June 14th, 2010 | 240 Entries

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240 Entries for “driven”

  1. i slept and i am content
    i slept and i think i
    (the big four)
    as apposed to, (the little four)
    this has nothing to do with a car
    because my hands are too fresh to drive
    but i miss you

    By laura on 06.15.2010

  2. The train had driven, empty, for 30mins. Slowly through the blackness it moved closer.

    By Flyderkov URL on 06.15.2010

  3. Aah.. a frnd hs jUst drivEn me craZy…. We were sO gUd frnds nd I rEally enjOyed hs cOmpny.. bUt he said hE lOved me.. I bcaMe mad… nOw I’ve fOrgiven him nd started a nEwfrndshp bUt I dun c him da same as I did fiRst… nd dts trOubling me, dt y cant I fOrget da thngs he said …!
    Why giRls tEnd to be so vUlnerable…. so easiLy break-able…! Why.. why ?

    By Rabeeta URL on 06.15.2010

  4. im determined to do something that i want to do, not what other people think i should do. i am determined to find my place in life where i am always happy.

    By rachel on 06.15.2010

  5. Sometimes, I am so driven it hurts. I am the ever-moving, ever-going, ever-present son of a bitch who always gets things done. I don’t know how or why, it just seems to happen that way.

    By Blair Apgar URL on 06.15.2010

  6. abilkity to pushm push abd push and neva stop makes u a driven force, bein driven means bein goal oriented

    By kucheli daniel on 06.15.2010

  7. Driven
    what AM I driven by?
    what force stands by
    and helps me fly?
    I think it is love
    and all the lack there of
    and an abundance of beautiful skies above
    a future free as a dove

    By m.A.c URL on 06.15.2010

  8. i am driven to school everyday by my mother. i like my mother she is a very nice mother. she gave birth to me and she gives me chocolate every night. i like to be driven rather than drive. it is easier to be driven because all you have to do is sit down and complain rather than having to think about driving.

    By Cedric on 06.15.2010

  9. not driven, not even in the passenger seat. just sitting in the back watching the world whiz by outside my window. slow and stagnant, not moving. not wanting. not wishing. numb.

    By pamela on 06.15.2010

  10. I am driven. Being driven is sometimes a good way to be. It keeps you on your toes. It helps you get things done and enjoy your dividends, too. But it can be hard on your blood pressure.

    By Karen on 06.15.2010

  11. the force which i need more of in my life. Without it in some cases you will get no where fast. need more now.

    By kim on 06.15.2010

  12. I have nothing to say. I am not driven by internal motivations, but by external ones. I am a bitch sometimes. I am lost and I love to drive, but gas is expensive. It was cheaper in Vermont.

    By C on 06.15.2010

  13. i hope i’d be driven with a lot of motivations these coming months. i’ve been looking for something that would push me to go higher and realize my other dreams.

    By Clarafied URL on 06.15.2010

  14. chased, motored, powered, propelled, urged etc to do something; motivated

    By pavalamani pragasam URL on 06.15.2010

  15. Being driven to be the best isn’t something that happens to everyone. There are only a few select people on this earth that are driven to become something new. These people are the people who shape the future, shape the past, and make the present more exciting.

    By LManns URL on 06.15.2010

  16. One can be driven somewhere, or to something. Driven to what, though? Driven to suicide, to murder? Let’s take suicide. What factors can drive one to suicide? Perhaps extramarital issues or problems with fitting in. Lack of acceptance is a rather large factor in this regard.

    By Drakky on 06.15.2010

  17. driven. this word instantly made me think of the phrase “driven to destruction” but it also gives me images of cars and drivers themselves. something about car chases aswell or a previous hell of a ride

    By Jordan on 06.15.2010

  18. Long, windy roads. Sliding through the flora and fauna.

    I usually want to know where we’re going, but hopefully i don’t.
    Lets get lost together.
    On the open road.

    Kangaroos, lain on the road.
    Some with their brains smashed out.
    I find it sad. But always from a distance.
    Always. From a distance.

    By Andy Mclean URL on 06.15.2010

  19. We are all driven to live. Once we lose that drive, then we are lost.

    By Sakiko URL on 06.15.2010

  20. When we are driven forward we don’t dare to look back
    As our futures are set in stone and our hearts and breaking already
    With each passing turn we see less and less of who we were
    And more and more of who we could be
    We are driven.

    By Missy URL on 06.15.2010

  21. I willed my heart to give up the fight, but it remained driven by the smallest things, such as the memory of her smile or the curve of her body. I gripped my pencil a little harder as I tried to force the words to come, the ones that would let her know what she meant to me. At the very least, I had to try; I couldn’t lose her, not after all of this.

    By Jessica URL on 06.15.2010

  22. i have someone that means a lot to me. i’m not really sure how much i mean to her. all i know is that she tells me that i’m different then the rest. this drives to be as perfect for her as possible. then somebody told me that i shouldn’t put all my drive into impressing her, but put it into just liking her.

    By tannor on 06.15.2010

  23. i have been driven mad byt thoughts going through my head. who is my dad? does he know me? does he remember me at all? does he still love me? will i ever see him?

    By katie on 06.15.2010

  24. I am driven, towards you and this
    without hope of happiness
    keep me in between the dotted yellows
    I’ve got nothing to be except mellow
    a road too long to drive on and on
    keep me spinning in place till the next song

    By Kay URL on 06.15.2010

  25. The word “driven” conjures passion-motivated activity. Activity for a purpose;

    By Brian URL on 06.15.2010

  26. motivated people are driven to accomplish many things. People who are driven tend to make goals and reach them. Sometimes they are driven by power, money or the desire to help others.

    By Deb on 06.15.2010

  27. Driven. I should be driven to accomplish something in life. Like my organic chem homework. I really should be doing that right now not this. But this is really fun. I am driven sometimes. Does that count?

    By Elena on 06.15.2010

  28. I am driven by things so hard to explain, I simply can’t. I work with the thought of him, he is my drive. He is my everything.

    By jo on 06.15.2010

  29. it’s the thing that makes us want more.
    to achieve more.
    it’s the thing that creates competition
    between friends and foe.
    it’s what a taxi does
    and what mom’s do for their kids.
    it’s the thing that gets us to the next step,
    the next place in life.

    By NuSol URL on 06.15.2010

  30. too much.

    By mren URL on 06.15.2010

  31. everyday my coach says you have to be driven to win. You must push your self to go to the next level. No matter how how hard you work you must work harder and drive yourself,

    By jimmy on 06.15.2010

  32. it was only one day. that’s what i had to keep telling myself. one day. a little voice in the back of my head kept interrupting, telling me that this was one day that i couldn’t screw up. it was only one day that would determine the rest of my life. so i had to be driven to succeed.

    By Ari URL on 06.15.2010

  33. i drove a car to jersey. driven cars are very sexy and turn me on. they are soo cute. being driven by cute guys with the tops down. driven is fun

    By bree on 06.15.2010

  34. Driven is what I would call well, being driven. The word itself brings up images of being driven ever since I was a child, from school, to tutoring classes, to sporting events. The list continues really.

    By edward on 06.15.2010

  35. i am driven to run to fly to drive to race to get away. simply get away start new just me and him and meet new people see new things. to cut the noose to let me loose. i want to sky dive i want to live

    By Flor on 06.15.2010

  36. i can’t drive because i haven’t got my g2 yet. but my friends can drive but theres too many of us and one of us always has to go in the trunk. we’ve never been caught by the cops though which is weird because we’re always downtown. we’re freaking mall rats. i like the trunk. someitmes its squishy

    By becks on 06.15.2010

  37. There is a place inside me that directs where I go, what I do. I am driven by the unseen and accosted by my own obstacles.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 06.15.2010

  38. She was driven to fight. She punched and whirled and mad the bad guys cry, and all by herself. She didn’t need a Robin, and she didn’t need weapons. She was strong, angry and ready to kick some ass.

    By Kathy URL on 06.15.2010

  39. on a long road, route 66 maybe, i don’t know exactly but there is a lot of wind and a lot of sun and grapes somewhere, wine at the end, maybe. happy and feeling good and not only in motion but going places, courage inside, confident and content.

    By natalie on 06.15.2010

  40. oh this word! it reminds me of people driven mad
    poor people D: anyways you can also be driven places YAY :D

    By Yuki URL on 06.15.2010