January 28th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “dropped”

  1. dropped – I dropped the baby in the bath the other day, which shouldn’t be funny but it was because she was unhurt (though she looked a bit surprised) and somehow it’s still funny in the telling

    By joey on 01.29.2011

  2. dropped. dropped like a drop dead gorgeous silhouette. dropped like a rain drop in the sky. dropped like a universe in decline. dropped before the earth could say goodbye.

    By Natalie on 01.29.2011

  3. That feeling when we’re dropped
    sends us reeling into self doubt and
    all our intimacies up for post mortem.

    By kmcgb URL on 01.29.2011

  4. He dropped from the top of the building like a superhero only to find he was a mere human when body and pavement kissed.

    By wemuma URL on 01.29.2011

  5. One day i dropped a plate by accident. it was very valuable, but when i dropped it, a magical spirit came out and attacked the world and created zombies. and then every died

    By Lauren URL on 01.29.2011

  6. I looked at my breifcase as it dropped to the ground. I was exposed. Everyone could see them– the fishnets. Oh my how their perceptoions would be ruined. who was i? Did i even know? no. I didn’t. you’re right. yore always right. Why can’t i figure out who this person is. this woman in the buisiness suit, dark grey, tweed.this woman in the buisness suit, hiding the fishneyt tights in her briefcase. Who is she? And better yet, who are all of the people around me?

    By Carly Anne on 01.29.2011

  7. Then I turned around, I realised he had dropped what he had been holding on during all those hours standing there in the cold. The thing in the floor looked so pure, full of light, as it remained untouched. But, aren’t we all dropped from the stars?

    By Haute Royaliste URL on 01.29.2011

  8. We went to the
    Of the bleachers
    Leaning over the
    To see the pavement
    While some people
    Most people
    About whether their
    Could rescue their
    Only some.

    By Bliss URL on 01.29.2011

  9. from the sky. and it came out of no where. She didn’t know what to do but just breathe and take it in. It was desire that pulled her in. He asked her to stay, and she didn’t know what to say. But here she goes. Putting her trust into dropped desire.

    By Lily on 01.29.2011

  10. we let go,
    set this down [forcefully:
    it’s not easy to put this away without intention].
    it fractured, we fractured,
    you broke up with me
    but i had dropped us long before.

    By helen URL on 01.29.2011

  11. I dropped a round the other day in debate, which, for those of you who actually spend your fridays somewhere other than high school cafeterias, means I lost. But the lose was unfortunante, which is the serious problem with debate: subjectivitey. I guess I just have to “pick up” next time.

    By Jay on 01.29.2011

  12. she dropped me like I was nothing special. Like I had no purpose at all. She dropped me like we weren’t sisters for months, years. My heart, broken and torn, can think of nothing but how she dropped me. and who will do it next.

    By Kelly on 01.29.2011

  13. I dropped my sweater on the ground and turned quickly to shove it back in my bag. It was already full to bursting, but I wanted to be sure that I didn’t forget anything. Two months was a long time to be away from home – time that I couldn’t survive not having the right amount of clothing.

    My phone rang. Off-hand, I flipped it open and answered.

    Brad was on the other line. “You leave yet?”

    “No, but I’m working on it.” Toothbrush, make up bag, all in the case.

    “…I want to see you.”

    I paused. “I think it’s best that you just…stay where you are.”

    I heard him sigh.

    By Bobbi on 01.29.2011

  14. we let go,
    set this down (forcefully:
    it’s not easy to put this away without intention).
    it fractured, we fractured,
    you broke up with me
    but i had dropped us long before.

    By helen URL on 01.29.2011

  15. They stood looking at the bundles that had descended –some had burst open spilling carefully wrapped bundles of food and tools – some went to open the remainder others stood by and watched –they had prayed for rain and received manna -modern manna.

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 01.29.2011

  16. Sadness, hopelessness, we drop the things we wish not to hold on to. Some things we drop carelessly, others with great fear and consideration. To drop ones soul is the worst crime of all.

    By Laura on 01.29.2011

  17. how does it feel when you are dropped out of your very own world, a world weaved out of happiness and dreams…u suddenly realize that all these time u were leaving in a fantasy world…u see all ur dreams fleeting to nowhere…

    By Shine URL on 01.29.2011

  18. “You really dropped the ball on this one. I mean really, how could you let this project slip through your hands?” she slammed a menacing pile of papers on the desk, her mauve and creme fingernails scratching the surface of the pages with a dull whine. They then rose and fell, tapping out an irritated drum roll, over and over again with a maniacally manicured precision.

    “I mean, if I were you nothing would fall through my fingers.” I responded.

    By ^^^' paper mountains`^^^ URL on 01.29.2011

  19. His jaw dropped when she walked into the room. She had a newspaper in her hand and she did not look pleased. Her hips were swinging in that way they did when she was upset about something, and he couldn’t help but get lost in their provocative pendulum as she approached him.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 01.29.2011

  20. With shaking hands she dialled the number on the slip of paper. Three rings, before she had the chance to change her mind and end the call it was answered. She recognised the voice immediately. Finally the penny dropped

    By Soozi URL on 01.29.2011

  21. a bomb so she did, couldna quite get my head around it but hey. life goes on. Should I stay or should I go? Cant quite tell, heads all over the place, could be free falling through the atmostphere of jupiter for all I know. Might as well inhale the toxic air.

    By kev on 01.29.2011

  22. Michael Jackson when he held his baby over the ledge… What could have happened? Splat. Dead baby, all over the fucking place. How the hell would people have reacted? That would’ve been fucking crazy. Like, what? I don’t even know.

    By Devlin! on 01.29.2011

  23. The train kept going despite her need to get off. She knew she didn’t belong here, but the train just kept moving. Occasionally it would slow at intervals, but never quite stop. She kept screwing up her courage to jump off the slowly moving vehicle, but again and again, she chickened out.

    By Christine URL on 01.29.2011

  24. I already wrote about this. You could say that oneword.com has dropped the ball on this one. It has dropped in concentration. I have dropped my guard and now the website has sprung this on me. Fin.

    By Joe O on 01.29.2011

  25. I dropped my teacher`s book on yours,
    so it will be yours forever

    By nikit-aa on 01.29.2011

  26. fallen from a lace of great height most men weep and dwell on the loss of height but the real aswer is to look around at your new surroundings and find at leat 5 things you like about it and youll be alot happier

    By Barnaby URL on 01.29.2011

  27. the ball.
    the call.

    my favorite glass.

    all gone.

    a practice in impermanence and releasing attachment.

    But I could not drop it from my mind.

    By Amber Rene URL on 01.29.2011

  28. I dropped my ice cream cone today. It was cookie dough ice cream in a chocolate dipped cone. Now it is a puddle on the sidewalk. Don’t tell me my life isn’t a Shakespearean tragedy.

    By cnhenry on 01.29.2011

  29. Floating in the air.
    Gravity works its magic, all that it knows to do.
    Like something being pulled out from under you.
    Without grace you fall.

    By Michael URL on 01.29.2011

  30. She dropped the air balloon/ it fell on it’s knees/ the happiness the needs are floating over the sea/ the hand in mine is like a bite of the future/ holding me/ holding me/ keeping alive the belief

    By Miri on 01.29.2011

  31. i dropped my happiness last night…somebody confronted me with the bitterest truth ever heard of…the night became bleaker than ever…heart seemed to have drained out….next morning i dropped all my faith..smiles…expectations(however negligible it was)

    By Shine URL on 01.29.2011

  32. I dropped the ball and flew for an hour. The man was just alive but seemed to not have long to go. The secret was safe for ever.. Not a day to repeat not a lfe to lve. A love to keep.. now,

    By john davy URL on 01.29.2011

  33. Wet and uncontrolled. It flows by no definite boundary. At times it feels helpless. You can drop a watermelon. You can be dropped. You can feel dropped. Then you wake up.

    By kelsey june URL on 01.29.2011

  34. You can be dropped so quickly like a knat being swatted from the air as it circles around your head. So be aware of all that surrounds you and stay close to those that have your back.

    By barb URL on 01.29.2011

  35. i dropped the varipous subjects on the topic of love coz I was scared yo fall in love again , afraid of being hurt again , forever scared to lose faith in something I held close to my heart . But still dropping the topic aint right, dropping the fear is !N how to do that?Seriously , do u tink I would drop the subject if I had all that figured oyt? :P

    By ann on 01.29.2011

  36. I’m so sorry. I know you must feel that I’ve dropped you, pushed you out of my life. I, for one, should know how it feels. I guess I never learned from my mistakes, and for that you’ll suffer.

    By Amanda URL on 01.29.2011

  37. I dropped everything I had for you. Because of love. I love you more than words can express. Plase don’t go away. I need you in my life. For better and for worse. For ever.

    By Andrea on 01.29.2011

  38. I dropped a pencil on the floor and looked for it everywhere. That was the last time I saw it. Two years passed and as I bent down to pick up an earring i had dropped that day, I saw the pencil full of dust on the corner on the room. It was more than 600 days since I had last seen it.

    By Aurora URL on 01.29.2011

  39. Again the word appeared on the screen. “Dropped” what is it about this word that makes this website show it again and again. Could it be the fact that it can be used in many ways. The literal drop of a pencil, as I had previously written. Leaving something behind or “dropping” it. Time’s running out.

    By Aurora URL on 01.29.2011

  40. book, bag, pen, friends off at the pool, bird sky airplane car bike head

    By nicole on 01.29.2011