May 5th, 2008 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “level”

  1. james went up to the next level of the building, his enemies only two levels below. He leaned over the bannister and quickly fired raipd shots out of his pistol.

    By Uwano77 on 05.06.2008

  2. high bilding,level 2,3 ,4 ,5, 6
    off the ground

    By Beau on 05.06.2008

  3. I see the word level. Time is the greatest leveler.Followed by tar roads.One day everything will be leveled.Then who am I?Who are you?Who are we?Where do we belong?We came alone and we go alone-leveled in time.Shall I go on or is time -60 seconds acting as my present leveler-making me one with the cosmic scheme of things-or say the cyber scheme of things.Level is when we find the humour in the most astounding of things.

    By smartone40 on 05.06.2008

  4. one word can describe the whole……..

    By muskaan on 05.06.2008

  5. plain and even. Meaning truthful, it is a very nice place to be when you know someone is “on the level”. Sane, “Level-headed”. nice!!!!!!!

    By rchj98 on 05.06.2008

  6. swivel and bevel ate two pieces of bagels in japan.

    By cascaronin on 05.06.2008

  7. What level are you at? I don’t know what level I’m at but I’m constantly trying to figure it out. I don’t know when, I don’t know how. I don’t know for how long, but the level stays the same and I never get any higher. I’ve tried for hours but the longer I try, the longer it takes me to fail.

    By joel on 05.06.2008

  8. level, what is level? It’s not unbalanced. Level is a five letter word, spelled the same backwards. Level headed. I guess that’s good, but we all need fun, too! I guess even level headed people can have fun. They must. 1 2 3 4 5 The bar’s turning red.

    By jbdiverse on 05.06.2008

  9. jubajuba juju hound barking at the pound
    he is in it
    he is waiting for the next
    barking at the left
    and right
    seeing all tomorroe or the next
    rolls and scratches
    because he takes
    all of the
    is at the bottom
    of the pile

    By boogabooga on 05.06.2008

  10. what is level? Level could mean many different things. Something needs to be level so that everything is balanced, like using a level in construction, and does not come out crooked. Someone needs to be level headed in order to make rational decisions. Level could be a grade as in the level of confidence that you have. Level, is anything truely level and who determines what level is?

    By patricia on 05.06.2008

  11. YOu’re on the level,the second level, you’ll reach the the third level when you die. Isn’t that amazing? you’re only on level 2. Funny we should even think about death at a time like this. Stupid fanatics killing themselves just to get to the 3rd level too quickly.

    By Juan Tasticko on 05.06.2008

  12. This is another level of understanding. The plain of the mind was not receptive to the work we were doing. Thanks to the insite shown by Jack, we have now mastered the art of getting by the boss.

    Not only has this taken us to the next levem, it is also the next step for the new lad.

    By Sonal Datt Verma on 05.06.2008

  13. the level of my anticipation rises as the sun. The horizon takes a golden hue and looks as if its burning. I climb back over the hill and sleep in my home.

    By skjfosknc on 05.06.2008

  14. level to me is what level i have achieved in certain aspects of my like. professionally, personally, as a freind and family member. What level i have reached professionally is very important. Level to me means where you are in relations to your goals and aspirations.

    By Matt on 05.06.2008

  15. It’s a playing field that no one thinks will go away.
    Until you fight uphill there is no way of knowing how useful a level playing field can be. To tow the line, to fight the good fight. You never appreciate being level until you are not.

    By ABCecil on 05.06.2008

  16. I like super mario…

    By Jamie on 05.06.2008

  17. i like leveled things
    like paintings on the walls
    am i an aesthetic nazi?

    By grandexandi on 05.06.2008

  18. there are many meanings of this word..you can have level of education or maybe the level of a building. by knowing the level of education of a person you may find out many things about that person even before you’ve met them.

    By roxana on 05.06.2008

  19. It’s not a level playing field no matter what we do.

    It would be nice if everything was nice and neat and tidy but unfortunately that’s not the way things work.

    Being human, we of course think that events can be altered to our advantage by

    By Allan W Janssen on 05.06.2008

  20. It was over. He couln’t help feeling it had all been useless somehow. All the damage and killing hadn’t changed anything, in the end it had ended in failure. Everything in front of him was black, yet again he had ended on level 3, nothing more. Game over.

    By Wasp on 05.06.2008

  21. From this level I can see so far and so deep, yet not far enough and not sufficiently deep.There is always a smaller detail I might be missing.

    By Patti on 05.06.2008

  22. Level playing fiels – so level and straight and nowhere to go because it is all the same and there is nothing to do but play – but whose game are we playing and what are the rules and why would we want to play a game anyway and who is it whpodecides that the field is level and is it level for people with physical impediments or heigh t impediments or are old or slow or fat or do not want to play that game anyway? is the decision not to play the game the reason why it is not possible to go on the field?

    By Kate on 05.06.2008

  23. Ah I get to the level again.. well here we go saying the ame thing I said last time and the time before, which was anonymously attributed elsewhere as I was saying from this level I see so far and so deep, but never far enough nor too deep,there is always the point or the clarity we might have missed. In other words the picture is never complete.

    By fraction on 05.06.2008

  24. things stationary, fixed, in a solid place. in balance, even

    By Keith on 05.06.2008

  25. level again. It seems everytime I take a step forward I am brought back to this level.

    By create on 05.06.2008

  26. oh yeah, level, where have I read that before?

    By jaboo on 05.06.2008

  27. Some things appear level but they really are not level at all. Some people seem to have a level head on their shoulders but they do not either. Level seems to be an abstract word.

    By Donna on 05.06.2008

  28. I must reach the level, it comes closer, I stay fartther where is it! So much want so musch desire! No more discipline, no more needs. My time is Now! Freedom is here!

    By Taha Attari on 05.06.2008

  29. reaching higher – a higher ground of counsience. To move on. To move upwards. Towards a better place. Something that’s in reach. I’m going to the next…

    By Anna on 05.06.2008

  30. i am a level
    i am a constant
    a reaction
    a life
    i am one and two
    but not three
    you are neither me or you
    but one
    a level
    a constant
    forever fearing
    never breaking
    never seeking

    By zaid bassier on 05.06.2008

  31. My word is level. Well, when I hear the world Level, I automatically think of Rumble Fighters. It’s a game that my older brother plays. It’s kind of fun, but to get to each level you have to work really, really hard. I don’t think I would like this type of game because I don’t do pressure well. I’m actually feeling kind of pressured right now.

    By Michelle on 05.06.2008

  32. passing a stage in a game or in real life ryan cant think of anything to type

    By angel pina on 05.06.2008

  33. The level is all you need to reach where you are going and where you are going is to that level. Which level do you know? You don’t know or do you whatever level it is, it is the one that is for you. In the end we reach the last level.

    By Lane on 05.06.2008

  34. Lets get on the same level, shall we?? In order for a marriage/relationship to work, both partners need to be on the same level. A home on a foundation that is not level will eventually fall. I remember in school, working with a level was one of my favorite things to do. I love to watch my dad building things and working w/ levels.

    By Beverly on 05.06.2008

  35. The world is becoming a level playing field. It is no longer bound by the seas. However the Sun still only shines on half the world.

    By Glenn Graham on 05.06.2008

  36. lets level here. what do you want from me? I want a relationship, I’d be willing to give up a lot for it, as you well know. But I don’t know how much your willing to give. I’m not gonna put my heart on the line if you don’t. So level with me, do you want me forever or not?

    By c on 05.06.2008

  37. pastor always says she does not like levels – just seasons. why should we think we are better than the next in God? we are not – we are all just at different places in our spiritual walk. i don’t know what level i am at. i think i know one minute then the next i don’t. help me Lord..

    By brittany on 05.06.2008

  38. Level plane, as in very flat… like a platou or however you spell it. Water is level. Any liquid is, actually.

    By King Critter on 05.06.2008