November 11th, 2012 | 361 Entries

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361 Entries for “draw”

  1. I love to draw, with pencil in hand, a world of love and light, framed in shadow and light…crisp edges, smudges fills…just like life itself.

    By paulie aragon on 11.12.2012

  2. He turned towards the sunlight and knew that in a moment his world may come crashing quickly to an end. In a blur he saw Bart’s pistol and heard the signal, “Draw!”

    By MegAversano on 11.12.2012

  3. Pencil on paper. A glide of imagination. We feel the friction in our fingers and in our minds. We close our eyes and we see our dreams. This way, we can open them and see the same thing. Imagine. Draw. Dream.

    By Britney Kershaw on 11.12.2012

  4. Draw this. Draw this line. Draw this line right here. Right here where I’m pointing, pointing downward. No, not in the sand, sand is too pliable and the line will wind away.

    By Jennifer Lemming on 11.12.2012

  5. Without any awareness of my actions, I grabbed the pencil and furiously scrambled to draw her silhouette. Her body contorts as my hand curves, and her chin protrudes in a way I just cannot capture.

    By The Cellar Doorman on 11.12.2012

  6. I wanted to learn to draw, so I took a drawing class at WashU. In the Art School, no less. Overconfidence, or aspiration, whatever you want to call it. Just another example of my persistent failure in the face of adversity. I felt targeted, alone, and alienated. I was 2 years older than the freshmen, with almost no drawing experience. And it was hard, and I gave up, again.

    By Annie Ray on 11.12.2012

  7. When I draw I

    By Christina on 11.12.2012

  8. I drew a map of you in my notebook and it turned grey, it turned grey because all the acid from my eyes demolished the color in it. I drew a map of your face and your temples in my notebook and it burned. It burned and it hurt. It still does. And I give up.

    By tano on 11.12.2012

  9. I did not dwell on my broken past. I knew that by doing so it would only weaken me. No, I had to keep moving forward. I had to learn to draw beauty from the pain.

    By Maddie on 11.12.2012

  10. Proportion is the most difficult thing to draw. I’m fairly good at drawing noses, and ears, and eyes, and mouths, but put it all together and it looks like Picasso.

    By Pip on 11.12.2012

  11. if you paint me, i said,
    i’ll exist.

    By isa on 11.12.2012

  12. Drawing was never something that I was good at. I had plenty of artistic friends, and I always used to sit there and wish. “Wow, I wish I was as talented as them.” But as time has gone by, I’ve realized that there are plenty of other things to be good at as well, and I don’t have to be artistic to be good at something.

    By Kristi on 11.12.2012

  13. God, I love to draw. It’s my sanctuary. No matter if I have a million thoughts and burdens in my mind, each weighing tonnes, with the pen in my hand and marks on the paper I can feel weightless. There are few things for me that are more poignant than seeing the product created by the process of spitting out the cacophony in my mind into works of art.

    By Simra on 11.12.2012

  14. I love to draw it makes me feel relaxed, and very calm.
    Drawing is a way of visual communication. You can draw anything you want. As in, anything.
    All you need is a pencil, or pen and paper! Easy!

    By Sparkyl1223 URL on 11.12.2012

  15. Let’s draw.
    Today I drew clothes
    With Vinca and Farid
    And Lucia and other folks too.
    In June at the theater
    There’ll be a fashion show.

    By Maxens M. Finch on 11.12.2012

  16. there was this new draw
    from the desk of one’s father
    looked nothing like a claw
    looked more of a ladder

    By Pepas on 11.12.2012

  17. Let’s draw the colors of our lives
    Together we make
    An hilarious painting.

    By Maxens M. Finch on 11.12.2012

  18. i really want to backpack in Australia, everyone should travel to free the mind. just do it, dont hold back, visit the amazing places you’ve visioned in your sleep and gaze at the amazing biodiversity the culture and the art. Travel the world and become a minimalist :)
    There you go all :) have fun
    love you lots

    By Keen Traveller on 11.12.2012

  19. i like to draw. i can draw. i wish i could draw.

    By Marcela on 11.12.2012

  20. i like to draw
    i like to draw by using straw
    i like to draw by using straw, i want more
    i like to draw by using straw, i want more to be able to draw
    i like to draw by using straw, i want more to be able to draw a pretty picture of you.

    By creativecreature on 11.12.2012

  21. i dont draw much
    i cant draw
    i dont like to draw
    unless its lotto numbers
    but that can’t happen
    too young
    what i do is make videos
    check them out


    it would mean a lot
    subscribe and comments
    and if you have a youtube account,
    i will do the same for you

    youtube child out !
    love you all
    ya’ll can write! it’s awesome


    By Marr on 11.12.2012

  22. Draw a picture paint a vivid story for the mind,
    like an artist give in to so much but abstract your self from the lies.
    Find your truth, reseed your roots and always know.
    That tomorrows perception is for a better objective.
    Draw your future with the imagination of the mind

    Abstrakt, #mastersofceremony

    By Kris on 11.12.2012

  23. Oh hot water tank
    How we miss you so
    Cold water is not the same
    In the shower flow
    The draw of steamy life
    Was our warm morning hug
    This dawn has brought screams
    Of a cold deathy shrug
    Fix it gawdamnit
    My fingers are aching
    I can’t type with this pain
    Everything is still shaking

    By recogirl URL on 11.12.2012

  24. Dear reader, there’s this spectacular place you’ve never been to. It’s all around you. It always is. To move there, the only thing you have to leave behind is the ego and the only thing you have to take is a breath…and then observe without motive. Allow the ethereal Silence to speak in its native language of nothingness, while forgetting your own… and read… the lines of poetry descending into your empty mind… and do not title them “my own”.

    By drew URL on 11.12.2012

  25. It’s a draw between emotions.

    By Danaé on 11.12.2012

  26. draw something that doesn’t suck for once. Draw it good. Draw it proud. Drawings are for weeners and lame-os. today SNL is sketch drawing and they kinda suck most of the time. I like to draw fuzzy bears in snow but snow is hard to draw because it is white and white opencils dont show up on white paper it is kinda of easy then i guess cuz you dont have to drw anytingit just exists.

    By andi_pandi on 11.12.2012

  27. I used to buy books that promised a flow of creativity,
    Where you’d draw every thought.
    But now
    I find it extremely difficult
    To mess up a single page,
    When before I could color it completely
    With every hue of the rainbow.

    By Ivory on 11.12.2012

  28. If you draw the outline of my body, I promise you we would match completely. I have two arms, two legs, one head and one heart, You have the same. Two outlines of two hearts, beating as one.

    By Maren Bredesen URL on 11.12.2012

  29. I place my hand on the page. Then I try something different, something strange. I place the pencil in my mouth and take it to the paper. the circle i draw is incomplete. yet perfect at the same time.

    By shaheen on 11.12.2012

  30. she used to draw me without fail. she would look at me and see things that even i could not see. and when i told her about my true soul she continued to draw me. but it was no longer bright colors and trees but suddenly it was dark hallways and holes of despair. and it wasn’t because she was sad or because she was angry but because my colors had changed. i had become something else.

    By arya on 11.12.2012

  31. I can draw. Some people would say not well, but I like it. I doodle, I scribble. Actually, it’s probably more that
    I’d like to draw. When someone draws well, it’s quite a talent, something to appreciate, something to wonder about where that came from. How did they get sucha good eye?

    Also, there,s a draw in a game, where things balance out evenly. In the game of life, can you draw? Whfat would it mean if YouDidnt win or lose at life,? It was a draw? Who would you draw with? Can you draw with someone who thinks they’ve won? Is it self defeatist to think you’ve drawn?

    By Melody on 11.12.2012

  32. The word draw is a colorful word. I have many artistic connotations with it; painters, etc. You can draw blood, a picture, a sword in a duel. Draw has four letters, but a wide definition: good things come in small packages. Draw is releasing your creativity.

    By Morgan on 11.12.2012

  33. I stare at the clean blank page in front of me. The thick creamy sheet, just waiting for me to do something with it. Waiting for me to make it come alive, to give it life.

    By Bonnie on 11.12.2012

  34. When I draw I like to think about anything unusual or anyone different like poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

    By haley english on 11.12.2012

  35. I would like to learn how to draw, and I even have a book that would help teach me, I just need to spend some time on the lessons. I think I would be an ok artist if I had some instruction, my grandmother used to have us paint things with her, those are good memories.

    By Tisha on 11.12.2012

  36. draw, what do you think of when you say “draw” I think of, lots of swirls, creations, art, and lots of colors. I like to draw when I am bored, I like to draw my name or my friends names in bubble letters, then color them. I like to draw anything my mind wants me to. I draw when I am bored, I draw when I have nothing to do. You can draw in my many ways, you can fingerpaint, use markers, crayons, paints, lots of utencils. For an occasion like a birthday, I draw a picture. Everyone likes homemade presents. I like to draw “Happy Birthday” or anything I want to draw. When I draw I feel free.

    By Brooke Faimon URL on 11.12.2012

  37. crayon marker picture paint pretty picture neat cool fun i love drawing it is very fun i cant believe how much fun it is right now i am drawing a poster for my 4-h group it looks awesome it is really fun there once was a man who liked to draw the draws pictures of ghosts one day when he was drawing a ghost came to his room and ate him the end

    By haley blanton URL on 11.12.2012

  38. inspiration,
    natürliche und unnatürliche visionen

    By sanne on 11.12.2012

  39. Ariana traced the outline of his face, his ears, his lips. His strong jawbone, always set so strong and defiant. Especially when it came to her. She couldn’t persuade him to come back, no matter how she tried. So, she drew. She drew him every day. Just the way she remembered him. Scratchy stubble on his chin. Laughter in his eye, even as his telltale chin stayed set in its stubborn place. Hard hands that were so soft when they squeezed her body.

    By Felecia Marie on 11.12.2012

  40. I picked up my pencil and tried to think. I couldn’t. We were suppost to draw somthing that was important to us within a few minutes, when class was over, and there was only 2 minutes left. I was going to fail Art class.

    By Sabrina on 11.12.2012