January 14th, 2017 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “fortress”

  1. the fortress was impossible to destroy as it stood on a hill in the plains and we attacked the strong

    By ashton on 01.14.2017

  2. In the middle ages, a big fortress was built. Nowadays, it still stands. But it now serves for something else. Something dark: it’s a haunted house.

    By Kay on 01.14.2017

  3. Let’s a build a fortress, you and me, tall enough for the entire world to see. Its golden spires will pierce the sky, bringing brilliant light to every eye. There’ll be dozens of rooms, windows of stained glass, and its looming height will spook all who pass.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.14.2017

  4. Throughout the histrory of man, there has always been strife. This means that in order to ensure that you are protected, the need and desire to construct a fortress has been one of the key drivers for the growth of civilizations.

    By Murray Ingram on 01.14.2017

  5. (1*)fortress, what the hell does this even mean, i was hopping for some other kind of word something a bit less hermetic, like void or empty, just as this plain dead day i had out there, i mean, come on, give us peasants something good enough to think of, i cant shell hide in no more, this day job is twisting my mind, i´m dying waiting tables, how long more, how long more for do i, how long more, i holding my struggle tight here at my bay, here at my,(…*1)

    By lyrics on 01.14.2017

  6. The vastness of the sea made the mountain seem small, a fortress fussed with screams of townsmen and seagulls, entirely out of place.

    By dfkjdw on 01.14.2017

  7. A fortress is a magical place where you can getaway from the world and live peacefully. I imagine a tall structure in the forest where someone can relax and have no worries. A fortress is a safe haven.

    By Grace Marie on 01.14.2017

  8. Your love is like a fortress and we are the invading armies in the fields beyond the walls. There is one inside who peaks over the battlements in jealous doubt and lays in the lavish warmth of your shelter. We watch him in envy and we plot our entrance.
    The brave, impetuous soldiers who charged the gate with roses and poems fell alone in the dust. Even in their dying slump they breathed their last too far away from you to even run a bloodied hand against your walls.
    The politicians argued forcefully that the gates should be opened, for the prosperity of all. Their leaflets launched in ornate packets from trebuchets and fell in your courtyards. But steady was your loyalty, and you burnt them in the many fireplaces that warmed Him through the winter.
    One succeeded. The one who climbed in through the sewer ducts clutching a knife in his teeth. We cheered when we saw the old king’s head tossed over the walls, until we realized that the doors would never open for us.

    By mattlock URL on 01.14.2017

  9. i’ve never played team fortress 2 but all of the guys are hunky, even though they could rip my body in half but tbh i’d pay one of them to do that to me because that’d be really hot, i want the heavy to come into my room and shoot me, killing me instantly

    By stranger on 01.14.2017

  10. Building giant barriers means the same with fortress.Even just piling up woods or bricks can a fortress composed.

    By Yuki Lo on 01.14.2017

  11. Once there was a pig that flew over the moon and softly landed on the ground. He was met with a dog that said “bark”. He didn’t understand so he killed him. Booooooo. The cat sobbed because of their affair. -Charlotte

    By Charlotte on 01.14.2017

  12. What of humans decides to make what can’t be broken into. This makes no sense if you one day will need in. You won’t reach whats inside… your locked out.

    By Charlotte on 01.14.2017

  13. Ah, the fortress above the clouds. Now that I’m here I can see another fortress down below. There’s a steady stream of ships going between the two. Is that how you get up here? That’s so much easier than what I did!

    I climbed a while and sidled up to this nest. It was a pretty big bird up on this pretty big mountain. Well my original plan dropped out as soon as an even bigger bird (probably from an even bigger mountain) drops out of the sky and snatches the pretty big bird up. I had to think quick and managed to lasso the even bigger bird. I didn’t know any spells and he didn’t seem
    too diplomatic. I was lost in thought trying to figure out what to do, flapping wildly in the air, when he happened to land up here by this fortress. Worked out for me (but not the pretty big bird).

    By omqwat on 01.14.2017

  14. What is like a building that surrounds all inside a humble four walls, but shields our the others desperately trying to get in, in a painful, hard, and sorrow filled manner? A fortress

    By Charlotte177 on 01.14.2017

  15. The fortress of her bedroom inviolate, Leonor rebuffs all suitors, even the pretty ones who smell of jasmine. She wonders how many times she has smelled jasmine coming from a young woman’s neck and felt that ache in her middle. Many. More than ten.

    By Serene URL on 01.14.2017

  16. The old man was like a fortress. Icy cold, impenetrable. Nothing went out, nothing came in. Not his thoughts, not his words- he kept it inside of him, safe, where no one could peek in. His face was cragged stone, his hands were the drawbridge- strong and lined with the scars of a thousand failed invasions, testimony to their failure.

    But every fortress has a back entrance. And this old man had a dog.

    By SentientExistence on 01.14.2017

  17. the walls of the castle reached the sky, j had lived in the castle his whole life and had never seen the outside. he longed for adventure to see what was beyond, but everyone insisted it was for his own safety

    By Grace Maddox on 01.14.2017

  18. I couldnt start writing without looking up the definition it tae no sense. A fort what about a fort they’re for kids i mean sure you could say building but who wants to write about a building. they’re boring it means work.

    By ambrose on 01.14.2017

  19. hello

    By gmdx on 01.14.2017

  20. The stronghold of the HAL leaders was nothing like a fortress. It looked like the type of building one might find on a university campus. Squat, outdated in architecture, and with typical office-building directories out front, it looked innocuous.

    By Liam Jesse McCoy URL on 01.14.2017

  21. Stärke. Was ist wirklich wahre Stärke? Stärke ist, wenn ich mich nicht mehr verbiege. Stärke ist, wenn ich die Herausforderungen annehme, die ich heute vor mir habe. Egal, ob ich sie mir ausgesucht habe oder nicht. Könnte es nicht auch sein, dass ich mir Herausforderungen bewusst oder unbewusst ausgesucht habe, weil ich am meisten dabei lernen kann, und dass ich das heute gar nicht mehr weiß?

    By Lisa URL on 01.15.2017

  22. I think Fortress was the name of a programming language. They tried “doing it right” but they failed, because of external reasons. Thats a big problem when striving for perfectness.

    By thesignpainter on 01.15.2017

  23. He had stacked the books around his desk like a fortress. He said that he needed these reference works for his thesis, but he mainly didn’t want the other students to stare at him. Not that he was strange looking and his mother told him that he was handsome but he just felt self-conscious, chewing on his nails and scratching his head while he read the books.

    By chanpheng URL on 01.15.2017

  24. the building keep going up and jutting out from the cliff. it was dark, and windy, but I think I saw some lights flickering inside.
    which is strange, since it has been abandoned for 2 centuries and no one even knows about this fortress.

    By Tasya URL on 01.15.2017

  25. From his post on top of the fortress wall, he could see the enemy approaching.

    By Brooke on 01.15.2017

  26. strength in numbers, strength in building blocks of stone and mortar. strength in telling you know. in building up my fortress of separateness. in making myself my own queen. in forcing the world to be itself alone, over there in its corner of my world. mine.

    By Serene URL on 01.15.2017

  27. We built a fort, slowly putting it together – and it was strong
    We called it a fortress, it was enormous, faultless a success
    For years it remained strong but it couldn’t go on
    could it.
    for everything comes to an end, even things we don’t really want to
    So we build again and next time its different
    but if we keep going and we keep building and we keep trying
    then there you have it.

    By Steve O URL on 01.15.2017

  28. Strong hold.

    By Donna Dalton URL on 01.15.2017

  29. Reflections in the lake shimmered. Trees expanded as far as the eye could see, except for the lake, the centerpiece. This was where solitude met introspection.

    By Beth A on 01.15.2017

  30. The fortress stood tall amidst the chaos that was going on in front of it. Battle cries carried out far, and the sound of swords slashing was evident.

    By Kay on 01.15.2017

  31. I was a fortress and he was determined to break down my walls. As if constant persistence would change me. He seemed absorbed in the idea of me, like he believed I had some tragic back story. So absorbed in his quest that he never took the time to actually get to know me.

    By Daisy Leason on 01.15.2017

  32. Tall dark walls stood above me, cutting off my view from the sky. I gripped my spear in my hand and threw it up and into the wind. This is how it begins.

    By Writer1 on 01.15.2017

  33. Why would someone build something capable of housing love and family, but it blocks out all who seek to get inside? Someone might be alone and want to stay that way, or maybe they just want safety. Whatever it is, its a shield and a weapon.

    By Charlotte177 on 01.15.2017

  34. She lives in a house that is much too large for her (so her relatives say). It was left to her by an old woman that the family knows nothing about. The two met fifteen years ago, on a bus. One was leaving home; the other was leaving a place she couldn’t remember. One said to the other, “Excuse me, could you help me remember where I’m going?” And the other decided, then and there, not to leave home after all. Here was a woman who needed her; how could she leave her alone? But this was of course why she had never had a life of her own. Always, when she was about to embark on something of her own–a love, a job, an anything–something or someone would come along to take it away so it could not be realized. Now here was this old woman, not knowing where she was going or where she had come from. This, she could not run from. “We’ll get off the bus at the next stop and see if we can figure it out together.” From this single moment came so much after. Including this fortress she had come to call home.

    By ruby on 01.15.2017

  35. it was a castle. but it wasn’t the olden times. It was 2016. I was living there and my family was rich. I was doing my university study and looking down over the town. THey wished they lived here. We had to be tight with security because people wanted to rob us of all our designer jewellery, designer clothing and the antique furniture that my parents collected. The first time I brought a boy home, he was just stunned. He was so stunned that he couldn’t get an erection.

    By Ellaandlara on 01.15.2017

  36. A device used as means of protection for those who came before us. Many do not have the privilege of having fortresses today though many wish that they could. It was valuable.

    By Aja Payton on 01.15.2017