May 3rd, 2008 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “glimpse”

  1. a small opening to see something completely new. anything can happen in a glimpse. a very short time. like a breath. it can begin and end in a glimpse. life and death. hope and fear. sucess or failure.

    By sarah on 05.04.2008

  2. a glimpse and it doesnt matter if its true or not.
    the honesty is not what counts.
    all we need is to see, or hear a touch of something beautiful or horrible, something that makes us whole or broken.
    they’re all possible anyway, no matter what matters. no matter what matter means.

    By gerry on 05.04.2008

  3. I glimpsed into the window only to find no one there. I didn’t take the time to go back and make sure, if only I were more steadfast in my assumptions, more intent to finish what I started

    By David on 05.04.2008

  4. of a daydream gradually subsiding before my eye, twirling and twisting itself into awful contortions and messing with my very innards. as i glimpsed this sight a part of me disintegrated, gone forever.

    By jack on 05.04.2008

  5. There was a shadow in the corner of my eye. A motion that passed and then was gone, a glimpse of something I’d never seen before and might not again. What was it? A passing bit of life. My life? I don’t know. Can it become more? Is the glimpse now a memory, a thought? Has it evolved?

    By Johanna Oakes on 05.04.2008