July 25th, 2013 | 128 Entries

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128 Entries for “dot”

  1. a tiny little speck sticking out from something very, very , very, very big it was humungus !
    it was such a small dot sticking from something that big !

    By aman URL on 07.25.2013

  2. The red beam of light of the sniper’s laser atop his rifle had pointed right into her retina and ever since then there was this discernible dot in the center of the vision of her right eye. it wasn’t a bother to her really, but it always reminded her of that breathless moment when the sniper had her in his target. Her mouth turned up in a half smile when she recalled how slick she had been in avoiding his military trained precision shot at her. now, as she wandered her way through the tables in the restaurant where she chose to work in after she had made her brilliant escape to the United States, she couldn’t help but chuckle when she introduced herself to customers, “Hi, I’m Dot; I’ll be your server today.”

    By Jennifer on 07.25.2013

  3. Dot. Dot. Dot.
    A weighted pause. He doesn’t know what he’s feeling and neither does she, so he waits, hoping the heavy silence would fill the gap for him. It’s so much easier to let emptiness be where words should be, kept and stored, saved, memorized. Instead she gets nothing. Dots.

    By no zom on 07.25.2013

  4. She never thought of it as much, just a simple dot on her shirt that would soon disappear. Yet, upon listening to the swish of her washing machine, hearing the noise of her dryer, the girl simply couldn’t fathom as to why the small back dot laid in the middle of the fabric. For a moment, she looked almost quizzical, until she realized it must have been something deeper. Something that laid within her mind, and for the most part she watched slowly as her eyelids fluttered. Lashes bunched together, for when she opened her bright blue orbs, in front of her on the wall was a perfectly round dot. One of the same that had been evident on her clothing, as if torturing her mindlessly.

    By Taylor on 07.25.2013

  5. Dot dot dot what do I even have to say about the dot omfg. I don’t know what I’m even doing. Dots are dots. Dots are everywhere. Dot cot lot sought bot rot pot not.

    By Chelsey URL on 07.25.2013

  6. that black dot was tiny and big at the same time. Jennifer Jareau did not understand how suck a thing was possible but it was. Who the hell know that a dot could be so small but yet so big? I don’t know but that dot had so much color inside that others thought he was an angel from heaven. He did not understand why he was hated by all the other dots of the world. Heck he did not understand why everyone wanted to kill him. He would cry out but this dot was to small but yet to big to be heard. “HELP!” he would scream but it did not matter how much he screamed because no one was going to save him

    By Jennifer on 07.25.2013

  7. It was something that she knew she couldn’t see. It still existed however. marking. alienatin. she could see it so could anyone else. it was red. angry. twisted. out damn spot. it would remain. against her flesh. burdening her with its weight under the idea that it could never be removed. rip the flesh and tear inside she wondered. rip the flesh and tear inside. her hands would be marked with spots both unseen and promise because blood was her mission and the world was simply a bath.

    By Ace on 07.25.2013

  8. It marks an end and a start. A beginning and an end to all that we know and will come to know. Things we’ve seen, things we’ve loved. All of those come together as we reminisce over what it means to end, to start. How peculiar that such a simple symbol can do so.

    By Nisa S. on 07.25.2013

  9. It is the drip of darkness, the dip, brimming bubble about to burst, of ink from quivering ink pen on the pale delicate white paper sheet.

    By Lauren on 07.25.2013

  10. a space
    an ending
    a pause
    a impossibly small speck
    or the world
    we are a dot in relation to our solar system
    but we are not small

    By E on 07.25.2013

  11. Dot. What is dot? Does it mean the end of something, or does it mean the beginning of something on a bigger scale. Dots can mean the future, dots can mean nothing.

    By Ebony on 07.25.2013

  12. There wasn’t much to think about that day. Emilianna just couldn’t get over this one little girl she’d met the other night at the diner. Her name was Dot. She was a curious little girl with a very cute hat. Something seemed very off about her, though, and it just wouldn’t shake from her. She didn’t know why, but the girl seemed different. Not different as in racial or not-from-here, but different as in not human.

    By Emilianna URL on 07.25.2013

  13. it was small and round just sitting there like it had nothing better to do. if it did there would have been something like an explosion because this dot had always been friends with a cheeta. how do you know this dot was just a dot and not an imaginary one? because it was hanging out at the end of a sentence. the lonely kind you see just sitting there at the butt end of every one.

    By Becca on 07.25.2013

  14. that dot did not care about anyone. all these dots around us are like flying disks of nightmares that we cant stop and that not one person can save us from. if one person could save us from this dot then we would be set but no one saves us! we all need help because this dot is going to hurt us!

    By Jennifer on 07.25.2013

  15. Accidental Mayor of Potemkin

    am i the river stone
    born smooth, worn jagged

    they come, they go,
    i run my rule across it all
    direct traffic
    set the house in order
    and pine for my wife
    my sleeping children

    she texted me a video
    outside the stables
    in dark winter
    all throwing hay and blowing kisses

    ‘kissing is like drinking salted water,
    you drink, and your thirst increases’

    i cried

    an alarm clock rings
    i rise, fill a glass with water
    swallow the pill of captaincy
    suit up
    kiss and hold them each
    in my mind

    the steering wheel is so cold
    i shiver
    all that matters
    is all that matters
    all else
    is sinking sand

    By david URL on 07.25.2013

  16. It was there, the smallest thing on the piece of paper. Black as night, thick as a quarter. Something unexpected had caused it to appear. Would it wash away easily? Odds are, the answer would prove to be no. It would remain there forever.

    By Amanda Cole on 07.25.2013

  17. The dot was a little girl. Her name was Mary and she was a living dot. Anna went over to the girl and smiles sweetly. “Hello.”

    “Hi.” Dot waves at Anna with a small tiny wave. She was scared of this person she did not know. Why is she taking to me? Why is she looking at me funny?

    By Jennifer on 07.25.2013

  18. Dot. Dot dot dot dot dot. They went across the paper, one by one, a period after a period after a period, and he stared at them as they did so.

    He raised his finger from the key, then paused and pressed it down again, hypnotized by the pointless array of dots across the screen.

    “What are you doing?”


    “On what?” she asked, kissing the back of his neck. “Isn’t it boring?”

    “On the fruitlessness of everything.”

    “Writer’s block?”

    “Writer’s block.” he said, and pressed the key down again.

    By Maria URL on 07.25.2013

  19. dot dot dot is my mind in the vault. dot dot dot is what my heart echoes and recites when they say “i love you”. and here i am in a crowded field, breaking out a noose to hang my heart by your words that aren’t alive.

    By Danaé on 07.25.2013

  20. And her daily ritual was strictly controlled, restricting her activities to only those he approved of, with rigorous checks on the results; laundry folded just right, dishes stacked neatly, homework done. He even dictated how she should draw school assignments, placing a series of dots on the page for her to join up so that it looked like her own work.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.25.2013

  21. The end of the sentence. Will it finish my words, my thoughts as if nothing else can succeed? Will it end my life? What is my life but one meaning to an unrequited end? Will I be all but a punctuation? An ending section of my darkest notions or all things over with just one space. dot.

    By Erin on 07.25.2013

  22. “…it’s a dot.”

    “A red dot.” Camaris corrected. “You don’t see those kinds of dots everywhere and if you ever see one of these, I hope you duck.” She tucked a strand of hair around her ear.

    “Duck? Isn’t it dance?”

    “No, that’s a song. This is life and death. Probably more death than life.”

    “…why do we always have to talk in code?”

    “Because you’re an idiot that can’t be bothered to check his email.” His handler grimaced. “Just try to pay attention from time to time? There are lives on the line here.”

    “Yours or mine?” The spy wanted to know. “I’m not doing it on purpose, Cama. I just don’t think they’re right.”

    “You don’t have to agree. You just have to do as you’re told.” Camaris stretched. “Now, I’ll meet you two weeks and four days from now. You know the standard time?”

    He gave her a look. “I always know the standard time.”

    “Scrap it. We’re using Pacific.” She stood, shouldering her messenger bag. “Stop looking in my direction and go buy a coffee five minutes after I leave. Your mission will be uploaded by then.”

    “Yes ma’am.” he watched her leave anyway, looking for something that she hadn’t seen. And when he saw the tiny red dot appear on the left side of her navy jacket, right below the shoulder, he lurched forward from the park bench and tackled her to the ground.

    By Sara H. URL on 07.25.2013

  23. an insignificat dot on this earth
    merely here for a spec of time
    in the infinite universe
    yet while you are here
    you can leave a legacy
    an impression.
    on the world.
    or just on the ones
    who care for you.

    By Lovelysunnyday on 07.25.2013

  24. Some say your life is one dot on a line that stretches for light years. She says a dot is the end of a line in a book. The end of a story perhaps? Whether life is a dot, or a dot ends a story, he couldn’t say. But he knows that life and stories are connected. Connect the dots? They say a picture tells a story, that it’s worth more than words. But what is the worth of a life that’s a dot. Maybe it’s worth one story, one picture, one ending. Or maybe it’s connected to the entire line, part of an intricate story, one picture in a grand mosaic. We all say so many different things…

    By Fay on 07.25.2013

  25. one simple dot. it means the end. the end of a sentence the end of an era the end of a life time. who gave this little mark so much power? it is mighty. it is mightier than the sword because it controls alot but it doesnt give the recognition it deserves.

    By misha on 07.25.2013

  26. Dixie dot is sitting by my side! She got a haircut, and feels like a queen! I feel so blessed to be in this home!

    By Luchador Lavender on 07.25.2013

  27. “What’s this mean? This whole dot-dot-dot dealy?”
    I rolled my eyes. “It’s like when you trail off? Like you leave the words kinda hanging?”
    She peered at me through hooded eyes, clearly not understanding. “Huh?”
    I shook my head. “Don’t worry about it; it doesn’t matter.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.25.2013

  28. the pale blue dot, how beautiful it must look from space. however, the closer you get, the more ugly it becomes. it is a place bathed in pain, anger, lust, all of the most powerful emotions of man come to life only for a short time, and to spread the worst of us. is this the real life, or is it fantasy? people will eternally argue back and forth over this, but it is what we make of it.

    By George Kopanas on 07.25.2013

  29. Fuck, dot? I once went to a cute store in Torrance, CA called Pop Monster and bought this tiny white toy/figure and his name was Dot. It was such a neat little thing. It didn’t have any facial feature, or anything, but it did have a little dot in his “area” to show that it was a boy. Cute, right?

    By Daisy Alvarez on 07.25.2013

  30. a dot. it ends a sentence. it ends an era. it ends a life. but it also begins. not just end. the dot is mighty and strong. you should never misuse a dot. it doesn’t receive the credit it deserves.

    By Misha on 07.25.2013

  31. The dot blinked on the screen. The words were so close, yet they seemed to flee the second they materialized. There were no words that were fit to describe what I was feeling. I looked at my blank phone screen again. Then I exited out of the text screen. I couldn’t say it, so I left it unsaid.
    Biggest. Mistake. Of. My. Life.

    By Anisha Russell URL on 07.25.2013

  32. there is a dot on your arm
    and when i think of you i think of dots
    and when i think of dots i think of you
    (dots are nice)
    (there’s a symmetry to them
    that people sometimes lack)
    (they tell you it’s okay because
    dots are simple
    and swirl forever and ever
    into themselves)

    By sanam on 07.25.2013

  33. As the night wrapped around her like a shawl, she wondered if she even still existed. Sometimes without the sun to light her up she was sure she would fade away until nothing remained but a dot that used to be sad.

    By emmystrange URL on 07.25.2013

  34. I see the word dot. I must come up with something, some sort of creative description, imaginative, ingenue – but all I see are three letters, all staring at me defiantly. “You can’t. You can’t. You can’t,” they tell me. And it’s true: I cannot. I cannot express them in an artful way. I know whatever I’ll write will be drab, dull, lifeless.

    Before me, there are only three letters: dot.

    That is all I see.

    By Aisha on 07.25.2013

  35. The blood stains dotted the yellow sand. He must have gone this way”, said his sgt. They kept on his trail through the scorching afternoon sun until they found the man they were searching for.

    By Nate URL on 07.25.2013

  36. The blood stains dotted the yellow sand. “He must have gone this way”, said his sgt. They kept on his trail through the scorching afternoon sun until they found the man they were searching for. The man had been linked to making bombs all over the Al Anbar province, and now the Marines were here to put a stop to it.

    By Nate URL on 07.25.2013

  37. Lately, I’ve got nothing but true stories. A large publication returned my query about a position that’s opened up, they asked me to send my résumé. Will I eventually sign on a dotted line? I don’t know. But it’s worth a shot just to try. Even if I get turned away, I still made it to “Yes, we’d like to see your résumé.” That’s got to count for something.

    By Intuition on 07.25.2013

  38. A period. A dot is a dot. A dot means an ending. A dot can be one point in your journey. A dot stays where it is. A dot’s place can be determined by someone else. A dot – can a dot move? Where do you place a dot? A dot is a dot and dot – I mean that – is all I can say.

    By Mosou on 07.25.2013

  39. Finally I got connected the dots in my head. I couldn’t believe how often I lost the lines between them. Passions, dreams, everything got connected now.

    By Isidro on 07.25.2013

  40. The end of a sentence. The pause between words and phrases that fills the awkward space. Yakko and Wakko’s adorable kid sister. See also, point, decimal, period. Ending this now with a dot.

    By Tanner on 07.25.2013