January 28th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “dropped”

  1. I dropped it. My life. My being. He was gone without it. I was gone. Over the waterfall. It was lost. I was lost. Who was I now? Could I be anyone else? I looked up at the sky and imagined the moon. I wished I was like her, but I was already; I was alone.

    By Carolyn Francis on 01.28.2011

  2. Dropped.
    You dropped me like a hockey puck.
    You dropped my heart so fast it shattered into pieces.
    You dropped me out of your memories.
    You dropped your love in front of my step that I fell, I fell for you like a little girl learning to ride a bike without training wheels.

    By Megan on 01.28.2011

  3. I dropped my handbag at the end of his bed. My eyes never left his, and I could feel his mind undressing me. I wanted him to bend me over the end of the bed, I wanted him to ravish me, I wanted him in me, but we were both savouring the anticipation.

    By Kaelee Dean URL on 01.28.2011

  4. i am falling for you. harder than you will ever know. i want to tell you those words that we dare not utter. but i am scared of the awkward silence that will follow. history repeats itself. this we are all taught as children. this is we all know. this is my biggest fear. so i will keep my secrets just that. a secret. i will not speak the truth. i will pretend that i was just a call that was dropped.

    By kespi URL on 01.28.2011

  5. it is a past tense of the verb drop.it is commonly used my many people through-out the world.

    By kimi suna on 01.29.2011

  6. i dropped my bag on the pavement as i walked towards the dead body.to my horror i realized that it was really my sisters dead body lying on the middle of the road.i dropped my mobile while running towards her.

    By kimi suna on 01.29.2011

  7. I dropped the shovel when the blinding light burst through the basement window. The knocking at the front door turned to shrieks of unfathomable pain and misery. For some reason I thought briefly about the Watchtower folks, but then my thoughts were instantly brought back to the searing pain in my eyes and face. And then I knew that all my troubles were solved. Just a few more minutes.

    By chole URL on 01.29.2011

  8. I dropped everything. I watched the girl operate the machine. She was tall and capable, but it still seemed strange to watch her operate the machine.

    By Bartok URL on 01.29.2011

  9. dropped a glass and milk spilled, the cat came by leizurely and sniffed it, licked a few drops of the cold white liquid, shook its head and walked away to lay on the couch. “What, you don’t like it, Azie?” I smiled as I picked up the paper towel to soak up the milk. “Meow” she looked at me knowingly with her emerald green eyes. Licking her paw to start her normal routine of cleansing, I walked to the garbage to dispose of the paper toweling.

    By ashley on 01.29.2011

  10. When something is dropped it seems to have a negative connotation, i dropped this class it was to hard, i dropped the vase, and so on. Bu dropped can be a good thing, knowing when to stop is very important, and vital to day to day life.

    By Jonathan J on 01.29.2011

  11. Falling through the air, with the greatest of ease. My love became stagnant and fell apart. Behold the splash.

    By jghe on 01.29.2011

  12. I just had to write to you and see what happens to me. Because I do not exist and I would like to know what it feels like. To be able to feel alive. Because I am not here. I am somewhere else.

    By Remi on 01.29.2011

  13. Falling though not on purpose. A brief mistake, perhaps serendipitous. I can’t see it ending without a tear or two but maybe that’s exactly what I need.

    By Will Scott on 01.29.2011

  14. Dropped, slipped from my fingers, really. Bounced. Almost caught. Bounced again… And this time a vulnerable point must have taken the impact, because this time, smashed.

    By Asproulla on 01.29.2011

  15. it is 1 in the morning and all i wish for is to drop into my soft warm bed and forget about the bothers of the world. I wish to slink under the covers forget everythhing and sleep for a thousand years

    By Lauren URL on 01.29.2011

  16. Dropped call. Dropped conversation. Dropped topic. Dropped theme. Dropped story. Dropped relationship.

    By Jamie URL on 01.29.2011

  17. this reminds me off eggs and I do thin k someone will drop them. it will be a mess oh what a dissaster. no spelling here bro. deropped like a hot watermelon on a cold spring day aand soon we will fly llike eggs like eggs of eagless that is how we will do it that is what I whitnkg. this is someonewhat fast and i can/’t sepll under pressure no i really can’t oh no oh

    By tom on 01.29.2011

  18. I dropped my spoon on the floor and ran to the bathroom and dropped a deuce. I then dropped the kids off at school and ran and dropped a pencil in the disposal. Dropped is a very simple word. I don’t like the word dropped anymore.

    By Martha on 01.29.2011

  19. Her withered, wrinkled hands could not hold the skillet through the shaking. As it dropped to the floor, she could already hear the clang, even though her hearing had gone years before.

    By HDF URL on 01.29.2011

  20. Ouch! He had to drop me, didn’t he? Serves me right, I guess, for going on a mission with a rookie. But, honestly? Dropping me from the plane when he was supposed to be hauling me up? Jeez, rookie is right.
    I supposed I should explain about why I was just dropped out of a plain flying over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Well, it would be too long a story to tell, really, and too secret a one at that.

    By Marlee URL on 01.29.2011

  21. Recently I dropped my sorority because I realized it wasn’t something I liked to do and wasn’t something that made me happy. I dropped my phone earlier this week and it took little pieces out of the top of it. Ahhh! I don’t know what else to write :P

    By Alexa on 01.29.2011

  22. My heart dropped, sank to my knees.

    Disgust, frustration.
    Get over yourself boy.
    Stop trying to make me feel sorry for you.?

    You are better than that….or are you?

    By Tea on 01.29.2011

  23. i dropped all my faith yesterday. somebody told my god is dead. at first i didnt believe, burt than th erain began to fall. and i wept. when teh sun came out again, my faith evaporated. and i was free.

    By Peter Panik URL on 01.29.2011

  24. To be dropped, right when you feel like you are the most stable and steady… those few little supporting rods that keep your life held together get yanked out from under you. And life… it just drops you. Have you ever been dropped like that? Fallen to the very bottom?

    By Mandie URL on 01.29.2011

  25. I dropped her from the edge of the ledge. I tried to save her but couldn’t. That is why today, I will not drop him. Today I will assert my control and catch him.

    By vgmaster831 URL on 01.29.2011

  26. fell from higher altitude to lower altitude.

    By ibangalorean on 01.29.2011

  27. I am hit. call 911. I am waiting. oneword.com “DROPPED” a bomb on me…. help!

    By john doe URL on 01.29.2011

  28. i am hit. Call 911 i have posted this message already before i signed up. Now they are asking to write again. I dont like this concept. This word “DROPPED” should be dropped right away my friend #supreet says….

    By akhil URL on 01.29.2011

  29. i dropped an apple. it fell on the floor, o how i wish that it hadnt dropped. now i have to wash it. i hate washing apples. such a waste of time in my opinion. but if you drop something and it gets dirty then you must do something about it or dont complain. so i guess i will wash my apple since it dropped on the floor. i have to pick it up first though.

    By Ashley Tenney URL on 01.29.2011

  30. She dropped off the face of the earth, never to be heard of again. Never to be remembered.

    By dawn on 01.29.2011

  31. I dropped it all when I found out that you’d hurt me. I dropped time, and I dropped my identity.

    By Tanya G on 01.29.2011

  32. i met him and suddenly dropped my bag with all my books in the floor we crashed heads when we decided to grab everything together. from that day on we did everything together.

    By maria nogueira on 01.29.2011

  33. “Hey, you dropped something!’ I screamed at the man. The crowd between us grew denser as he disappeared. I looked down and realized I just found my lost wallet.

    By CB_Radio URL on 01.29.2011

  34. I droppped it again. When i thought about ir later on, it just made me angry. Why should there be such a word. People could use words like flunked or even let down, but why dropped. I didnt drop it on purpose did i.

    By Sovik Jana on 01.29.2011

  35. falling free, like a bee, that hit a tree, at half past three. it fell from grace into dark space and never ate a pea.

    By jghe on 01.29.2011

  36. I dropped the ball
    it rolled down the hall
    I dropped a pin
    did you hear the din?
    I dropped you name
    Wanna play this game?
    I dropped by to see
    if you still loved me.
    I dropped the ball
    it rolled down the hall

    By liltig URL on 01.29.2011

  37. a chuté. Tombé. Descente. Aux enfers peut-être, ou bien dans le chaos du quotidien. Impossible de savoir. Dans la routine.

    By Elo on 01.29.2011

  38. The bee fell from the tree and hit my knee at half past three. It hurt a bit, a match I lit, and dropped it into a pit.

    By ghtd on 01.29.2011

  39. ive been dropped. have you? like a hat off a 50 foot building. being thrown through the air only to hit concrete like a bulldozer. you cant think straight your blinding, no oxygen cursed.

    By casey on 01.29.2011

  40. When I heard the answer, my soul dropped through my stomach and down to the center of the Earth. The limbo of not knowing had been better.

    By Emil on 01.29.2011