June 14th, 2010 | 240 Entries

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240 Entries for “driven”

  1. They were driven to the end of sleep.
    They had numerous cups of coffee,
    worked through the night
    on the blueprints,
    and were so determined
    as to take 5-hour energy
    to stay awake.
    They were left
    with their heads on the desks.
    Sleep you cannot escape.

    By Scythe42 URL on 06.14.2010

  2. Driven to the edge my friend. Driven till it burns. Driven to leave and too low to go.

    By Tressa on 06.14.2010

  3. Driven to success
    Driven to failure
    Drive insane
    Driven out to the desert to stand looking into the shallow grave just before you hear the muffled thud from behind you
    driven batty like dracula
    Driven up the wall like the chick in excercist
    Driven to work by the weird neighbor who looks at you through your window while you dress

    By Dan on 06.14.2010

  4. i am needing to drive, right now, please help me because i am terrible at this sort of report. it’s just science, i should just be able to spit it out and not worry about the rhythm of the words or any such beautiful fluid nonsense, it’s A SCIENCE REPORT DAMN IT!

    By mishell URL on 06.14.2010

  5. Many people don’t think that I’m driven, because I don’t seem to have as much going on as others. What they don’t see is that I’m just on a different road than they are.

    By Stephanie URL on 06.14.2010

  6. That feeling you get when you haven’t driven in awhile. Needing time alone to blare your music or think in silence. The motion of the wheels roll away all that anxiety. Mile by mile, less and less.

    By Delilah URL on 06.14.2010

  7. I am driven, not to success and not to riches (although my wallet might hate me for that sort of truth!). I am driven towards happiness. I am driven to make my daughter proud.

    By Alexis URL on 06.14.2010

  8. To look upon him as he spoke was to stare into the face of true conviction. If there were a single word for it, it would be ‘driven’. Each word roared with ferocity, eyes ablaze with passion and fervor. Raising the holy texts above his head, he shouted fanatic praise, slamming the book to the face of the pulpit with a powerful thump.

    By chii URL on 06.14.2010

  9. I was driven; it was so normal, for me, I suppose. I was trying, harder and harder with each passing second, though the minutes were flying by like cherry blossoms in spring. I was driven, but only in the best type of way.

    By Zombie URL on 06.14.2010

  10. There is only one way to explain her personality. Driven. She is utterly driven, to say the least. The look of pure power seems to radiate, to seethe from her very person.

    By Zombie URL on 06.14.2010

  11. driven. being driven is when you have drive. drive is the want of the ability or the ability to do something no matter how hard it may be, so long as you put your mind to it. to be driven you must have drive. to have drive you must want to be driven. to be driven is a powerful thing. dont lose it.

    By Brittany on 06.14.2010

  12. Fame, never give up. Don’t sleep just do. Continue on striving to the very end and then further. I try so hard.

    By Melissa on 06.15.2010

  13. I feel driven to discover the secrets of the universe and to help my fellow humans do the same.

    By Jeremy on 06.15.2010

  14. I am driven to live. Every moment of my life not spent living is an eternity of death. I must have conviction, must have purpose. I must be driven.

    By Daniel on 06.15.2010

  15. the thoughts of us are driven into our palms, grasping, holding, enticing each other. our love is meant to be, our love is electric.

    By   URL on 06.15.2010

  16. She worked hard. Every single day of her life she woke up and got out of bed to try and accomplish goals that every single person told her were impossible. She was more driven than anyone and she still didn’t believe in herself.

    By Emily on 06.15.2010

  17. on the highway where speed and space meld, driving, flying traffic stretches beyond the horizon, where the last few inches of sky are upheld, we travel separately together and lay still, benign, on the highway where speed and space intertwine…

    By Rick Veloz URL on 06.15.2010

  18. I am not this word in any way shape or form. Everyone around me is, though. My perfect boyfriend, my perfect brother and sister, my parents… everyone in my grade. I don’t know how to begin or where to begin for that matter.

    By Poop on 06.15.2010

  19. Are you driven? He is. But I have driven off the road, where ambitions burn with the fuel. I hardly left the driveway.

    By Kerrin on 06.15.2010

  20. I felt driven to do something really unusual and brave by my standards – I felt like I could take on the world. She was worth it, I knew. Anything I had to do to win her, it was done.

    By Catherina URL on 06.15.2010

  21. a lack of drive in the past. today driven

    By John on 06.15.2010

  22. There are many things that drive people. Drive people, drive economies, drive thoughts. There are many places to look at, to drive yourself too. Look at books, look at other people, look at yourself, your deep inner self.

    By Hayagreev on 06.15.2010

  23. 1driven = Doing Real incisive Volition Enumerating N^n

    By Garrett Christopherson URL on 06.15.2010

  24. By the hammer of society. We are all slaves that are driven by some slave driver and we need to wake up and smell the roses….Be free!

    By Anna on 06.15.2010

  25. 1. She was driven by disaster that day because everything was going wrong.
    2. She was driven by her friend to netball that day.

    By Aeron D on 06.15.2010

  26. driven. alert. something I wish I was. the things I want to do cover my inhibitions and abilities TO do. sometimes I need to be less driven. Why do I wish I was? I dont make sense.

    By brittany on 06.15.2010

  27. driven by? What? Driven by energy, but there is none. Driven by justice. Bullshit.
    Angetrieben von? Wovon? Angetrieben durch die Energie, nein, da ist keine. Angetrieben von der Gerechtigkeit. Blödsinn.

    By js URL on 06.15.2010

  28. driven, I am driven to succeed and always accomplish what i want. Sometimes over driven. It gets in my way of getting along. I have trouble letting things go, but I am driven to find love with alex.

    By Ryan Haas on 06.15.2010

  29. … by hate, no dejaba de hundir una y otra vez la lanza en el cuerpo ya inerte de Dylan. Era como si no pudiera detener esa furia asesina, ignorando los gritos de las mujeres a su alrededor. Las mujeres siempre gritan.

    By Janette on 06.15.2010

  30. Driven snow? dirty. Driven to excel… Driven by the need to succeed. Ferrari.

    By Icarus URL on 06.15.2010

  31. The force psuhed against me, the will of the others ,there was no way to refuse. I had to do it. For them. For him. For me. But it didn’t mean I wasn’t scared. oh no. I was bloody terrified, but I did it anyway. I put myself out there. I sdaid hey. This is who i am. And you better believe it. You better not dispute it. Because this is me.

    By Sophy URL on 06.15.2010

  32. The large black car came around the corner, fast. Too fast. Faster than he would have thought a car could move. And drive by an incredibly small woman, with fiery eyes and lightning for hair. He couldn’t believe the things he was seeing. And so clearly!

    By Jamie on 06.15.2010

  33. I was driven mad about that show with the prepackaged artists. But that’s our life now!

    By Billias on 06.15.2010

  34. she put the cigar in her mouth as she hopped onto her harley.the whiskey had taken its normal affect.why couldn’t he he come to her?couldn’t he see how much fun she was?she was funning herself to death!damn.this should be fun.anyone could see it.except him.he lived the most boring exsistance known to man

    By Re Joyce on 06.15.2010

  35. I wish I was more driven, procrastination is my fault. If I were driven, then maybe I would be able to succeed. Maybe I would be able to do what I want to do.

    By tina URL on 06.15.2010

  36. he saw her scoot my on her soft tail.the skull tat clearly visible even from the porch.just another comforming in her ‘rebel’ uniform.might as well be in the military.or a nurse or in a tv commercial.loneliness was a hugh price to pay,but he’d rather live invisible than become just another stereotype.comform/dissvolve into another group.hip fashion bored him to tears.

    By Re Joyce on 06.15.2010

  37. i could have driven a bike if my dad had’nt refused it to me.. now a car only

    By Ayush on 06.15.2010

  38. driven by desire
    driven by ambition
    driven by curiosity
    driven by greed
    driven by fear
    driven by , , ,

    By cbest on 06.15.2010

  39. I am driven, I know what I want. I just don’t know how to get there. If only i could drive to my goal…to be driven

    By caity URL on 06.15.2010

  40. I was driven by the ghosts of a haunting past. Yet, barefooted and naked, walking this highway til the next gateway.

    By indaflow URL on 06.15.2010