July 27th, 2009 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “infant”

  1. Redness, hot as the sun – yet it doesn’t burn me. It feeds me, comforts me and surrounds me and it is me.

    By jorken on 07.28.2009

  2. A chils. Young and vulnerable. Baby, they’re nearly always super cute. Small and noisy but very very adorable. A lot of work I’d guess. I suppose something can also be in it’s “infant” stages yet again referring to something young, I guess it’s not really any different.

    By Alex on 07.28.2009

  3. infant. thats what he’s acting like. helpless. he is ruined now. the capacity of the human condition to be ruined frightens me. it shakes the very fiber of me. and there he is, in the midst where his walls are crumbling down and all he can do is go out on the green every night.

    By jeani on 07.28.2009

  4. The infant looked grave, straight at the camera, refusing to smile yet fairly serene. Wrapped in crimson and saffron as he was, you might have taken him for a future Dalai Lama. And maybe he was.

    By Nathalie (Spacedlaw) on 07.28.2009

  5. the infant in my arms was small and wailing, but had large innocent eyes that told me i could not- no, would not- leave it sitting here on the side of the road, Whoever had left it there, whatever heartless person it had been, was missing out on something wonderful.

    By HB on 07.28.2009

  6. ooh babies, how sometimes i long to have one grow in my stomach othertimes i could cry and pull my hair out if i hear another one scream but they are so sweet and trusting that i am always more in love with them than in hate

    By jamielyn on 07.28.2009

  7. as small as the littlest finger on my hand can be wrapped around, i look at you and i wonder if i could be a parent for you, so long have i resisted this, could i be a mother?

    By M Ainsley on 07.28.2009

  8. infant thought gestating in my mind. one word one minute what will I give birth to… crap
    better luck tomorrow.

    By chris on 07.28.2009

  9. infant thought gestating in my mind. one word one minute what will I give birth to… crap
    better luck tomorrow.

    By chris on 07.28.2009

  10. beloved darling small child so strong and handsome now
    beloved darling small child so busy and nearly wise
    beloved darling small child so preciouse

    By helen on 07.28.2009

  11. Du kleines Kind, fürchtest du dich nicht?
    Macht dir der Schatten keine Angst?
    Macht dir die dunkle Nacht denn keine Angst?
    Fürchtest du dich nicht vor der kalten Hand, denn das Ende naht, du weißt doch…

    Du bist tapfer, aber so jung.
    Ich fürchte, ich werde dir nicht glauben können.

    By Galinor on 07.28.2009

  12. When I was an infant I was alot more stupid than I am now. Well I say alot more. I would like to think so. One day I hope to have an infant of my own, so I can teach him/her the ways of the world. Although giving birth doesn’t look like too much fun. I think that infants of today are growing up in a tough time. It’s not easy for young girls and guys with all the pressures of society.

    By Lotts on 07.28.2009

  13. Ari is 4 years old today. I remember him being born about a week ago? Time flies… the infant grows into a boy. The boy into a man. I remember the good times and the scary times. What bad times?

    Infancy leads on to

    By alec pinto on 07.28.2009

  14. Infants are strange new things that come into this world unaware. They must have someone do all and care for them for a while. they would not live without this care. They bring so much joy.

    By Ella on 07.28.2009

  15. The little infant was gurgling and laughing. The mother picked up the baby and held it close. She breathed in deeply the babies sweet scent. She thought there would never be any thing more blessed.

    By flying mermaid on 07.28.2009

  16. Great. Just great. Now I’m a father. How am I going to LIVE now? How am I going to breathe?

    …Oh right, I still have her. Thankfully.

    By Justin Little on 07.28.2009

  17. My sister just turned 7. She got an iPod for her birthday, and my dad’s excuse was, “You got an mp3 player when you were younger than that.” No. I didn’t. I was 13. She’s getting advanced technology at the age of SEVEN. WHAT IS THAT? She’s not even a person yet! According to me.

    By Samantha Chastain on 07.28.2009

  18. You always look up at me with those weepy eyes when I make you eat mushed beets. I know they’re not your favorite but you’ve got to eat them if you want to be healthy. If there was someway else to do this, I would. Now honey, will you please take the trash out before you head upstairs to get some work done?

    By masshystereo on 07.28.2009

  19. At last, the infant crawled up to her mother, tears streaming down her face after her first encounter alone with the escalators.

    By K on 07.28.2009

  20. Infants are small and gross. Why on earth would people actually like them? Who would have thought that a small and ugly looking thing..would turn out to be the most precious of them all?

    By Kitty on 07.28.2009

  21. babies are terrifying. I will only hold one if I am on a couch.

    By Bryan on 07.28.2009

  22. children are cool i guess. Although, really small ones are hard to take care of. I want babies eventually, but I hate the fact that they have to cut my vagina open. To make it wider. Eiish. Maybe I’ll adopt instead. I want a boy and a girl. A boy first so he can take care of his baby sister for me.

    By Kelly on 07.28.2009

  23. such small, precious early starts to life. Gifts from God, human infants are completely dependant upon the adults in their lives for everything to keep them healthy and for life itself. whenever I see an infant, I think, “wow, a fresh start”,, What would it mean to start over like that as an adult? what would I do differently? Wouldn’t want to be helpless again, but ready to start again.

    By paula sands on 07.28.2009

  24. As I opened my eyes I saw it. The infant. It had appeared out of no where and attacked everyone. Crushing the world in it’s path. It’s tiny, unable-to-feed-itself path. Hope no one gets in said path. That would suck.

    By Jon Rine on 07.28.2009

  25. It must be easy being an infant.
    Being loved and cuddled all the time.
    All you have to do is eat and play and shit and sleep.
    Things must be so simple.
    Stop growing up so fast. Don’t rush it.
    Enjoy the time when you are truly happy.
    I would love to trade places with you.
    I love you.
    You are truly beautiful.
    Don’t grow up, especially not like me.

    By Kristine on 07.28.2009

  26. What are these infants doing here? I thought this was a place for inebriation, not babysitting. Sometimes i wonder about you, Charlotte. You, mam, are fucked up.

    What? You think I’m crazy? Maybe so.

    By Zach Heine on 07.28.2009

  27. infants are everywhere right now, when you’re a thirty year-old woman. it feels like everyone is having babies and looking to you to participate. it seems most often to be an issue of questionable femininity when one opts out of participating.

    By m on 07.28.2009

  28. Young children cry, people accept it. Don’t stop it. Help it. It’s not their fault. It’s yours, after all. Soothe the child. Comfort the infant.

    By D'Eon on 07.28.2009

  29. Infant again. i thought the word would change. I suppose not. By now, my sentences have matured, almost as if they were infants and are now toddlers. I’m totally unsure of what to say by this point. I am sorry, infants.

    By D'Eon on 07.28.2009

  30. The infant cried out in rage. somehow, the nurse was sure the child knew that its mother was gone and never coming back. Why else would its sobs ringing out in the ward sound so mournful.

    By Gina on 07.28.2009

  31. Small and playful with their big eyes, they look up at you, trusting and with eager expression just hoping to go to Toys R Us.

    By Jackson on 07.28.2009

  32. Infant. What does that mean? Baby? Small person. I feel like one. I always feel like one. One who is still learning to walk, see, talk, be responsible. Wow. What in the hell does that mean? To be responsible. Foreign. Just thought about that today. Debt. Freedom. Not one in the same. Hard lessons. Well, an infant has it’s whole life to learn these. No regression. Well, speak for yourself.

    By duane on 07.28.2009

  33. child sitting on the couch watching scrubs, highly inappropriate. Awefully wrong. Sorry I am a poor speller. Anyway I wish i could go on vacation if there wasn’t and infant in my brain. What to do? WHat day is it? SHould i eat? Is the INFANT hungry? What is Banana? Yellow, like the sun. Which doesn’t exit in life. Light is false, darkness is always there. Shadows. There is s shadow on the baby’s face. Hasn’t it been 60 seconds? DOes it stop on it
    s own?

    By natasha on 07.28.2009

  34. The poor thing was like a peach left in formaldehyde. It screamed incessantly and the people looked around in embarrassment, scratching the backs of their necks. The mother was too skinny. She had an AIDS face. And the little infant writhed in her arms.

    By Rachel on 07.28.2009