February 23rd, 2015 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “drunken”

  1. Lips and tongues and teeth and sweat and hands dragging through silken hair and the buzz and the thrill of me and you.

    By lightthisfuse on 02.24.2015

  2. It is in that moment that you know you need help you are a drunk

    By j URL on 02.24.2015

  3. I was once a drunken fool. Drunk in the way that I looked at you. Drunken by every word, thought of you. You kept me in a drunk state and it is in you that I became this way. Drunken; Toxic; Elated; Subjugated; Seperated; Frustrated and finally torn. Torn from who I was or who I aspired to be. I looked in the mirror and I didn’t even notice me.

    By Varaka on 02.24.2015

  4. I was drunken at the first sight of you. You heighten my feelings, I’m exhausted, it’s a catch 22. Wish I could feel this way all the time but I have to pull it together. I can’t let every one see me in this vulnerable state. With my drunken feelings all over the place. Drunken when you touch me, drunken that night you left me. I have since figured out you were no good for me. So drunken is where I’ll leave you be.

    By Vee on 02.24.2015