October 9th, 2012 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “dominant”

  1. A male lion in the Serengeti.
    “Muevete!” An angry father yelling at his three year son.
    An arm around her waist.

    By Eva on 10.09.2012

  2. The figure stood dominant over all the others, casting a grey shadow only slightly darker than their ashen complexion. The crowd was absolutely silent, like the dead. With a shout from the mouth of the large creature, the herd surged forward in a silent onslaught of doom.

    By Maggie on 10.09.2012

  3. The dominant male approached the carcasse and, fighting the other males away, fested on the dead antilopes’ meat

    By nuno on 10.09.2012

  4. My left hand is my dominant hand. And now it trembles. I don’t know why, but the awareness that I can not take notes or sign my name or hold a cup without spilling it inspires fear in my heart . . .

    By Sheila on 10.09.2012

  5. the women was dominant in her mind but fell to the voice and commands of anyone that talked to her. it was almost as if she had a spell on her that made her do everything she was against. She would never be dominant, and overcome the wicked life she lived.

    By glenda on 10.09.2012

  6. And it was like I was in a whole other world completely. I looked up at the rising sun without dread; I felt dominant when it came to fighting against myself. I didn’t think–I knew I could win the fight. The daily fight, trying to get through each day without wanting to cut it all off, to let go. I’d win today and all the proceeding days because I could get through anything with Him by my side.

    By Marissa URL on 10.09.2012

  7. Wrists are fragile things, and the network of nerves that crisscross from finger to shoulder light up like a country at night, bright and barren and everything else swathed in dark.

    By Ana on 10.09.2012

  8. He had a dominant personality. He was one of those people that walk into a room and everyone feels automatically entrance under his presence. There was nothing truly special about him,

    By Nicole on 10.09.2012

  9. Dominic was eaten by a Ant.

    By Ian Harvey on 10.09.2012

  10. he was the dominant one in the relationship. he never let her do anything she wanted. she tried and tried to stand up for herself, and to go her own way, but he never let her. the verbal abuse, the hits she took daily from him; it never stopped. no matter what she tried. she would always be defeated.

    By Lindsay on 10.09.2012

  11. In conversation, he is like a torrent of sand poured over rocks. The gaps are filled so quickly that you don’t realize you’re leaning forwards in anticipation until he pauses mid-segue and yawns, jaw cracking. And you lean back, startled, with dry lips and a wanton mind. You can’t remember what he was talking about.

    By mercury jones URL on 10.09.2012

  12. Although I do not say much, I am watching. Little do they know, as much as they talk, nothing significant is coming out of it. You call yourself chief? Heh, I think I’m the dominant one here. You’re just prey.

    By J on 10.09.2012

  13. you must dominate it! ceasar millan

    By rachael anne damage URL on 10.09.2012

  14. D stands for Dog
    O stands for Oracle
    M stands for Magic
    I stands for Team
    N stands for Noodle
    A stands for Assembly
    N stands for Nocturnal
    T stands for Tocuhe’

    By Ashley R. K. URL on 10.09.2012

  15. some guy just came and punched you smack in the face, whatcha gonna do bout ddat ? i’m tellin you that you should punch him back and WIN

    By pootat on 10.09.2012

  16. I’ve only been on this campus for a month or two. The days are blending together, it’s all becoming a blur. But I have learned something


    You look at people as they walk by you, and you make eye contact. Do you look away? No. You stare. You stare into their eyes until you look away.

    It scares the living shit out of people, really.

    By Tyler URL on 10.09.2012

  17. It was taking over his life. It was becoming a dominant thought , always on his mind , always present. never gone.

    By Raneem on 10.09.2012

  18. The dominant twin was the crazy one, or so everyone thought. The thing about being quiet, standing in the shadows, was that after a while no one noticed you. While unnoticed it was amazing what you could do. Raymond stepped forward, time for some fun!

    By Charlotte4950 on 10.09.2012

  19. The word is already fulfilling its function as it looms in front of me in black ink. (What happened to the softer lilac hue OW?)
    Dominant people remind me of stag deer, their antlers a ‘don’t mess with me’ dangerous symbol. Dominant people need to be heard. Always have their fist wrapped tight around the dice, trying to urge Fate to their wall, people to their bidding. And they always remind me of black – a sheer affront of obstinacy, bold, immovable, dark; blotting out all leeway, all the lighter fragile meanderings of love.

    By siobhan347 URL on 10.09.2012

  20. Dominant means overpowering.. right? If I was in a relationship, I would hope that there wasn’t a dominant person in it with me. Or that I was the dominant person. I hope we both are just as equally powerful.

    By Kennedy on 10.09.2012

  21. the dominant trait passed down through my kin is opinions. passion for opinion. your opinion, my opinion. dominant opinions of all shapes and sorts. world domination through opinions.

    By Maryanne URL on 10.09.2012

  22. There’s a dominant yearning in my heart. Yet, no matter how hard I try, I convince myself that I don’t deserve it.

    By anon on 10.09.2012

  23. dominant is my favorite way to end a song. Perfect cadences or even deceptive cadences don’t give the feelings the I have going on in my head. But, ending on the dominant or half cadence brings it all into perspective.

    By Ena on 10.09.2012

  24. He was the dominant being, captivating yet obsessive. sometimes i tried to manipulate him too but he was just too good at his own game. how was i ever going to escape his wrath and control. at the end of the day i was just another one of his many puppets, with many many strings attached. i wish i could see the end of the path-

    By Shona URL on 10.09.2012

  25. There was a silence. No one said a word. I wanted to scream at them and make them stand up to him. But no one would dare. We just waited. Like a hunter he prowled around us. He didn’t need to say anything. Do anything.

    By Louise on 10.09.2012

  26. Since the Savannah, the Cradle of Life. Searching the dominant male. Deep in their mind, their blood. It’s an aim. They can’t consider a life without the security of loving arms around their hips.

    However, the men are not even better. They fight, kill, swin in the blood, simply for the illusion to be the Alpha Male. The one who can have all of her. We live in giant wolf pack. And you, always at the second place. Nobody can see you.

    You saw her already dead. From the deepest darkness, you have tried to save her. You have already success. But you wasn’t the winner in this fight. How could you. You wasn’t the dominant.

    That, is how my world go round.

    By Agianfreda on 10.09.2012

  27. How I feel other people are towards me. Because I have a laid back attitude, people mistake it as submissive behavior, but it is not. It just takes a lot to rile me up.

    By littlediamond on 10.09.2012

  28. dominant again? I just had this word…. does it stay the same and just collects as many responses as possible? or does it change occasionally? A word a day? I’m not sure but I don know that I’m writing a lot faster this time than I did the last time around. I’m also having fun watching the bar at the bottom while I listen to Dad and watching the news.

    By Christina on 10.09.2012

  29. During school hours, when she had the house to herself, she had spent countless hours trawling the net, and had been perilously drawn into the leather strapped world of dominants and submissives.

    By sharon london on 10.09.2012

  30. Some people believe men to be the more dominant species. But it can sometimes be true that the dominant person in a relationship is the one who cares less. Or the less dominant person is the one who cares more. Why is this? Because the one who cares more is scared to lose the other. Fear is what drives someone else’s dominance.

    By Marion Patricio on 10.09.2012

  31. “How’s the cuffs?”

    He pulls a little bit, not enough to hurt but just enough to dig. “Fine,” he says. “I’ll tell you if they’re too tight.”

    “How’s your heart?”

    This question, lowered to his ear. Whispered. It stutters.

    “Never been better.”

    They kiss like molten metal.

    By Brill on 10.09.2012

  32. Dominant is how I feel about some problems that pop up in my life. They seem to take over, run everything. I don’t like it, and I think it’s time to start doing something about it.

    By Hannah URL on 10.09.2012

  33. He looked down at me as I quailed underneath him, attempting to not show my fear, but as he ripped my trousers off of me and revealed my pure fruit I had to close my eyes and bite my lip. He lowered himself into me as he laughed and whispered, “I am dominant.”

    By Megan on 10.09.2012

  34. shoot, im not sure what to write. im nothing thinking about it. not thinking. still not thinking, i think my world is shrinking, still im still not thinking. dominant.

    this is my second try, today is my birthday. today is john lennons birthday.
    dominant number, can u hear the thunder, reach under pick a pick a numberrr

    By Soulsway on 10.09.2012

  35. The dominant gene always appears in an offspring, unless two recessive genes are paired together, in which case the recessive trait appears in the offspring. Yep.

    By Nalee on 10.09.2012

  36. The dominat force in my household is animal hair. It overrides everything else. Long white sheltie hair, short white fuzzy cat hair, sleek long brown tiger hair. When you put on your power suit, forget it. Your laid back jeans and fleece.? No dice. The power is in the pet hair.

    By LailaLCR on 10.09.2012

  37. Actions of dominant individuals
    What do they say by their actions
    Am I the boss? or
    I am the boss.

    By w. forteau on 10.09.2012

  38. She was a dominant girl. I could see that from afar. She scaled the room like a hawk and I could see the gears turning in her curl-filled head, figuring out who she should intimidate next. Her eyes met mine, and I quickly turned away, but it was too late. She started walking towards me, like a predator stalking its prey. The 4-year old spoke the words that would change my life forever. “Do you believe in Santa?”

    By T.S. on 10.09.2012

  39. I feel that a lot of people believe they are dominant. More dominant than me, than others. They are wrong. They are selfish. Thinking oneself is dominant, to me, makes you not dominant.

    By Sarah URL on 10.09.2012

  40. superiority. inequality. in this world inequality will always prevail. some people are destined to be dominant others merely lowly subordinates.

    By greengabberglob on 10.09.2012