October 9th, 2012 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “dominant”

  1. Dominance is something I find disheartening. I shouldn’t be that way, but as you will soon notice, people never seem to use this term in a positive way. It’s always controlling or punishing; never good dominating the evil. It says a lot about human nature to me.

    By Josh McMinn URL on 10.09.2012

  2. In this dog eat dog world, someone has to win and someone has to lose. Dominant opposing figures meet and face off. The winner will take the spoils while the loser will wait for another day to seek revenge.

    By wgirl URL on 10.09.2012

  3. She was the dominant one in the relationship. You could see that a mile away. Funny how outsiders can see things so much better than the people involved. Simple things. Yet important things. Things that will eventually break down, tear apart, offer hurt and heartache. But they don’t see it…they are blind to it, until one day…little by little…the dominance chips away the other person’s dignity…until they just turn and walk away.

    By aleshia URL on 10.09.2012

  4. this is so not what i am. I try and try and try and I am not. this in so what I need to be in front of people, not the shy little me i hate. but then… who would i be if not that? something or someone has to be in the background to let others shine through, but i won’t fade as fast.

    By Lauren on 10.09.2012

  5. Some people like being dominant. I’m not sure that I do. It comes with a lot of responsibility. Jose acted dominant and it got him pretty far, but really he was in my control the whole time, so he overcompensated. Dominance is an animal instinct, the urge to be better than someone else. Unsophisticated.

    By chilimango URL on 10.09.2012

  6. The spirit in the room was very dominant, but no one really knew whether that was a good thing or bad thing. At times it was overbearing, at others it was barely noticeable. But it was always there, and you always knew it. The little girl’s parents were always scared, but she knew that it was her friend, and there to protect her above everything else.

    By Meghann on 10.09.2012

  7. Overbearing.aggresive.The ability to control of the situation and speak your mind with no respect or reverance of the consequences. The allele that overpowers the homolgous trait. Something I want to be.

    By Stefanie URL on 10.09.2012

  8. Dominant- like your dominant hand… mines my write hand. my friends dominant hand is right as well but she just broke it. i could prove as an issue. ive never broken a bone. but yeah, dominant

    By Shannon URL on 10.09.2012

  9. dominant is what my dog wants to be, but the cat really is. it is what I need to be, but refuse to be. i don’t know how to be this, nor shall I ever. add that little -ed and you have me. happily.

    By Lauren H URL on 10.09.2012

  10. The black and white bars went up and down, up and down. He closed his eyes, letting the sound wash over him.

    Tonic. Dominant. Dominant. Submediant.

    “What are you playing?”

    She was probably staring at him. He could feel it from all the way across the room: it was in the incredulity of her voice, the disdain that vibrated in the air.

    He didn’t bother looking up. “Me,” he replied, fingers flying over the piano keys.

    By Marmaroth URL on 10.09.2012

  11. I was born in August, which means that my star sign is a Leo. I like to have things go my way. I don’t mean to be overbearing, but i feel as if my lust for control dominates my ability to be nice. I come off as a b*tch sometimes, but it’s just who I am.

    By Lyss URL on 10.09.2012

  12. Dominant, dominance. What can I say? I’m a dominant person but usually men are supposed to be the dominant types. That’s a stereotype that really bothers me and drives me insane

    By Daiana URL on 10.09.2012

  13. control
    it’s always about control

    it’s what we want
    it’s what we seek

    without control
    no one dominants

    without control
    no one wins

    By WannabeWriter URL on 10.09.2012

  14. Dominant hand, species, sex. Ugh, I don’t want to be dominated. I want an equal partner, give and take, meet me at my level. People who,are dominating seem like they behave that way because theyndon’t know better ways to get what they want or need.

    By Ka on 10.09.2012

  15. You think your dominate over me but what you don’t know is that I have this hidden button inside of me…. and God help the soul that pushes that button!

    By ldydai22 URL on 10.09.2012

  16. Chimneys stood out against the evening sky. Dark grey smoke pouring into the sky. I felt so small and insignificant. There was nothing else I could, but inhale as all the chimneys exhaled.

    By Allison Jane on 10.09.2012

  17. To control those around you, to be the stronger one who stands out from the croud. When you are little people ask about your favorite animal very often, children who feel o want to feel dominant choose Lion.

    By KV on 10.09.2012

  18. The sunlight dominates the shadows
    The moonlight dominates the darkness
    The stars pale against the sliver of light
    And the stars fill my dreams
    With or without their sparkle

    By adriana URL on 10.09.2012

  19. In any relationship, there is usually one dominant person. That person should make a conscious effort to help the other person make their presence felt.

    By Marisa URL on 10.09.2012

  20. I don’t like dominant person.

    By cutiepie8076 URL on 10.09.2012

  21. The sun is the most dominant star in the Universe..?!?!?!

    By cutiepie8076 URL on 10.09.2012

  22. They are now in an even more dominant position in the market.

    By cutiepie8076 URL on 10.09.2012

  23. Oh you think you are so dominate in your ways of avoiding me and pushing my love away. But, I am aware of the games you play as you smirk at my dismay. I will not allow such a treason to my heart to exist

    By Soulshine on 10.09.2012

  24. He throws her to the ground, face burning red
    She screams but he can’t hear her
    She’s crying but he can’t see.
    Rage is taking over his body, contorting it and twisting him into a monster
    Not the man she married

    By Alias on 10.09.2012

  25. which one is your dominant hand? asked the guy……..this one! the girl lifted her left hand……ok then , he said, just be gentle…

    By Victoria Antoinette URL on 10.09.2012

  26. Her gaze was over powering. In every way, her eyes flicked over my body in dominance. She was fire, and beauty. In one being, elegance was retained to perfection.

    The luck I had to be in the presence of this woman was angelic.For any day, any hour and any minute, I will let her beauty dominate me. Her fire will blaze day and night, scorching the winds and burning the crashing waves.

    A woman destined to write the stars, and choose the fates, she is mine. A love both boundless and short is ever so sweet, to keep.

    By Matthew Everwind URL on 10.09.2012

  27. I dont know how to describe myself, bit I think is dominant. I like to be dominant with other people specially with the people i date. I always go like putting small tests in my dates to see if they answer correctly aand we can move on to another stage in dating.

    By Christhian Barrantes on 10.09.2012

  28. who is dominant? Those who seek their dreams. those who decide what they want and don’t hesitate to go for it. They have no fear in their hearts as they seek what they want. They trump all, especially those lost and wandering in need of purpose. what is strength or wisdom without purpose?

    By Mary Tiernan on 10.09.2012

  29. a person who want you as a slave. This kind of person is selfish or egotistic, to build a word you need altruism instead of selfish virtues

    By Carlos Eduardo Alvarez Agudelo URL on 10.09.2012

  30. power, important, in charge, number one leader, the man, the master, overall, BIG, STRONG, forceful, smart and tactful and witty.

    By tristan on 10.09.2012

  31. The recessive genes can lie in wait for a long time, so that three generations of petite brown-haired-blue-eyes beauties will suddenly produce a green-eyed blonde giant. The world works in very odd ways.

    By Catori URL on 10.09.2012

  32. I’m tired of being the dominant one. Just for once, I’d like to be taken care of. I’d like to be the one smothered with hugs and kisses and words of comfort. You think I’m strong? I’m not. I’m really not.

    By Sarah URL on 10.09.2012

  33. Living in Korea it is very male dominant when really it should be. I’m a female and let’s face it, I’ll face…I like getting taken care by a man but that is my choice. I sure as hell don’t need a man. Its like if there was a spider in my apartment and I was alone yea, sure I would go and get the closest shoes and kill it. No big deal. But if there was a man around yes, of course…I would rather him do it. So, I think that makes me is some ways more dominant…I have the power to do things…but I also have the power of making a man do the thing I don’t want too. High five ladies.

    By DorisDay on 10.09.2012

  34. Dominant cognitive functions define who you are generally speaking.

    Dominance in the bedroom: who holds the title man or woman. Or both. ;)

    Domineering Heart or Domineering Mind?

    Dominant Build

    Dominant Genes

    Dominant Personality

    By Joseph Diman URL on 10.09.2012

  35. To be the top of a situation or to be the winner in some sort of contest; but that’s just basics. Being dominate can mean many positive things too; taking control of your life for the better, helping others learn from their mistakes by showing them that they’re better than the old version of themselves and that’s a good thing.
    Enjoy being the dominate figure in your life; means you’re doing something right.
    Make yourself the number one priority because if you don’t, you’ll always be stuck being second to something.

    By Aluuvial on 10.09.2012

  36. Alpha personality, the others stand behind. Dominant half in a relationship; stands strong and makes the decision. Power thirsty and pushes others second.

    By lauraliee URL on 10.09.2012

  37. i like to be dominant. particularly in physically expressive sexuality. i exert my inner testosterone and take charge. it’s always a good time.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 10.09.2012

  38. i can’t do this i am thinking of fifty shades of grey which is bad because i have never even read fifty shades of grey (thank god for that) but STILL ajfoejawofjdaofjfoe there that is my writing are you happy

    By afnojfoij on 10.09.2012

  39. Dominant is a word I despise lately, because it seems ever since I became a mother each person I encounter either tries to dominate or is dominated by me. It may be related to depression and feeling no joy or seratonin coursing through my veins, which means I view the world through the eyes of a dog, which scares the hell out of me, that a human can experience life similarly to a base animal. I look forward to the time when I enjoy life again and the colored buffering light separates me from other humans with a smile.

    By Tara Carson on 10.09.2012

  40. Your mind is the only superior power allowed to control you. It’s the most dominant power the world has to offer. There are weapons strong enough to destroy cities, but the mind is what came up with the idea.

    By Andrea on 10.09.2012