January 11th, 2017 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “citizens”

  1. The citizens cheered as Captain Spring defeated the dreaded villain Misery Snowman. It was a glorious day and everyone celebrated with beer and apple pie.

    By Casey on 01.11.2017

  2. Collateral Damage. Cargo. Public. Humans.

    By Dogu on 01.11.2017

  3. People who live in a country. They participate in their community. They contribute something positive to make it a better place. Everyone has a voice and everyone gets input into what happens in their county.

    By Rosie on 01.11.2017

  4. citizens are esocentriic
    my vibe is electric
    like a guitar, I’m from outer space when it comes to limits
    leave me behind at the bar,
    and ill be dropping bars with the owner,
    life is stupendous, as long as you render this:
    bliss orbits days in many ways.

    By Milad URL on 01.11.2017

  5. Citizens of America, citizens of England, citizens of Spain and France and Sweden, citizens of Russia, citizens of Peru, of both North and South Korea and Indonesia, too, citizens of China, citizens of Japan, citizens of Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, all preparing for the inevitable, the human rights raid, I say to all of you: Be very afraid.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.11.2017

  6. “Citizens of LA LA Land !” Luna Rave yelled. “Run wild! Throw caution to the wind!” She threw her arms up as the crowd roared. “For this is a place without judgment!” She laughed. “A place to be yourself, whatever that may be…. A place where time, distance, normalcy …. has no meaning!” She extended her hand over the crowd. “Hug freely!, love freely!” She smiled. “Peace….love…unity…respect!” She shouted as the crowd repeated her words. “Be lost! Be found!” She lowered her voice with a pause. “This is a Rave!” She laughed jumping into the crowd below who embraced her. The music boomed louder taking the Citizens of La La land through pills of blue and red until the sun brought them all back to reality……

    By Luna Pinole on 01.11.2017

  7. Citizens united to make a stand. People. Humans. Neighbors. Countrymen. Men. Women. Children. No barriers. No boundaries. All ages, races, demographics welcome. Yes.

    By Jose on 01.11.2017

  8. Citizens are people who are living in a city sharing the same resources of the society and enjoying the similar living environment.All walks of life have the right to be citizens and also the obligation to be citizens dedicating to somewhere they belong to.

    By Yuki Lo on 01.11.2017

  9. He looked around. This was the place he thought he was a part of. The landscape interwoven with the vista of his own being. Every corner familiar. Every political acclaim inspiring patriotism in him. He was a citizen. This is where he was meant to be.

    By Shevi on 01.11.2017

  10. They were everywhere I could look. The men, the women, the children, they all looked in the same direction and they all looked the same. I tried to blend in but they noticed that I wasn’t one of them, I was not a citizen.

    By HBennett on 01.11.2017

  11. We are the citizens. We are the voice. But somehow we are not the voice that is heard. We are the loudest but we are not heard. We are the ones who have been here, the ones who built this land. But our voices are drowned out by the electronic beating of this new age, this dark age. Our voices are lost in the wave of time.

    By Rain Imber on 01.11.2017

  12. She was carefully jealous while debating the idea of human symmetry. What was the purpose of conformity? Should every citizen dress both arms in black jacket sleeves, string a thread of gold around their neck, and smile when the mouth yearns to fall slack against polished teeth? No. Symmetry could not solve nor be the answer to her pondering.

    By AshleyKay on 01.11.2017

  13. They are blades of grass, cut down once in awhile, and swoon in the scent of their own clipping. They have green days and brown days, and they keep popping up.

    By C.Fallow URL on 01.11.2017

  14. nationalists have evolved into citizens. we crave for a sense of belonging to something bigger than us, and as nations grow and become too large and diverse to identify with, people identify with their cities.
    but trust me, even citizens fight over territories. no one can tame that rage, it is just justified by different magnitudes of territory

    By poetgodfather on 01.11.2017

  15. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!” Mr. Kennedy addressed all the citizens of the nation. Melissa sat there with pride in her eyes, looking brightly up at the screen. ‘That’s gonna be my job one day,’ she thought, clutching her dolly tight with hope.

    By Paige B on 01.11.2017

  16. When we think about citizens it’s all about humans but you can apply same term for animals when you think about all life on earth, They are also citizens of this planet.

    By Manish on 01.11.2017

  17. Citizens have become very underrated these days. No one is genuinely affected by what goes on in their country. It’s all just about chatter. All talk and no play

    By Rosalie on 01.11.2017

  18. Citizens of the earth this is your lord commander! You need to evacuate your homes! It’s not a joke! Leave now and leave no-one behind! Our nation will survive! We’ll make it through! Just be prepared for the battle of your life!

    By ptsavdar URL on 01.12.2017

  19. Citizens of the country were up in arms about the decisions it was just more decisions being made without any thought for them so they were up in arms again and they were up in arms so much these days that their arms got stuck up and the people who made the decisions saw it as an act of surrender so they made even more decisions, bad decisions

    By Steve O URL on 01.12.2017

  20. the little specks
    of dust
    who live in this wreck
    of metal
    have much more responsibility than they can carry on their shoulders. yet they walk on.

    By anothershadowbox on 01.12.2017

  21. a group of people comprising a community for the betterment of each other

    By Tom Burtch on 01.12.2017

  22. citizens

    By andi on 01.12.2017

  23. The fists were pumping into the air rhythmically, over and over. Cries and shouts came from the crowd as they marched down the street, some singing, some crying and praying, all united together in one common goal. She watched from the window. Inspired. Terrified. Staying put. She felt guilty not joining in.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.12.2017

  24. I am a citizen of the United States but honestly am feeling defeated at the moment now that we have a joke of a man about to be sworn into our highest office. I don’t understand and can’t wrap my brain around it.

    By -d on 01.12.2017

  25. people wo live in a certain city. they all speak the same language and have the same customs, they take the name of the city

    By evans on 01.12.2017

  26. People who belong to a place, e.g. a city, country. Also known as community members, belongers, residents. Associated with sense of pride, belonging, being united.

    By Aimee on 01.12.2017

  27. citizens – It means the people who live in a city. A city is just an area that is civilized.
    But are people civilized? Are they? We see the things happening today. Bad things. And one can only wonder. Are we really moving towards civilization?
    Or the other way?
    This is a sserious question. We, as citizens answer. We are the answer.

    By Mayank on 01.12.2017

  28. We’re all belonging. Except if you’re brown. Or black. Or just not white. Then you’re not a citizen. You’re questionable. You may not belong, but hey we’re not racist. We’re just asking. Right? Its not like I’m hating you. I’m just wondering if you really belong. Like really? Are you sure?

    By Toni on 01.12.2017

  29. citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens citizens

    By dkouh on 01.12.2017

  30. “Man, why’s everyone so uptight around here?” Jake questions.

    Ryan stops and turns slightly at him. “Yeah, the citizens can get pretty upset pretty easily,” he tells us. “They’re not usually like this, though. Just with kids.”

    By Venus on 01.12.2017

  31. Their voice had been heard. And ignored. Citizens united and were, once again, ignored. They rallied. News reports claimed riots. They blogged. Twitter screamed “comfort zones” and “safe space” like rot festering on a wound.

    By Beth A on 01.12.2017

  32. Citizens are the backbone of any nation. It was what makes a nation-state. Issues surrounding politics and citizens are awash around the world today. From the U.S. to Europe and beyond, the call from citizens for various issues, including immigration and economics, is growing louder and louder and we must be careful with how we deal with it.

    By Ali on 01.12.2017

  33. US is the one of the only two countries in the world who taxes it citizens and not residents. This means that even if you are not staying in US still you will have to pay taxes in US. So you end up paying taxes both in US and the resident country.

    By AJ on 01.12.2017

  34. They came. They saw. They knew what was going on the moment he took the stage. They were not indifferent. They cared. They listened, but they didn’t stand for the words. They shook their heads and left. The man at the podium was enraged. These were supposed to be his citizens.

    By Mikala Harden URL on 01.12.2017

  35. citizens of the united states are very special. we all feel so entitled to our own opinions and so sure that everyone else is wrong. call me a millennial but i believe that we all need to listen to each others views with an open mind and heart and thats the only way we will get anywhere.

    By elaina on 01.12.2017

  36. Every day there are people in the streets. In cars. Riding buses or trains. We call them citizens. Citizens of city X, Y, or Z. We are all citizens of our country, of our world. And yet we treat each other so differently. So inhuman. What happened? Why did we become this way?

    By Rain URL on 01.12.2017

  37. I can’t bare to look at them: a herd of sheep roaming free within their fenced pasture; leisurely grazing enjoying their pretend liberty.

    By edrianredentor on 01.13.2017