got too much soil in your soul. when you sit in the sun and the ghost within you barks because you’ve got too much dog in your poop! all you have to do is go to the bathroom and let it all go and it will smell i assure you it will smell but the smell will be wide and open and wonderfully horrendous and you will know that it is time to tie your hair up and brush your teeth ’cause we’re done fucking under the big ball of cheese it’s time to pick a side of the bed

    By salix URL on 10.10.2013

  13. sometimes you sit in the sand and you can’t breathe because you’ve got too much soil in your soul. then you sit in the sun and you frown because the ghost within you won’t stop barking. but all you’ve got to do is go to the bathroom and let it all go and it will smell i assure you it will smell but the smell will be wide and open and wonderfully horrendous and you will know that it is time to tie your hair up and brush your teeth ’cause we’re done fucking under the big ball of cheese it’s time to pick a side of the bed. so stop and let the yellow be yellow or else you won’t know where the red is.

    By salix URL on 10.10.2013

  14. Most people think I’m easygoing. In reality, I just don’t care. If you make it to the point in our relationship where I actually care about you, kudos. Easygoing people…most of them annoy me. Especially the ones that tout themselves as easygoing. It’s usually a lie.

    By Alouette on 10.10.2013

  15. Everyone’s easygoing nowadays; the world has just become too reliant on machinery. I feel like I’m the only one that’s normal. Sometimes I sit and think about what life was like back in the 2000s, and wish. Wish I had lived back then.

    By Jenny on 10.10.2013

  16. this way
    that way
    over and through
    the going is easy
    traveling with you

    By Aley on 10.10.2013

  17. Easygoing or weak? Your viewpoints change with experience. Better to have an easygoing boss than a hardgoing one. Easy or hard. Take your pick. I know which one i’d choose.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 10.10.2013

  18. Titubate dab
    but bed is butted well

    As it had fallen into gong –
    To sing like sea
    In gin and nig.

    By Volodymyr Bilyk on 10.10.2013

  19. Laid back Sunday, no plans. All the time in the world. A cup of coffee on the table, steam rising and swirling away toward the ceiling fan. The smell of bacon, the pop and crackle as it cooks. An autumn breeze through the window.

    By Gary on 10.10.2013

  20. Its easy being me goings just easy. Not hard. Not challenging. You don’t even have to think beore the words come out of your head and onto the page like a smooth song. Some people have a harder time of it….writing. THey cant control the words like I do.

    By Olive on 10.10.2013

  21. easy. Thats right. Its easy just sailing
    the breeze whipping through
    caught in the sheet
    you move like a shadow
    just barely above the water
    don’t worry my darling
    the sea is a safe place for you and i

    By Olive Gardner on 10.10.2013

  22. onomatter. peace and comfort. we’ll get there in our own good time.

    By jack blake URL on 10.10.2013

  23. one time I peed into the woods when i thought nobody was there but turns out that some old dude was there and he said “Wowie” buh bye bubby and i left and killed him

    By Pringle on 10.10.2013

  24. sometimes i think im easy going but then sometimes im not idk like i really just want to make everyone else happy so i just let them do whatever but at the same time i take other peoples happiness so seriously like im not easy going when it comes to my friends happiness but yeah i just like to chill and go with the flow which is to chill for the intellectuals but im too serious for the dumb blond boyfriend sexing whores so im just pretty much suck like seriously what even how did i get this medium easy goingness it sucks

    By Emmalies on 10.10.2013

  25. I like to think of myself as easygoing. That is true because I am very flexible. My daughter can vouch for that as I can allow her teenage friends to walk into our house and make themselves at home.

    By jan ramaeker on 10.10.2013

  26. He was easygoing. His eyes drooped when someone asked him a question, and he responded in a drawl that sounded like smoke across still water.

    By darseyrsm URL on 10.10.2013

  27. The weather is chill tonight. It feels like the fourth; but three years ago the fourth, when my family still had barbecues, and my sister didn’t go away to college. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was going to be a sophomore in high school, she was going to be a junior. We spent all day together despite how different we are from each other. We’ve never been close, but on that day she took me out to get nail polish, and shorts. And for the first time, she told me I was pretty.

    By Denise Watson on 10.10.2013

  28. The inviting smile and easygoing nature of the man spoke more than enough. ____ eyes softened as ___ warmed up to him. The man was the fisherman, his smile the lure.

    By anonywhat on 10.10.2013

  29. Easygoing is the opposite of what I’ve been for the last few months. Caught up in the turmoil of a broken heart, my goings (and comings) have been anything but easy.

    By Kay on 10.10.2013

  30. The easygoing nature of the man threw everyone off. No one would have dreamed that he was something other than the laid back man that everyone loved. No one knew the darkness that laid right beneath the surface.

    His hatred that was mistaken for crankiness and old fashioned values. When the news reporters descended upon the quiet neighborhood asking about the man those were the words reported. No, they never suspected he was burying bodies has he tended his roses day in and day out. Those poor women, they just never knew.

    By FairyNiamh on 10.10.2013

  31. My husband Brian is an easygoing individual. He does not really let things bother him too much. He is an inspiration to me. I wish that I could be easygoing and carefree like him sometimes.

    By Kay on 10.10.2013

  32. i would describe myself as easygoing, but then i think that’s the kind of word i would hurriedly pick when someone asks me what i’m like. it’s a word that’s easy to pull out of thin air, in my opinion.

    By rachaelroyce URL on 10.10.2013

  33. She was exactly that…easygoing. Too easygoing. It was as if she wanted to go with the flow, which appeared to be harmless. But when the “flow” ended up throwing her off of a cliff–or in her case, in front of a speeding car–it turned out that “going with the flow” wouldn’t ever be enough to save her.

    By Outsider on 10.10.2013

  34. Life is nothing but a race
    to see who can make it to the finish line.
    The ones with confidence are the first
    while the easy going are right behind them
    the insecure are are far behind
    and then there is me.
    Not even in the race
    just a bystander in time

    By Lovelysunnyday on 10.10.2013

  35. I lie on my bed, dreaming of another land. Where I always have the best est of tans. No wars. No modern technology. Just me and my bed, lying, lying…….

    By Nicholas Sims on 10.10.2013

  36. failed a class, i felt really bad about it
    at first
    but meh
    going nowhere
    and pretty sure i’ve been pity-passed
    twice now
    i can’t do anything i’m not passionate about
    and i’m not sure what i’m passionate about anymore

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 10.10.2013

  37. He swiftly raced down the driveway, breezing past the houses on the street. He turned the corner, glanced both ways and crossed. Fast breaths escaped his lips as he raced fast towards the city bridge. He slowed down to a jog. His easygoing pace rejuvenated his energy supply allowing him to keep running.

    By umbazachika on 10.10.2013

  38. how easygoing is Christmas you ask? NOT so far! It’s not that kind of question! The reality of the situation you see, the verdict is, you see, is that Christmas is GUILTY of being a tough holiday to write songs about. Have you ever tried to write a Christmas song? You might as well try to write a song about soggy wood.

    By creepestbloom URL on 10.10.2013

  39. Easygoing. Responsible. Those are two words you can’t put together in a sentence. Easygoing. That’s my brother. My mom and dad always fighting with him.
    Parties, friends, bad grades at school. Always out with his friends. Me, I’m the responsible one.Me and my brother don’t
    fight. As I’ve said, he’s always not home.

    By roze_princess on 10.10.2013

  40. She was an easygoing kind of gal. Didn’t much care what was going on, she went with the flow. Betsy never liked to plan too far ahead. The “looking forward” seemed to spoil the event by the time it arrived.

    By just a girl on 10.10.2013