May 4th, 2008 | 194 Entries

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194 Entries for “dry”

  1. my skin after getting out of the pool is dry as the skin of a black-faced monitor. Still, soft, but well, dry. Moisturizer can’t touch it.

    By Ms. Narcisi on 05.05.2008

  2. When I think about dry, I think about the desert and it being really really hot. Dry means having little or no water, or like being arid. Dry climaes usually aren’t home to many trees or plants, but there are still some. A dry area that comes to mine is the Sahara desert. Wow, it must be really cool to go there, but at the same time it must be scorching hot. I wonder what it’s like to see lizards and snakes running around the ground.

    By Kelsey on 05.05.2008

  3. The man wiped his upper lip and stuffed the large bag into the trunk of his car. Sweat and blood dripped down his face and he wondered how he would accomplish his task. He needed to bury the bag in the Arizona Dessert far from where anyone could find it….Because the bag was full of MAGICAL DRAGON JELLY BEAN TEARS!

    By Matt Voccio on 05.05.2008

  4. a rose fell apon my knees this morning drying up and the pedals falling off. it wasnt all that dry though is was like soft and still had that rose smell. when it fell apon my knee i knew that i would write about it in this class today

    By mckay on 05.05.2008

  5. there is something names this is my cellar. it is big and white. clothes go in it after they been in the wash. the clothes sometimes shrink in it.it can only hold so much. the clothes go in and you press a button to start it. it makes a loud noise and you must clean out the lint on the lint pad. it makes your clothes warm

    By bobby valentino on 05.05.2008

  6. dry yet damp\
    cold yet warm
    sandpaper skin against petal soft pillows
    and aligator walks across a desert
    while the towles dry to too much
    step out of a pool in arizona
    dry befor you reach the towel

    By Alicia B on 05.05.2008

  7. The unforgiving sun beats down on my bare skin. I would give anything for even a drop of cool water… The desert will take me, of this I am sure. My tongue is so swollen with thirst, I can hardly breathe. I will die out here. Suddenly the thought of all the things I’ve yet to accomplish haunts me.

    By Ash on 05.05.2008

  8. A nice dry warm summer day, without any clouds in the sky.

    By Christina on 05.05.2008

  9. The air in the south of the U.S. is always dry and humid. Most people just want to stay cool. Some people will do anything to cool off from the unbearable heat. Between ice cream and pools, everyone is looking for some way to feel better. People jump in ponds and lakes and others turn their air conditioning on full blast. But, I prefer to sit in the pool. As my skin touched the water, I felt the instant relief as I cooled off. The water was such a change for me because normally it’s too hot for me.

    By Alyssa on 05.05.2008

  10. hot summer afternoons with the sun hung high in the air. while your gasping for moisture with no sucess, feeling as though a weight has been placed on your shoulders. even though there isn’t anything there.

    By matt on 05.05.2008

  11. it was arid, and by that i mean wasted. how can you think in this heat i asked the man beside me. he never did answer that. things have a method of thinking, a sadness of opportunity brought upon by wasted guilt of well wetness. how can you think i said, crying west to the sun, whose rays never did quite hit me the same.

    By Henry on 05.05.2008

  12. A dry attitude. A dry sense of humor. Bitter. Probably how most would describe me. But I won’t argue with them. Actually, it’s really fun to be dry; to always have a sharp, witty comeback to everything. Although I guess dry could also mean negative. But I think I have a decent balance of dryness and optimism.

    By >:] on 05.05.2008

  13. A dry attitude. A dry sense of humor. Bitter. Probably how most would describe me. But I won’t argue with them. Actually, it’s really fun to be dry; to always have a sharp, witty comeback to everything. Although I guess dry could also mean negative. But I think I have a decent balance of dryness and optimism.

    By >:] on 05.05.2008

  14. dry as the desert hot like the summer the dry taste on your tounge being rejuvenated by juicy fruit gum. time is running out so go get a glass of water

    By carl on 05.05.2008

  15. Deserts are very dry and if you travel in a desert besure to carry water. Also, it is good to dry your hair before you go out into the cold. If you don’t your hair

    By shari on 05.05.2008

  16. dry

    By Julia on 05.05.2008

  17. It still hasn’t rained. Been like this for three weeks now. I don’t know how much longer we can live like this. Everything is dying. The livestock. The plants. We have no food no water.

    By Lily on 05.05.2008

  18. When the maids are gone for the weekend, it is my mother who has to do everything in the house including the dishes. It’s sad how she works all week only to work even more afterwards. However, as sensitive I am to the suckiness of this whole arrangement, I can only offer to do one thing when she washes the dishes: let me dry them. And she smiles and says no, never mind.

    By Karen Wage on 05.05.2008

  19. I like to drink coca cola when I’m thirsty, when my throat is dry. I hate rain. I like summer and winter.

    By Alex on 05.05.2008

  20. everything is so dry right now. the river is low, and beautiful, but still low. no diving kids. you might hit a rock. dry is texas. it’s like desert living but with hail sometimes during the summer. the streets are so dry the tar has picked up, packed up, and gone hunting for more suitable living conditions. They said they couldn’t work this way. Too dry- they say.

    fucking humid as shit though.

    sixty seconds is a long time to talk about dry.
    my hands are dry. as is usually my arms, elbows, knees…… but I try. I try to not be dry- ha!

    dry is such a dry word. it would be great to have a word for something mundane that sounds better than what it is. Like…… not sure. certainly not dry. my mind is dry right now. I am wetting it with coffee…. soon weeds will grow and I will have to dry it up again with television and marijuana. gotta find that perfect balance- you know.

    By Nina Linda on 05.05.2008

  21. Deserts are dry. Turkey is dry. I like gravy. Trees can be dry…like when they’re in a museum…you know? I used to like going to the science center. The crooked house was fun.

    By Natash on 05.05.2008

  22. dry is my house, room, and my face. The driest face on the whole world. Dry is the word that best describes my best friend. He is too dry to tolerate. He rants, rants and rants about dryness. Dryness is holy. I cherish drying my clothes.

    By Srikanth on 05.05.2008

  23. heat sets into the soul and only the Lord Jesus can quench the thirst

    By kim on 05.05.2008

  24. My conclusiong is really dry and its just not working for this paper. I’m trying to finish- I’m so close to finishing this paper and I can’t come up with a stupid conclusion. Just go runeth at the mouth, you know? Come on brain– stop being dry. Yes, my very brain feels dry and numb and completely spent and burnt. Too much woooooorrrrk! And more to go….

    By Catherine on 05.05.2008

  25. there once wa sa towl that was relaly dry and scratchy and and fruits and deserts are dry and if the sea dries up it’ll be made of salt and wine is dry sometimes. gin is dry. scratchy throat. Asa’s mouth is very dry he think’s he’s sick. Humor can be dry. Mr. Johnson has dry humor. Very true. Dry-fit t-shirts.

    By Magon on 05.05.2008

  26. Jen looked around and licked her lips. It was ridiculous really. The ice warrior was stuck in a climate that was more dry than the desert. She sighed to herself, then picked up her sword and shrugged. It didn’t matter anymore. She had to save them. Even if she didn’t have her powers left when she was done.

    By Jen Martin on 05.05.2008

  27. like the foodtuffs stored in the cellars of the kleptons flying craft, moored off the nebula of hectarus.

    By gurnlip van scrumpton on 05.05.2008

  28. I’ll have a dry ice tea on the rocks.
    “What the FUCK are you talking about?”
    Dry. On rocks!
    “Look buddy this is a bar not a ‘dry’ drink on rocks prank place. Fuck off.”

    By Tom on 05.05.2008

  29. As a bone straw in a glass of sand. I can’t imagine swallowing again. Not now, not ever.

    By Wes on 05.05.2008

  30. why
    so wet so dry
    old lady
    stupid newspapers
    worried people
    all dry
    happy people sing
    use their hearts
    this is wet
    dry is dry
    wet is wet

    By Haruo on 05.05.2008

  31. dry is like the desert. without water. dry is my mouth after a go running and I really need water. dry is like my bank account. dry. d-r-y. why? because it is lacking moisture. Dry are my eyes when I’m not crying tears. Tears which are just water that wet my eyes. Dry are my hands in the winter time. They need to drink to stay healthy, not dry. This

    By Terry Malloy on 05.05.2008

  32. dry your tears
    dry your eyes
    dry your hair
    dry your flies

    By Melissa on 05.05.2008

  33. its very dry weather outside, all I want is an ice-ceam but that damned fuckwit hasn’t arrived yet. I beg you GOD give me an ice-cream! Just let it rain ice-cram, i’m sure that the government wont call it an apocalypse or something, just a nice gesture that a generous deity provided.

    By steven on 05.05.2008

  34. not wet, comfort feeling

    By SuzAnne Callahan on 05.05.2008