July 28th, 2009 | 309 Entries

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309 Entries for “drive”

  1. What drives one to get up every morning? Get up, open those eyes, breathe, see the light, put your feet on the floor and lift, hoist, get up and face this corner of the world yet again. Why? It takes will. Takes force. Force the air int the lungs, get up, and live. Drive.

    By Wicker on 07.29.2009

  2. I think that the most important factor in the whole rags to riches thing is drive and an understanding that the end does justify the means. I cannot say that America is currently a “driven” culture merely because of the commodities present nowadays. Such a shame!

    By sandy on 07.29.2009

  3. I was driving my car down a desolaet lane last night, when a mysterious figure crept throught the pressing fog. I abruptly hit the brakes, my tires screeching loudly in the silent blackness. I peered out the window of my car, trying to make out the figure before me. My scream echoed through the night.

    By M-Ru on 07.29.2009

  4. Some people just have to drive. Driving can make you feel awesome. If i had a car anytime someone was yelling or arguing in my house, i’d just drive off and explore my state. Driving also gives you a sense of independence and allows you to transport your self. yay

    By jeanne on 07.29.2009

  5. I love cars and driving in general. There is also this song by The Almost that I love that reminds me of jamaul.. it is a great song about driving back to see someone that you obviously miss. Jamaul is a good driver.. I love driving in the car with him. It really sucks that he has to go through what he is going through right now with the whole ticket and what not. He will be alright though, I know it. I love him :)

    By Mary on 07.29.2009

  6. i drove all the way to florida without clothes, i can’t think of you anymore. i want to believe in love but you simply just can’t believe in me. it’d harder to drive when sad, it’s harder to do anything while i’m depressed; i can not believe you did this to me. i want to see passed to you, but i’ll just keep driving.

    By allison on 07.29.2009

  7. I stare down the highway in front of me. Thoughts race through my head of what happened today. How would I explain this to my family? The boss had come in sad and depressed ruining my day. I don’t know where we will go or what we will do now. I guess this will be the beginning of a new career.

    By Emily on 07.29.2009

  8. its terrible how people drive. this side thats die, anywhere they want…wait they’re taxi’s of coarse they can they are king of the road. Drivers license i hear you say? No, dpont need that. and why would i? no cops around either. hmmm. yes, and as for the

    By krystal on 07.29.2009

  9. i drove, through to the top of the hill until i saw him. His eyes, looking at me as if I was a treasure he’d only just dreamt about. But he hadn’t.

    By karina on 07.29.2009

  10. My mother always tells me how I drive her insane. I don’t get it. I mean, it is not like I am asking for something big? Okay, so my last two wishes, (the moon, a pet wolf) might have been a little overboard. But seriously? Why can’t I have my own gold mine! It’s a profit, for crying out loud!

    By Anomynous on 07.29.2009

  11. what drives him to do this?
    to hide the emotions so evident

    waves of melancholy lap up
    from him onto my small island of bliss

    soon to be obliterated by the heart
    for lonely desire

    By mb on 07.29.2009

  12. the drive. silent and with cacophony of adventurous lights flashing in the eyes of the servant. The car. Bloody tops of guns and bridges collapsed beneath it. true love found for the road. boom

    By Andrey O. on 07.29.2009

  13. Drive. The sun bathed their bodies in a warm, yellow light, as the wind tousled their hair through the open windows. Though sweat dripped down their faces, they didn’t mind. All that lived was them, and the road, and the adventure that waited before them. He took his hand from the steering wheel and held hers in it. They were in love with the drive.

    By Anon on 07.29.2009

  14. as i drove down the alley way i saw a couple standing at the back , what i didnt notice was the two people behind them with guns pointed at their heads, i heard on the news the next morning that the same couple i saw had been shot and killed. i felt horrible.

    By jberd. on 07.29.2009

  15. fast in the car what are you doing slow down wait dont leave me close the door nooo the stop light police wait up, the door is not closed stop the car its green go lori oh aimee is here blue car write as much as you can what am i doing einstiens it

    By menna on 07.29.2009

  16. driving in my car with the windows down and the music up. driving as full speed actually having fun for once in my little stick. driving to clear my mind. drive – incubus. INCUBUS SOON! driving to get away. driving to listen to my tunes.

    By cass on 07.29.2009

  17. I drive down the cold windy lane. My decision to buy a convertible car is thwarted when the roof doesn’t come back up. I am being drenched by the dribbles of rain forming from the beginnings of dark grey clouds. Yet I am happy. Happy because I am actually a fish.

    By Morenike Adebayo on 07.29.2009

  18. the drive was long and hard. we didn’t know where we were going, or who was to meet us there. it was difficult, the kids were cryng most of the way. the cold and the hunger took a lot out of us.
    when we reached the border, we prayed that the paperwork we had obtained would get us through.
    we didn’t know if we would make it.

    By elaine mercer on 07.29.2009

  19. Im just learning how to drive. I drive my brother to his guitar classes every day, to his school through country roads.

    When I was a kid I always had dreams about driving and not being in control of the car.

    My girlfriend always has dreams that she’s driving drunk.

    By Oriole K on 07.29.2009

  20. a drive is a path for a car to go up to a house. A drive is a part of a computer’s memory. To drive is to steer

    By Peter on 07.29.2009

  21. i like to drive. Especially on sundays. I really like to drive when the weather is especially nice. My mom taught me how to drive. I dont think she expected me to actually be able to drive well the first time, but I did a lap around my neighborhood and showed her up pretty good, in my opinion. I attribute this skill to grand theft auto.

    I also like to drive while in overdrive.

    By Erik on 07.29.2009

  22. drive me insane with your little unhumorous quips and your firework body, drive me mad with your mewing and looking too good and falling foward ald the time with way to fall back on just leave me to go on

    By Peter Fleming on 07.29.2009

  23. He promised me the world, he said that i could have it all, one night would be all it would take. He took me to his car. He promised me the world, and we drove into the sunset.

    By C.D. on 07.29.2009

  24. Drives me crazy. The heat, the calls, the kids beating themselves up with pillows while they sing. I think I am driven to take a nap, if I could find a spot cool enough to do it. Wes’ wading pool perhaps?

    By Janice Lind on 07.29.2009

  25. drive drive drive. That was all he seemed to do, day and day out. His night time was pulsing with the rain beating on the trunk and the hood. His head was being invaded with little me that knocked him out he was be

    By P on 07.29.2009

  26. I took a drive to Niagara falls and got there and thought hmmmm that looks neat and then I left. I t was awesome and I will always remember it. The rushing of the water over the falls is amazing and the sound is something you will never forget. Imagine thunder right inside your head.

    By bernardi on 07.29.2009

  27. the rivers at this point converged into massive torrents that slewed the storm water across the path that were nearby and I stood there with my disable friend, Ned, and we wondered how we were going to cross to drive home in our beach wagon.

    By Peter Fleming on 07.29.2009

  28. All the same, it was no laughing matter. The way everyone had been against him when he tried to improve the way the builders were making the roofs of the houses in the new town. He tried to make a case for leaving them alone b

    By Peter Fleming on 07.29.2009

  29. I like to drive to Arizona all by myself with my favorite music playing and my inspirations buzzing in my head. I write down the best of them even the worst of them and sometimes, a painting comes out of it i love to drive along as the desert goes beside me cleaning my busy head and it really is a truism that “in the desert, you can remember your name”.

    By shahsi on 07.29.2009