July 24th, 2013 | 113 Entries

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113 Entries for “stapled”

  1. She ran her fingers along its sleek, silvery jaw. If she turned them over, she would see two gleaming fangs protruding, with an insatiable sensation for puncturing flesh. With one abrupt clench of her fist, it crushed into its prey. Stapled.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 07.25.2013

  2. maybe i’m your staple piece; the thing that gets people talking. smile at me and my little dress and hug me when i walk past. laugh when i’m not looking a bond over my flaws. it makes me important.

    By Kim on 07.25.2013

  3. Stapled, He knew staples were good for many things. Best of all they could keep things together, whether it be paper or flesh. He liked to live his life all stapled up. That way nothing came undone.

    By AirmanStreets on 07.25.2013

  4. He preferred it when everything was stapled together. Never did like paper clips the way everything just slid out of them. No, staples held everything in place. If you wanted something from an object that was stapled together you would have to violently rip it from it’s bindings, and he knew that, and he liked that.

    By AirmanStreets on 07.25.2013

  5. He yelled out in terror, looking down at his hand stapled to the table. The industrial staple gun had dropped to the floor. He carefully looked at the staple in the skin and blood pouring out around it.

    By Martin on 07.25.2013

  6. Despite the prevalence of electronic files, she couldn’t quite shake the paper habit, and so her desk was cluttered with printed material – some stapled together, some put neatly in files, the majority strewn across the surface like a puddle, begging for attention, important facts drowning in the pulp.

    By Ara on 07.25.2013

  7. strewn together
    held by the minimalists weapon
    is it wrong
    is this a prison
    my booklet
    of stapled sheets

    By OliveInAJar on 07.25.2013

  8. I stapled a face to the plaster and I worked out the details in the meantime. Where is the librarian when you need that tainted twat to drive the spectacle homeward bound

    By j wood on 07.25.2013

  9. “Amelia, put the stapler down.”
    The two year old turned to her mother with an innocent expression. “Why mommy? I was playing?”
    Playing was not the word Yolanda would have used to describe it. Aside from the staples littering the floor around her daughter, it was pretty apparent that the crafty toddler was putting a few holes in the wall as well.

    By hannah URL on 07.25.2013

  10. I am stapled head to foot, a board, a white board fletched with anxiety. Scraps of paper rip from me, but the staples remain. Dozens of thin gray scars. Tonight I will dream again of why I will never rise above this.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.25.2013

  11. She stapled the note to her earlobe. It hurt like hell, but now whenever she looked in the mirror, or leaned her face into her hand, or brushed her hair – well, she’d remember.

    By mrsmig on 07.25.2013

  12. The gun just kept going off in the office. John thought taking his one-year-old into work would be a good idea. But now he wasn’t so sure. So far he’d stapled his boss’s suit jacket to a chair and attached tea bags to the walls…

    By JosephJohn on 07.25.2013

  13. Waking up in the apartment, dazed, weary and hungover, Dave tried to sit up, but something was holding him back. He struggled and felt his shirt rip around his shoulder. He pushed harder and realised he was stapled to the couch on which he’d passed out.

    By JosephJohn on 07.25.2013

  14. when we thought that the horses were well stapled, some of them were able to slip through the gate and ran across the road. Fortunately none of them collided with the oncoming traffic.

    By victor URL on 07.25.2013

  15. They stared at each other, exhaustion tinging each man’s eyes. After all the questions, all the dates asked about, the two trick questions of countries he hadn’t been to, finally, it had come to this.

    The passport officer looked down. “I suppose it is all in order,” he said. Then he stapled an immigration card to the page, stamped it with the day’s date, and handed the passport back.

    “Welcome to our country. Enjoy your stay.”

    By Anthony StClair on 07.25.2013

  16. She stapled my shirt to the desk. That was when I knew she loved me.

    By Shimbo on 07.25.2013

  17. Dreams flushed down the toilet. Years of efforts and countless hours spent planning all forgotten. The destiny of hundreds of students lie in the results of pieces of paper stapled together: final exam results.

    By LiterallyMegs on 07.25.2013

  18. “My heart was jammed into the lockbox that you had stapled into your
    stomach-it was said the way to have you begin to love me, it would have had to begin there. More of an attachment.”

    By Danaé on 07.25.2013

  19. Plastic surgery. When people get too fat, or when Hollywood invades their minds, whichever comes first, and they get overly concerned with their weight, and as a result have things nipped and tucked. Here, specifically I’m talking about getting your stomach stapled, but I’m pretty sure they do it for breasts as well as saggy skin in other areas.

    By Liloo on 07.25.2013

  20. I’ve been stapled, stapled over and over. Reused to the point of no return. Torn to shreds and glued back together again, over and over. Over and over until I’m not sure what I was to begin with, all I know is that I’m far from what I was before. Stapled and torn, glued and taped. Stapled to the dingy streets where I grew up, torn down, glued, and stapled once more in a place where everything moves too fast and everything whirs far too loud.

    By zink on 07.25.2013

  21. I don’t know what this means, I think it’s a combination of slapped with stabbed. How would it feel? I think great. Yeah!

    By Alin on 07.25.2013

  22. The girl stapled her paper paper just as the bell. She let out deep breath.
    “Phew. I made it.” She turned the paper into the folder on her teacher’s desk proud of the work she had done. She went back to her desk, grabbed her binders and then head to her next class.

    By DareToBeDifferent on 07.25.2013

  23. my windmill’s wings
    swing from want to want
    as if two half desires
    could make one need
    and maybe fill this broiling pit of lack

    i weigh this up
    on my frosty morning commute
    as rolling paddocks then vineyards
    dissolve into brutalist flats

    everything we cannot harvest
    will be ploughed asunder

    with all the beauty
    and sadness
    of fresh cut flowers
    i kiss the city
    thank her
    and leave before she sees me cry

    By david URL on 07.25.2013

  24. your name
    is a mountain in my mouth
    i’m choking on freshly turned soil

    pebbles rattling against the backs
    of my teeth
    blades of grass lodged in between

    there are ruins of houses
    piling at my throat
    wildlife scurrying along my gums

    this rift of ours, this valley
    born of an earthquake
    that won’t allow me to speak to you

    feels like keeping the secret
    that keeps the world spinning
    all to myself

    (your name is a dormant volcano
    i want to be the one to coax it
    into resurrection.)

    By h. b. on 07.25.2013

  25. stapled between the moments
    when future worth for a few cents
    no reason but to pay rents
    they say it’s just life segments
    when all the worst become presents
    dream for luck in its table of contents

    By Eligia V. A. on 07.25.2013

  26. I walked into the kitchen and there it was. A note stapled to my favourite sweater, purposefully done so that to pull it out would be to rip it. The letters stood out like black knives, and my heart sunk. This wasn’t a clean breakup.

    By KT on 07.25.2013

  27. I stapled the papers together before I handed them in to the teacher. I was confident of my work, but I wasn’t sure how the teacher would react to it. I sat back down after I turned it in, suddenly nervous on what my grade would be.

    By Liz on 07.25.2013

  28. I stapled it. I stapled it. My college acceptance letters. There were really a lot of them becuase I’d worked so hard over the course of my high school career. Was it worth it? Maybe, maybe not. Thus isn’t going to be one of those boring ,pity me, sort of works.

    By Jolisa URL on 07.25.2013

  29. when you are stuck in the same spot by a binding u cannot move. its job is to keep you in one place even though u may not want to stay. it is someone elses descision about you and it hurts because you cant change whats already been set out for you…or can you?

    By Misha on 07.25.2013

  30. You said they stapled your head shut after that man beat you with the crowbar and I can’t help but wonder what other trouble you’ve been in and what you’ll drag me into. If you beat me with a crowbar or do any kind of shit like that, I will make sure no one will be able to staple you shut. I am not afraid of you.

    By Zelda on 07.25.2013

  31. Together. All bound. Many. Put together to equal one. A masterpiece? A disaster? An accident? Now forever. Until someone finds the staple remover of course.

    By t on 07.25.2013

  32. It isn’t the cleanest way to close a wound, nor would i ever recommend it to anyone. However, when a patient has to be help down as they attempt to attack every one in the room, stapling is some times to only way to close the wound shut.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.25.2013

  33. Heidi -Ann’s eyes were big and brown. The sunlight shone through the classroom window aross the desk. When Heidi looked up, the reflections looked like staples in her eyes, almost like a goat or a sheep. Curious. It always made me think of the Swiss Alps.

    By Bunty on 07.25.2013