November 11th, 2012 | 361 Entries

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361 Entries for “draw”

  1. Drawing is fun. Produce the most hilarious things when you are drunk. Life drawing is the best. Doodling is under rated, I think its a sign of original thought.

    By Zoe on 11.11.2012

  2. I draw when I’m sad. i draw when I’m bored, when I’m happy, or when I just need to forget. I draw people and places with lots of emotion. Usually the things I draw are dead, or at least symbolically so. They always have their hearts ripped out of their chests.

    By amber on 11.11.2012

  3. I don’t draw well . . . except I can draw conclusions really well. Sometimes the conclusions that I have drawn have made me happy, sometimes, angry, and sometimes sad. Drawing conclusions often leads to taking action, and although sometimes it has gotten me into trouble, sometimes it has made me feel relieved.

    By Sheila on 11.11.2012

  4. draw away from feelings. draw into yourself. that is when you lose it.

    By Zoe on 11.11.2012

  5. i hate this word. i wish it was a different word that i could be writing about. it is not very entertaining to me. maybe if this site had given me a better word to write about, i would start using capitalization in my writing.

    By Larry Bird on 11.11.2012

  6. Draw a picture of a thousand colours, the very insides of your mind. A swirling cosmos of your own internal galaxies stretching infinitely within yourself. Rejoice in the colours and magic you are.

    By Helena on 11.11.2012

  7. Draw this. Draw that I like to draw though admittedly I am not the best. I have a drawing group if anyone is interested as well as a drawing blog. Check out drawinger.tumblr.com My drawing group used to be draw this. Now it is, gee I dunno. How funny is that?

    By sigo on 11.11.2012

  8. A white blank canvas that calls his name. Two steps forwards and he’s in the frame. Searching; to find nothing. Yet she she’s everything. White. Bright. Stark and bold. The colour of clean and free.

    By KT on 11.11.2012

  9. She was so young,
    We watched her grow
    She filled up our lives, gave it purpose
    And I finally thought that I had done something good
    When she would say to me,
    “Daddy, I want to draw”

    By Ivory on 11.11.2012

  10. Drawing blood from this spider bite.
    I think it might be poisonous, it’s swollen and tight.
    I need to find a remedy,
    I really don’t want surgery.

    By Miss Hulk on 11.11.2012

  11. He sat at the metal table, drawing a picture of a dinosaur roaming through a forest. He was being quiet; he was being good. He was even coloring inside the lines, like his momma always told him he should. Maybe this time they would realize just how well he was behaving and they would let her come to the glass to see him.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.11.2012

  12. Drawing play castles in the sand, the waves careen through turrets and drawbridges. I wished that once upon a time was infinite, the sea water erased my wishing star.

    By lola on 11.11.2012

  13. I’m always in this struggle with myself to draw,
    And often I’m in this world
    with a blank page.
    I wish I was a child again
    Where the hardest decision
    Was what crayon colour to choose,
    And I could cover a whole page
    in Dreams and Happiness

    By Ivory on 11.11.2012

  14. Scratching
    I drag the pen
    Ink unfurling
    Across the page
    Of crisp white

    By Chelsea on 11.11.2012

  15. i love drawing
    at least i think i do, or did.you can draw everything in life
    some have a vivid imagination when they draw, they use it.
    i wish to get better at drawing and i wish to learn it from my grandfather
    drawing is art for me

    By Amanda on 11.11.2012

  16. He put the pencil to paper and began to draw. He traced the outline of her body, from her delicate waist to the curve of her hips to the gentle slope from her thighs to her legs.

    By Anastasia on 11.11.2012

  17. It takes so much to sit down and do it. I know I can, I know I want to. I should be right now,
    but instead of givin my heart to the art,
    I make words into the same visual.
    The two forms come to a draw.

    By Mar McCreary URL on 11.11.2012

  18. i wish i could take a pencil
    draw some memories
    swap them with the old ones
    there would be no empty pages in my
    deformed mind

    By melancolie on 11.11.2012

  19. Drawing is a way of expressing oneself through the movement of lines, creating shapes and utilizing variants of different colors. You can draw anything; that’s the beauty of it.

    By Nadia on 11.11.2012

  20. the image was drawn
    to believe what I see
    seems so impossible
    the ink smears

    By Susan on 11.11.2012

  21. He drew her a flower that remind of her in the way she walked, the color of her lips and the way she smiled at the trees. He was falling in love with the gap in her teeth and the serenity of her personality. this drawing could never measure up to her fragrant beauty.

    By Ashley on 11.11.2012

  22. My friend Julia loves to draw and she is so good at it. She never realizes how amazingly creative and great she is. I wish I could draw, but I’ve never been able to which is kind of sad. Drawing is a way to express what you love.

    By Jenny on 11.11.2012

  23. \I drew the dog yesterday. It looked at me sleeplily with one eye open. John stared at it. he never like them. yesterday was so long ago now that I feel like laughing. The dog thinks so too.

    By claire fnarg on 11.11.2012

  24. sun
    laugh ,mom

    By nyra on 11.11.2012

  25. I learned how to draw when I was 3. I wasn’t very good, but I thought I was. My brothers were showing me their drawing, and I was jealous. Because they were better than me. My parents, as I recall, never poseted my drawings on the fridge. Thats makes me sad.

    By Philippe Ambeault on 11.11.2012

  26. I was drawing all of these little concentric circles the other day when I didn’t want to pay attention in class and I became so wrapped up in the finite lines that I didn’t realize I’d been called on. My name was called a handful of time and by the time I realized what was going on, the teacher just stared at me and called on someone else. How funny to lose yourself in something so simple as drawing little things.

    By Haley Freedlund on 11.11.2012

  27. Draw me happiness. Because I don’t know how it looks like. Draw me love. I never felt it before. I’m not a person. I’m just existing in a body of a human. I don’t feel anything.

    By Nallie on 11.11.2012

  28. There are many ways that we could think about the word draw. I could draw water for a bath, I could draw on paper and call it art. I could draw from the resourses of somebody’s discoveries.

    By Ana Johnson on 11.11.2012

  29. draw you at 6am
    draw you in my dreams
    draw you in me
    draw your name a thousand times in my arms
    until it will saty forever im my skin

    By Ana Carolina Pinheiro on 11.11.2012

  30. like writing but with a brush, colouring pages with paint and making a mess, using pencils, mechanical pencils that break but look so nice when you buy them from new. Or, a pull, a tug in a certain direction, something that grabs you.

    By Jen Glover URL on 11.11.2012

  31. Draw sometgin beutful and just let it fill up your imaginary state of happiness!

    By anabas on 11.11.2012

  32. Draw upon my skin the inky path of your descent, o Sun shrouded by winter. So pale, so colorless and so faint is your shine this evening, and the geese draw upon the sky their map to a place where you are still bright.

    By Neelvar on 11.11.2012

  33. Drawing has always been a kind of difficult thing. I think what would be pretty cool is if suddenly I could draw anything. Because, of course, who wants to work for their skills? Better to get the instant gratification of having those skills, but nobody wants to do it and work toward it. Why? Is it that you need to put in the time in the first place? The fact that you can’t actually do it, and it reminds you of how much you suck? What?

    By AJ on 11.11.2012

  34. I drew because I had to, he said “draw”‘ so I did.
    No one knows exactly what they’ll do in that moment, but I knew what had to be done, I took out his legs.
    He was a real son of a bitch.
    Once when we were younger we built this elaborate fort together. The next day he acted as if he built it with someone else. It was little things like that that would build up and eventually lead us to this stand off .

    By Bernard Chadwick on 11.11.2012

  35. i cant draw. I would love to know how to, but I’m really bad at it. Drawing is a creative way of expressing one self, and I may not be very good at that I only play what other people write, but don’t make anything my self. It’s about creating

    By Pernille Gammlegaard on 11.11.2012

  36. drawing is what relieves all emotions that clog up our mental illness minds. it’s the excuse for not focusing in boring geometry class. drawing is like writing, painting whats going on in our sick minds. not Everyone has this special talent of drawing… only ones who can see the world in different lights

    By sabrina on 11.11.2012

  37. fun and relaxing

    By hannah on 11.11.2012

  38. I’ve already done this one. But I guess I wasn’t logged in. It’s really amazing, you have all these little bits of information moving around as electrons and other stuff, I guess. I mean, I don’t know too much about it, but essentially it’s a bunch of 1s and 0s. And the fact that we can all be represented by that, maybe someday? Amazing.

    By AJ on 11.11.2012

  39. To make something out of nothing.
    To have your hand be pushed by some unseen force
    To let it slide along, without protest or vision or doubt

    By Mary on 11.11.2012

  40. draw me a picture and hope it comes true. DO you ever sit in class and just drawe
    and what are your intesions of thoes drawings? Love? Hate? Pain?what if we drew everyday and never got in trouble in class for doing it.l no teach to stop us from bring free and saying put that away.

    By Katie on 11.11.2012