February 23rd, 2015 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “drunken”

  1. The world spun. I felt ill. This was what being drunk was like, and I was drunk all the time. I didn’t know how else to deal with everything that had happened. I didn’t want to deal with everything that happened. This was my life now. I had to let it be. I had to let the drinks poor down my throat. I wanted to feel warm inside. I just wanted…numbness.

    By Shannon Koga on 02.24.2015

  2. With power, at least in Wisconsin, describes the current administration. It seems they do things just because they can, with no regard for the common good. It might be fun now, but there will be hell for innocent victims to pay.

    By John Ramey on 02.24.2015

  3. I was as dizzy as a drunken sailor. Well, I guess I was. I had never been drunk before. His kiss made me feel like I as flying, spinning. It was the most wonderful first kiss I had ever been given.

    By Bre URL on 02.24.2015

  4. My dad is a drunken turd. He drinks beer and wine all the time and he thinks it’s cool. I DON’T!!!!!! Once he drank 12 beers at once.

    By Jacob on 02.24.2015

  5. More than 1/4 of the world is drunk at a time.

    By Jarrett on 02.24.2015

  6. i wish that your eyes were not the color of wine
    and i wish that your hands were not so delicate
    and i wish that your skin were not as clear as vodka
    and i wish that i did not want to drink you in
    and i wish that you would stop holding my hands so close,
    god, so close,
    and whispering
    that “i am like alcohol”
    because God, i’m so in love
    and i think i’m drunk

    By tentwelvefourteen URL on 02.24.2015

  7. i wish that your eyes were not the color of red wine
    and your hands like white champagne
    i wish that your skin was not as clear as vodka
    and your voice,
    god, your voice,
    like some greek god’s nectar
    i wish that you did not kiss me with beer-soaked lips
    and tell me that you love me

    By tentwelvefourteen URL on 02.24.2015

  8. Drunken is when u do crazy things and u are really drunk and you fall over and get all weird and crazy and you can’t control your actions and you should not drink and drive because your brain cannot function

    By Isabelle on 02.24.2015

  9. sometimes you can drink and get drunk. sometimes you can drink and have fun. wine with friends is fine. Fine wine is sexy and romantic. Wine kindles friendship. Wine connects people. Wine can bring passion and inspiration

    By Sheila on 02.24.2015

  10. You drunkard you.
    His goofy smile appears. He grabs my hand and pulls me along ducking beneath the pine branches. We finally come upon the dark closed off gate. He hops over gracefully avoiding the sharp points at the top and tells me to do the same. I can’t do it holding the beer I have; he holds it for me as I struggle with the gate. I shuffle my footing a little and then hop up and over, pausing a moment to figure out how I’ll land gracefully on the ground just as he had.
    He places my drink on the ground by a nearby tree, then comes back to me with his arms out.
    Maybe it’s because I am intoxicated, but I do it. And his arms feel so good around me.

    By Sunshine URL on 02.24.2015

  11. Drink drink drink, drink until your’re drunk. Drink until you can’t stand up you roly poly scum. Till your bladder burst, till you throw up it’s a curse. Till the lift you up still comatose and slap you in that hurse!

    By BecksD on 02.24.2015

  12. People get drunken when they drink alcohol.

    By Boglarka on 02.24.2015

  13. Alcohol, murder, kill, drink, water, liquid, cancer, drug, brains, amnesia, forget and crazy

    By Eric Lee on 02.24.2015

  14. He was drunken. Sick in the corner of the bar. People start to leave and the bar closed he was sleeping over night the bar owner got Mad and tried calling the police he started getting worried.

    By jesse URL on 02.24.2015

  15. Drunk crazy don’t walk strait fall over lots get very stupid inable to drive

    By Finley on 02.24.2015

  16. You get drunk when u drink to much alcohol. It’s very bad if you get drunk you may fall over and do things you wouldn’t normally do. You can get drunk by drinking a lot of wine, beer or any other type of substance which contains alcohol.

    By Jamie on 02.24.2015

  17. Drink all night and party till the morning, then get drunk, drunk for the rest of the night and day, all the things alcohol does to you…

    By Boglarka on 02.24.2015

  18. I was druken sick the world was spinning around and I was falling all over the ship seemed to be one wild sea but when I checked it was calm I fell over bored and all a sudden everything went black.

    By jesse URL on 02.24.2015

  19. Someone that has processed liquid or has had some kind of effect that was caused by an alcoholic drink. They wouldn’t be able to control themselves as much as they would if they hadn’t swallowed alcohol.

    By Nancy on 02.24.2015

  20. The root word for this word is drunk. It is spelt d.r.u.n.k.e.n. It is a past tense.
    You normally ge t drunken when you drink too much of alcohol.

    By Eunchae on 02.24.2015

  21. Drunken is where you have to much alcohol and you can do things you would normally never do. You can fall over and never drink and drive. Your brain won’t be able to function otherwise.

    By Jamie URL on 02.24.2015

  22. Mxjsjjsjsjsjsjsksksksksmsmssjs that’s what it’s like to be drunk your brain is like ajshjd,dkddmmsmdnddndmdmddmdm whahhhhh cray cray.

    By Isabelle on 02.24.2015

  23. Drunken is what your status would be after you have had to much alcohol.

    By Kurt on 02.24.2015

  24. Druken is a side affect to drinking to much alcoholit means you start to feel dizzy and it can be just like poison for your body

    By jesse URL on 02.24.2015

  25. Drunk meaning. Your drunk

    By Ty on 02.24.2015

  26. Drunken, and homeless I walk up to some stranger and walk him across the face with a bottel of wine. Then I puke down his shirt, he slaps me and I faint.

    By Kevin URL on 02.24.2015

  27. When u are drunk u trip on acid. ^^

    By Dom on 02.24.2015

  28. Potatoes can not get drunk. People crash there cars when they get drunk. If you drink to much beer you can get drunk. If you drink to much wine you can get dunk. Drunken means that you are drunk. If your dog gets drunk it will stay drunk forever. Alot of people get drunk.

    By Josefa URL on 02.24.2015

  29. Her drunken kisses covered his drunken skin.
    They were drunken kids, committing drunken sin.

    By Alishia on 02.24.2015

  30. Lots of fails and making a idiot of your self get put in jail for smashing public propity and fighting.

    By kiah on 02.24.2015

  31. When you drink too much beer, wine or spirits you could get drunk when you are drunk you turn stupid, crazy and aren’t yourself you might even kill someone! This is a major problem but why do they even drink? It’s all because of peer pressure. Peer pressure is when you’re friends say it’s cool so the victim has to do it. But that’s not all, most deaths by drunk people are caused by drunks drivers that’s why at night there are roadblocks with policemen to test how much you’ve drunk to make sure you’re not to drunk to drive.

    By Finley on 02.24.2015

  32. Drunken or Drunk is your status after you have had to much alcohol. To much alcohol is not good for you and can cause things like memory loss and other things could happen to you while you are intoxicated.

    By Kurt on 02.24.2015

  33. Lots of fails and making a idiot of your self get put in jail for smashing public propity and fighting.

    lots of injures and drunken people all over the floor, next moring they have no i dear what happend.

    By Kiah on 02.24.2015

  34. The e,hdbdyebbcjd

    By jonathan on 02.24.2015

  35. i am drunken. Drunken by the love I will never receive from you. I hate you, i hate how you always think you’re right, I hate that you never texted me back, I hate you for judging you. I am drunken over this fucking useless world.

    By Ely on 02.24.2015

  36. Drunken. Drunk. Peer presure.

    By elena URL on 02.24.2015

  37. Aren’t we all drunk in love ?

    By elena URL on 02.24.2015

  38. drunken was the name they gave her as she sipped another drink. her lips quivered, her eyes shut, and her legs gave out. the night came, the headache came, and she went. she left herself until the next weekend.

    By elizabeth URL on 02.24.2015

  39. Drunken men are easy to spot. Their sour stench, their red, glowing skin, their vivid, blood-shot eyes. Their choices and loves and mistakes poor off of them with a hearty laugh or a loud, embarrassing burp.

    By Carissa Muller URL on 02.24.2015

  40. As he walked down the street he remembered when he used to drink his sorrows away. Now he remembered how his wife died and how angry and bitter he became when he became a drunk to try fill the empty hole inside of him. One day he had a encounter with God and that day his life changed forever. No matter what you have been through jesus will always be there for you. You may not feel him there but he is always watching over you. He will always forgive you if you are sincere about asking forgivnes no matter what you think you have done, no matter how far you have gone off the path jesus can guide you back onto the path. Jesus loves you and as weird as this may sound i love you too no matter what you have done Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you

    By jaedon URL on 02.24.2015