February 23rd, 2010 | 131 Entries

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131 Entries for “ants”

  1. Don’t we all feel like ants? Crawling around in aimless circles only to build and rebuild torn down homes and lives? it’s the life of an ant. It’s the life of me.

    By christiane on 02.24.2010

  2. ants go marching two by two. how is it that even the most miniscule of creatures gets to march two by two, and i, the pinnacle of creation, am left to march in solitary sadness? it just isn’t right. where is the other half of my two by two?

    By samantha gale on 02.24.2010

  3. i kill ant and dont even think about it to all u peta murders peta sucks if u are in peta u should end it all now peta is ful of wacos

    By feared on 02.24.2010

  4. the ants crawled all in a row, and she had remembered how she would sit there and smoosh them with her thumbs until they were just little black blobs. and she imagined them screaming and writhing in pain. she drowned them when they were in her bathroom, watching them swim until they stopped moving. her heart broke every time she did these things, but then she just felt that they mirrored how she felt.

    By claire on 02.24.2010

  5. Ants in my pants?

    Not really.

    I could sit and sit and sit and sit. As long as I have something to read.

    Luckily for me the Internet came along, then the iPhone.

    No more back-of-the-toothpaste tube reading for me. Noooo.

    I remember the first time I enncountered hyperlinks. U-h-oh, I thought. True dat.

    By Julie URL on 02.24.2010

  6. And what are we but insects under a wide sky, an endless chain of broken paperclips? What are we doing but eating and drinking and fucking and sleeping? What are we but ants afloat on an endless ocean?

    What are we doing to change?
    What are we doing to set the world on fire?

    By Anna URL on 02.24.2010

  7. red
    many of them
    sugar ants

    By Ruby on 02.24.2010

  8. The ice dripped down his back, creating shivers throughout his body. It felt as if ants were crawling on his back, when it was only the reaction caused by the burns reacting to the ice. He’d never let her talk him into destroying another factory ever again.

    By crazy on 02.24.2010

  9. I had promised to keep my eyes shut tight, so I couldn’t look at what she was doing to me now. Sprawled out on the grass, I felt her tickling my arm, slowly but inexorably making her way towards my elbow. Her delicate fingertips felt like a few tiny ants, playfully dancing up my arm.

    By vish on 02.24.2010

  10. ok i got this ants are small strong aggressive mean squishable sometimes red tiny annoying and antsy

    By Ruby on 02.24.2010

  11. What a pain the rear end, are ants. Not that I mind them over much but the aggravation they cause is enormous. Can’t see that they achieve anything worthwhile but goodness do they work like Trojans. Non stop. Work! You have to admire that, if nothing else.

    By Greg Wallis URL on 02.24.2010