May 18th, 2010 | 332 Entries

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332 Entries for “dress”

  1. She wore it ever so gracefully. I didn’t even want to dance with her. I just wanted to watch her move and spin around the ballroom in a nice glowing way. I could never want anything more than to watch her dance that dance.

    By Michael URL on 05.19.2010

  2. Dress to impress. Impress for success.
    Success is achieved by doing your best.

    By Megan M. URL on 05.19.2010

  3. The dress wasn’t what I wanted, but I loved it anyway. Even though it was too short, too tight, and too red, it was mine.

    By Emily URL on 05.19.2010

  4. My favorite dress is one I don’t fit into anymore. Butterflies flit about the fabric and the tag says Betsey Johnson. I gave it a girl who is as tiny as can be and it was too small. I was once very small.

    By charmaine on 05.19.2010

  5. “Dress up, we’re going out for a long awaited celebration. You have something to wear?”

    By su URL on 05.19.2010

  6. A dress is a thing of beauty. You feel the fabric. You feel the love of the fabic. SSomtimes its a hugging dress. other times its not so good. Its your best friend. Its your wedding day.

    By Riley on 05.19.2010

  7. When Charlie opened the package she wondered why there was a button set in the middle of a ring box. Then she realised that the tiny ivory shell button was from the pale grey dress with the huge poppies on it which she’d admired in Ravelstone’s window the week before. Concidentally, today was her birthday.

    By Willow Goodman URL on 05.19.2010

  8. You dress to be unique or the same. To be who you are and nobody else. There’s nothing better than that. It creates you. Yup.

    By Megan on 05.19.2010

  9. The woman’s red dress hung sweetly from her shoulders as she swayed in the moonlit night. She was dancing to some old radio standards by Frank Sinatra with her new boyfriend who just so happened to sound just like old blue eyes himself. They gazed into each other’s eyes and felt the overwhelming feeling of love swell inside their bodies. They leaned forward slightly and kissed.

    By Boomerang on 05.19.2010

  10. I can see a lot of life in you. I can see a alot of bright in you. And I think that dress looks nice on you. – Sufjan Stevens

    By Megan Bray on 05.19.2010

  11. dress…dress..um, well dresses can be colorful, but empty, and yet, sexy. hmmm, well i like dresses, cuz they can be short. ;)

    By caleb stephens on 05.19.2010

  12. white bandages
    cover the mistake
    that wears fresh
    on her skin.

    By Sarah Walton URL on 05.19.2010