January 13th, 2017 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “downgrade”

  1. low life, dimish, look down upon someone. for me to downgrade is not a positive word. especially when it applies to human. sometimes though it can be a motive for self improvement. i would rather encourage than downgrade except when i no someone ho takes downgrading statement as a sign to push for greater height

    By gy on 01.13.2017

  2. Downgrading means progressively go back to last version. This word is mostly used in software but we keep using this for other places also.

    By manishnfnf on 01.13.2017

  3. I am a grade down from you but I am great down home. No need to downgrade me because when I am down, I am great.

    By Paul on 01.13.2017

  4. The head nurse was shocked at the patients miraculous downgrade since he was comatose her last shift.

    By Emecee9 on 01.13.2017

  5. She looked at the card in her hand. She had thought that she was doing so well, collecting points from the various door to door campaigns. But she had gotten sick one day and couldn’t keep up. Her apartment got a downgrade, and when she returned home that night, the management had moved the room to the lower levels. She walked into the box and shuddered at the lack of windows and the lack of ventilation.

    By chanpheng URL on 01.13.2017

  6. Citizens value
    of nation, not much to me
    as of the world be

    An upgrade can fail
    causing problems unforeseen
    DOWNGRADE we may need

    Microsoft Windows,
    gives constant examples of
    upgrades as downgrades

    I have given pledge
    to not ever browse again
    with Microsoft’s Edge

    [ Comic Book Guy says, “WORST BROWSER EVER!” ]
    [ Men on film say, “Hated It!” ]
    [ Microsoft’s minions say, “DOH!” ]

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 01.13.2017

  7. i dont know what it means. But i think its problably about level of something. I don´t know.

    By Gislaine Letenski on 01.13.2017

  8. Down
    again blue
    i must be a fool
    goddam it
    damn damn

    By Sameeka on 01.13.2017

  9. And down we went, respectively; a gradual descent into ecstasy. We gave in, resigned to be the foggy, fucked up fools we were. Who needs success when drugs exist?

    By Virgil611 on 01.13.2017

  10. when i read this first i didn’t remember what it meant i still am in a hurry to write about it without having direction. Now that i remember, i despise doing something without direction without knowing that i am going on the right path.

    By Palak Chhaira on 01.13.2017

  11. I wasn`t doing the best with my job, so I was downgraded so I could do better at a different level for my skills.

    By homeschooler on 01.13.2017

  12. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to downgrade the software to something more manageable.”
    “But that’ll ruin all our hard work!”
    “I know, but it can’t be helped. I’m sorry.”

    By Brooke on 01.13.2017

  13. a fastidious entrepreneur , my hand creates gold upon anything I touch.
    belligerent; I am when It comes to failure.
    one loss, equals, a one-third of a win!
    Two pitchers snap their elbows during the first half,
    an auspicious sign of trainer-neglect.
    coach, put in the best players, when their at their best.
    your victory is there to attest.
    Once I found that my foot strides farther on a sidewalk
    I corroborated that I’m a team player
    Kobe needs his dynasty to become an emperor
    fuckit its Friday
    lets get faded!

    By Milad URL on 01.13.2017

  14. college graduate, was enervated once she found that her A+ downgraded
    to an A minus
    now she can go home and finally rest,
    the entire semester downgraded her momentum,
    she forgot make time for friends and life’s dentures
    here we are now;
    a deep sigh;
    from the beachside breeze;
    now she’s upgraded.
    Grew up in a house with no windows,
    so what,
    that’s why she’s upbraided to another jaded laid back graded-euphoria.
    mercurial professor’s are to be dealt with like coloring books:
    pencil, shade, or hue until some animation appears in their given-puzzles.
    Now your the

    By Milad URL on 01.13.2017

  15. taking less lowering expectations simplifying disappointing wishing for more

    By Sean Atchley on 01.13.2017

  16. I need a downgrade. My life is super sweet. Please downgrade now. That’s silly, but that’s what I’m in the mood for. Not needing an upgrade, I’ll be content with a slight downgrade. It will all be okay. I wonder as I wander. Go for it. That’s all for now. Have a nice day!

    By michaelbuzz on 01.13.2017

  17. “How’s it looking, boss?”

    Lesley sighed and worked a wad of mucus down her throat. Her cold had not improved for two days, and she was both physically and mentally congested – like her brain was clogged up.

    “Well, Clyde,” she said, “I’d hate to downgrade Ben’s efforts, but…I can’t use this.”

    She passed the folder of documents back to Clyde, whose eyebrows had shot up so high that they almost moved to the top of his bald head.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.13.2017

  18. i’ve been working my whole life to upgrade. buy a house, get insurance, find peace. i thought i’d have that by now. adulthood is a downgrade from childhood.

    By stranger on 01.13.2017

  19. I was downgraded yesterday. My boss sent me and email saying how they were taking jobs away because they couldn’t afford to pay them. They said I was ‘lucky’.

    By Blue on 01.13.2017

  20. to have less thank before… to lose ones position. to settle for something not necessarily what you wanted or dreamed

    By Danielle on 01.13.2017

  21. our company is downgrading, and its down grading fast. if you don’t get our company back on the top, your FIRED!

    By Noah on 01.13.2017

  22. Whenever the end of the year comes around and following the absolute pandemonium that is Christmas, it is important to reflect on where everything is at. This is especially true of the fact that there has probably been an accumulation of stuff.

    By Murray Ingram on 01.13.2017

  23. Downgrading may be a reflection of a human mentality.Wherever you are or whatever you did,you may not satisfy with your own ability.More often than not,downgrading ourselves appears when we just undergone a dreadful experience.

    By Yuki Lo on 01.13.2017

  24. so this won’t be a story or anythin like that, more like a rant about feeling like I’ve downgraded my life or something. I had a lot of things going or me at some point. Like. Seriously. I was doing well.. But I’ve always had to rely on other people, and now I see where that’s gotten me. But I’m still doing it, huh?

    By Jasmine on 01.13.2017

  25. I wouldn’t downgrade myself from reading scholarly and current affairs articles to dabbling with reads about hollywood gossip news or videos that are not value adding

    By Dean on 01.13.2017

  26. Dont do it. It’s just that simple. But even then.. If you do, it’s okay. Life is all about upgrading and downgrading. The ups and the downs. We learn as we grow. It’s okay if you downgrade, but don’t let it take you down forever. Let it bring out the best in you.

    By Michelle URL on 01.13.2017

  27. Downgrade? Things getting worse. Or going backwards. I guess you could say both, for the people who go back to previous versions of apps (I was thinking the term for the new versions was upgrades but it’s actually updates), but they obviously do so because they think the new version is a downgrade.

    By Bee78 on 01.13.2017

  28. I now have a downgrade in math. My grade was a 90% A now it is a 85% B.

    By Simon Woodard on 01.13.2017

  29. I now have a downgrade in math. My grade was a 90% A now it is a 85% B. I want to get my up to make me fell happy.

    By Simon Woodard on 01.13.2017

  30. there are grades for everything that you receive in life. you can receive a downgrade or an upgrade. its up to you. either way, there is no badgrade. a grade is just a humanistic perspective formulated into someone elses imagination via translations

    By Malcolm on 01.13.2017

  31. letting something deteriorate or go to pot. Or is it to reduce quality or upset your apple cart. What happens when you down-grade in the car and run into a snow bank. Or could you mix up with down and have something entirely different.

    By Susan on 01.13.2017

  32. This is a word that the very wealthy want you to think makes getting poorer and losing what you’ve built for years all okay. Fuck them. Ask any one of them if they’re ‘downgrading.’ They’d look at you like you have twenty five eyes. What a stupid poor motherfucker you are, they’re thinking. Maybe you’re one of those people who thinks that people like them, guys with a shitload of money and (apparently) no worries or debt, maybe you’re a person who thinks, Well, God Almighty, there’s a smart son of a bitch. And may a smart son of a bitch like that, well maybe he can run a country. Maybe he can keep jobs in the USA and maybe, well, since he knows how to make money, maybe he can make money for me too. Well here’s some news: You’re an ignorant motherfucker if you think that. Especially if the rich man you’re talking about has red hair, lots of hotels and no moral sense whatsoever. But hey, don’t listen to this rant about him. Wait. Come back here in four years. No. Wait. Two years. When you can’t pay for your cancer treatments and you’re paying taxes for walls nobody needs or wants and your Medicare is all dried up. Except please don’t come here and bitch. I don’t want to hear it.

    By ruby on 01.13.2017

  33. I totally downgraded. Dear god. I went from Brett to Ben Stiller? All because he could take the headphones off of my brother? What was I even thinking? Like, yeah, Ben is sweet, I guess. But Brett. Brett Favre. Think of that paycheck. That life insurance!

    By Paige B on 01.13.2017

  34. What the hell does it mean? It’s times like this I wish George Carlin was still here so he could give us all a good lesson on what a shit word like this is supposed to mean. Seriously

    By ruby on 01.13.2017

  35. Some people felt that their computer
    was possessed by a demon from Hell

    It was really a simple downgrade attack
    made against their running Open SSL!

    By CyberCix on 01.13.2017

  36. To downgrade is to lower in status, which is intriguing because of the way in which “downgrading” is associated with depression, not only among humans but also among chimpanzees and perhaps other primates. I wonder whether “downgrading” is a possibility even among creatures such as eusocial insects, like bees, or whether that isn’t a possibility because the kind of individualism of position isn’t possible in those societies.

    By Max URL on 01.13.2017

  37. The teacher stared at me. I was alone as I stood above the rest of the class. I gazed at the teacher, pure fury filling my eyes, which began to spill over with heavy drops of tears. Some of the students in the class began to laugh at me. I closed my eyes and gently rocked myself backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.

    By Writer1 on 01.14.2017

  38. I was downgraded from a good seat to a bad seat on the plane, the only thing being the amount of legroom and arm space and lack of free stuff. I was livid but i remained calm with all the eyes of the plane on me as I went to my new position. It was then I calmed down as I noticed who i would be sitting next to. Your movement filled me with excitement, such elegance and when I was brave enough to look at you, my goodness what beauty. I had been downgraded but my mood had been upgraded especially when after starting a conversation you seemed quite happy to answer back.

    By Steve O URL on 01.14.2017

  39. I downgraded when I chose her. She was always my second choice, and it took me far too long to realize what a mistake second choices are. Maybe it was easier on my heart I decided.

    By Zack on 01.14.2017

  40. The king abdicated when he married the queen.
    so what, even a King, from time to time
    gives up his spleen
    for the sake of downgrading his forbidden fruit
    for one-day dried up
    A dim auroral glow, shows inside of the King’s shiny armor.

    By Milad URL on 01.14.2017