May 17th, 2010 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “reflex”

  1. I had the reflext o react to this word. I didn’t know anything about it or where I was taking it. At work my reflex is to hate life but I wish it wouldn’t stop. I dream of the end of my life and my reflex is to feel sad but I’m not.

    By Nicole on 05.18.2010

  2. It is a reflex for me not to want to write about the word reflex. It is a reflex for most people to see something, think about it, possibly reject their ability to forget their inhibitions, and then they fail at spontaneity. So yeah.

    By Chrisitne on 05.18.2010

  3. reflex is importan in dangerous situations .u have to flex. sherpen your reflexes

    By miu on 05.18.2010

  4. you ask me a question.
    i answer.

    food is put in front of me.
    i eat it.

    the phone rings.
    i ignore it.

    a song plays.
    i sing to it.

    By Anna Williams on 05.18.2010

  5. she kicked him with both feet to her attacker’s guts by reflex. he stumbled away from her, clenching his abdomen, pain twisted his facial features.

    “…It’s you.” she said, eyes widened. she immediately got up and ran to him, and then stopped. “wait, why did you attack me?” she asked, her voice suddenly no longer warm.

    Still in pain, he tried to look up at her. “sorry, i wanted to surprise you that’s all.”

    She winced. What kind of surprise is it when he was trying to strangle her?

    By Sara on 05.18.2010

  6. Today I found myself very stiff and sore after a weekend of fun and sport. But it was Monday, and I needed to get the kinks out of my stiff neck. So it was off to yoga to reflex those muscles.

    By Dan Rodrigues on 05.18.2010

  7. “… It is you I love.” “What?” “It is you.” “What?”

    I did get what he was saying. Reflex.

    By fride on 05.18.2010

  8. reflex- most people are slow to realize the things that happen in the world, they don’t know whats going on until the last minute when it’s too late to change anything…

    By David on 05.18.2010

  9. the world we live in, nothing more, nothing less. peace

    By camilla URL on 05.18.2010

  10. I had a reflex action. Quite frankly, I have them a lot. In which I lean forward and kiss you. I hope I get to have an infinite number of these moments with you.

    By Lisa on 05.18.2010

  11. i leap with alacrity into the air, quick like a jaguar, a cheetah on crack, my muscles burning with fuel and speed. I want food, quick quick quick i eat, i speed into the night, the day burning behind me fast faster fastest lives i move and react, alive an

    By Jason on 05.18.2010

  12. i leap i prance i dance i complete inhuman acts of skill and will as i move to become the faster being alive, reacting to the nerve ending skills and wills of power and inordinate being. i’m alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Jason on 05.18.2010

  13. my reflexes stopped cold when a bird fluttered above my car and took a shit. I recovered and shit on it’s nest in turn.

    By Travis on 05.18.2010

  14. still one word, reflex, burning itself into existence by the simple fact of its life, pulsing in a simple pink hue, whitewashed into my brain. So I write. It’s simple.

    By Jason on 05.18.2010

  15. As soon as I heard his voice I spun around, my eyes widening and fists clenching. He wasn’t supposed to be coming after me or calling my name. That was supposed to be our last conversation. He said it would be over now. But as soon as I heard his voice the reflex to turn and open my eyes and heart to him hit me again. Would it ever go away?

    “What do you want now?” What could he ever want again?

    By Leigh on 05.18.2010

  16. It was just a reflex. She grabbed me, I lashed out with my foot. I kicked my own mother. Granted, I was only about 12 years old. I’ve never gotten into more trouble than I did that day.

    By KT on 05.18.2010

  17. reflex seems appropriate somehow. right now. it’s not then. it’s reflexively NOW. N-n-OW.

    By K on 05.18.2010

  18. ironic, that the word reflex appears at the top of my screen as i scour the deep crevises of my brain to try and conjure a retort. aw fuck shakesppeare.

    By Simon on 05.18.2010

  19. you react to something that happens.wdfklgdjrksfg

    By luke salerno URL on 05.18.2010

  20. something you do when something happens to you.

    By luke salerno URL on 05.18.2010

  21. a thing that you get when someone trys to hit you or scare you and also something tht you get when you are being

    By zoey URL on 05.18.2010

  22. the doctor held the hammer too loosely and when she hit my knee it bounced back against her arm.

    By betty wolfanger on 05.18.2010

  23. what you do when you are hit.

    By kaleb knaak URL on 05.18.2010

  24. Our body rapidly responds to changes. Isn’t it amazing ? We are truly a work of art.

    By Valentine URL on 05.18.2010

  25. something that you do without thinking about. an instinct, something subconscious. also an angle greater than 270 degrees.

    By joe sutton on 05.18.2010

  26. like when the doctor hits your leg and your supposed to kick your leg? i guess so. is the minute almost done yet? how do you know?

    By cassie on 05.18.2010

  27. I have reflexes, every time I hear your name I have the reflex to cry, or to jump for joy, but mostly to miss you. When you say my name? I have the reflex to hate you or my knees weaken.

    By Kerry on 05.18.2010

  28. i stumble in reflex.

    By adam on 05.18.2010

  29. L



    By Ana on 05.18.2010

  30. your gaze causes me to commit suicide in a social engagement. it’s only a reflex :/

    By megaedon on 05.18.2010

  31. I have reflexes, every time I hear your name I have the reflex to cry, or to jump for joy, but mostly to miss you. When you say my name? I have the reflex to hate you or my knees weaken. I have the reflex to want you.

    By Kerrybear on 05.18.2010

  32. this is my reflex. to write. knee jerk? knee jerk reaction is that i cannot write – not now. i’ll write later, you know? when i’m ready, when i’m inspired. but not now. not yet. and yet, what i want to do is to write. so why always later? always not now. i’m not ready, but i will be. when? when? now. it has to be now. it always has to be now, and soon, and later, and when i’m ready, and when i’m not ready, and the bottom line is, i guess: write. now, tomorrow, the next day. write.

    By Bjarte on 05.18.2010